September | 2020 news & updates
Handling Conflict: Respect for Others' Opinions
This month's issue shines light on a topic that causes pain for many TLG clients - Handling Conflict.There is conflict everywhere you turn- certainly more instances of conflict than agreement can be found in almost every setting. Some attempt to confront it head on, others to avoid, and some to dart in and out and around nipping at it, showing different faces depending on their audience.

The obvious conflicts that are front and center at present are political and social- but think about how conflict permeates all the other facets of lives. There is conflict between genders, generations, geographic areas, religion, environmental concerns, white collar and blue collar, mask wearers and non, healthcare, immigration, sports, remote workers vs those in the office, married or single, families with children and childless households, CNN or Fox, people who live in the city and those in the suburbs, there is even conflict within ourselves....the list is endless.

A quote from a news interview this week said it best. When the guest was asked what he could see in the other side's point of view that he could agree with, he responded. "NOTHING". How do we move from that dug in, solid "nothing" point of view? The data is clear. The value of diverse points of view- tapping into the bigger brain- in a company is critical to the performance and success for a company. Psychological safety within a team allows for the free flow of ideas and respect for differing opinions resulting in a stronger organization. How do we use respect for each other to build collaboration and to create innovative solutions?

We hope this newsletter is helpful to you in your journey to change the dialogue. One person can make a difference. Respect for one another does not mean agreement, it just means opening instead of closing doors.
Handling Conflict
Effects of Conflict: A Story of Growth
Interdepartmental Conflict Impacts Customer Satisfaction

By Bob Turknett
Co-founder & co-chair TLG
At one technology firm, Research & Development and Sales were at war. Each department saw its customer and organization view as the “right” one, and they viewed each other as lazy and incompetent.

This new company was experiencing rapid growth, and their challenge was trying to create one team and one culture with a group of senior managers from a variety of backgrounds and cultures who were firmly rooted in their own views, opinions, styles, and experiences. 

Tino's Corner
Conflict- The Road Not Taken
By Tino Mantella
President & CEO TLG

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference".

-Robert Frost

I don’t presume to have any special expertise to interpret the deepest meaning of this Robert Frost poem, but since I have the power of the pen, for me today, it speaks volumes about the choices that we make in life and the resulting impact of those choices. 

It also, to me, represents conflicts all of us have regarding the decisions we each make. If I extend this thought it seems to me this could be about right and wrong and good and evil.

Diversity & Inclusion Certification Opportunity
This November, the Turknett Leadership Group (TLG) is launching a Diversity and Inclusion Coaching Certification program, a 50 hour curriculum designed and delivered by prominent diversity, equity, and inclusion expert Dr. Cherry Collier.
An opportunity to:
·        Gain skills to become aware of your own cultural adaptability
·        Enhance your ability to handle cultural changes
·        Become better at acknowledging norms and differences, building rapport, cross- cultural negotiating, building bridges, and handling sensitive situations

We believe that having diversity and inclusion certified leaders within companies is vital to a successful corporate strategy. The program cost is $7,500 but for our inaugural cohort the price has been reduced to $5,500 during our early bird special, which is valid until Sept. 30, 2020. Act now and register here for our new program.
Model for Conflict: OBREAU Tripod
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They Call Me Mr. Tibbs

They Call Me Mr. Tibbs

by Dr. Cherry Collier
Senior Consultant TLG
In 1991, at the University of Georgia, I started my master’s thesis on unconscious bias. Back then, based on Devine’s work in 1989, we learned about the implicit nature of stereotypes and that their activation was automatic. In 1991, Gilbert & Hixon postulated that this automatic process once activated could be controlled. I’ve spent the last thirty years of my life working with organizational leaders to understand how to create inclusive cultures that allow all people the chance to contribute to the bottom line.

I do this work because when I was about to publish my thesis in a tier 1 journal as a behavioral scientist, it should have been the happiest day of my young career to that point. Instead, I cried like a baby.  READ MORE
Conflict: With Self
Why I Love Feeling Small

My wife Jenny and I try to go for two walks every day - one in the morning and one in the evening. One of the silver linings of the pandemic has been that it's made it easier to get these walks in. It's way easier to adhere to a routine when you're in lockdown!
During this time we've also been able to find several wooded trails near our house that we never knew existed. I love walking through the woods. There are many reasons, but one is the fact that nature is completely unconcerned with all of the comings and goings in the human world. Nature couldn't care less about our 24-hour news cycle.
Walking through the woods makes me feel small. And I love feeling small. 
What is your CONFLICT Style?
What is your predominate conflict management style? Choose ONE
August Poll Results:
Do you lean more toward respect, responsibility, or balance both equally?

  • Pretty balanced 60%
  • More toward the Respect Side 20%
  • More toward the Responsibility side 20%
What Does It Mean to Be Un-American?

What Does It Mean to Be
by Dr. Cherry Collier
Senior Consultant TLG

Being Un-American is the latest in a long list of names I and people like me have been called for just trying to show up and do our best. I don’t wish to “call out” the person who said it. My goal and wish are that we all do a “mirror check” and examine our cognitive biases and unconscious responses to different situations. I want us to acknowledge and explore the reasons we respond as we do and the feelings associated with those responses.
Join us virtually on
Friday, September 25, 2020

September 25, 2020
8am - 10am

Leaders Living Their Purpose: Voices Against Hate"

Dr. Allison Goodman
& Jill Savitt

Left- Dr. Allison Goodman, SE Regional Director at the Anti-Defamation League 
Center- Jill Savitt, President & CEO National Center for Civil and Human 

If you missed August Women in Leadership, you missed a fascinating discussion of AR & AI.

Dr. Blair MacIntyre,Professor in the School of Interactive Computing, Georgia Tech & former Principal Research Scientist at Mozilla, led an engaging session around artificial reality and artificial intelligence and the future impact on our workplaces and lives.
Questions about Women in Leadership?

Contact Susan Hitchcock

or Kathryn Igou or call 770-270-1723
Keynote Speakers for 2020 Lifetime Achievement
in Leadership Character Award
Virtual Event
There is still time to secure your seat at the 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award virtual event on Oct. 28. This year, we are honoring Hala Moddelmog and her many years of service and accomplishments. Ty Moddelmog and Raphael Bostic will be joining us as our keynote speakers.

Attendance is free, however donations are encouraged. All net proceeds will go to TLG’s newly established Leadership Character Youth Coalition and to the Metro Atlanta Chamber's education initiatives. Learn how to sponsor, donate or register at

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