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  • Handling "runaway" tenants who have prematurely left the premises in violation of the lease, an increasingly common occurrence due to the pandemic.
  • A proposal in the statehouse that would redefine security deposits as we once knew them.
  • Invitation to join our collaborative webinar on Accessory Dwelling Units, entering BORNSTEINLAW in the discount code to get free access.
  • San Francisco Chronicle asks Daniel to chime in on collecting accumulated rents after eviction moratoriums are lifted.
  • Last call for our complimentary legal clinic.

In ordinary times, it's not rare for tenants to break the lease without proper notice, but this phenomenon has become more common during the pandemic.

“More state level madness” is how the East Bay Rental Housing Association describes legislation introduced by Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks, D-Oakland. State Assembly Bill 3260 would rewrite the law by prohibiting landlords from demanding a single, upfront security deposit payment.

Instead, tenants would be allowed to choose to pay the security deposit over a six-month period or, in the alternative, obtain a security deposit insurance policy, or maintain a surety bond to cover damages he or she would be responsible for causing in the rental unit. The bill has survived its first hurdle by advancing out of the Assembly Judiciary Committee.
Accessory Dwelling Units

Daniel Bornstein adds legal context to these pint-sized units and will be joined by real estate and architectural professionals on Wednesday, May 27th at 3:00 PM to discuss the opportunities and challenges of constructing Accessory Dwelling Units or legalizing clandestine structures not up to code.

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Daniel colored the conversation surrounding this provocative question in a recent San Francisco Chronicle article and offers a balanced and innovative solution that would benefit landlords and tenants alike.
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