Handmade versus Store-bought
If you are going to send out a card, why send a handmade one instead of buying one at the store?  Here are 10 reasons you should make the card yourself.

1.   The recipient will love you for it.  A handmade card says, "I took the time to actually sit down and create this for you."  A store-bought card doesn't show that level of commitment. 

2.  Handmade cards save you money.  You've seen the cards at the store, expensive!

3.  Having taken an informal poll, I discovered that people are much more likely to keep a handmade card rather than a store-bought one.  I think that says a lot!

4.  Handmade cards are just as pretty (if not prettier) than most store-bought cards.

5.  Handmade cards are unique, even if you've copied someone else's design, no two handmade cards are exactly alike. 

6.  A handmade card is very personal!

7.  When you create a card, you are actually making  a work of art and it isn't mass produced in a factory.

8.  Creativity feeds your soul!

9.  Each card you create helps you to improve your skills.

10.  A handmade card is like a big hug!



Do you love nice handmade greeting cards but don't have the time to make them?  Do you want to make them but just don't feel creative enough ?   Card Kits by Mail can solve your problem!

Every month, I sit down to design five cards.  Sometimes I have a theme (like this month is Christmas cards), sometimes I don't.   Either way, I spend a LOT of time coming up with five cards that I think you will love.  Once they are designed I turn them into kits.  I do the designing, the cutting, the stamping, and even sometimes, the coloring, all to make putting the cards together for you as simple as possible!  I write up directions with photos and sometimes videos and send them via email for you to own forever.

I don't need credit for my cards.  If you want to tell your friends you designed them, that's fine with me.  If you are a consultant and you want to use them for your workshops, no need to mention my name.  I just want you to enjoy them!

The cards are designed between the 15th and the end of the month and sent them out to you in cardboard envelopes that protect the precious supplies inside.  All you need are the basics to complete them, scissors, glue, pop up tape/dots, glue dots, maybe occasionally a journaling pen.  

To sign up you may send me a check for $25 to:

Barbra Otten 
1247 W. John Beers Road
Stevensville, MI 49127

or pay by paypal at the link below.


If you want me to complete the cards for you, it's $35.


If you love my cards, you can always subscribe.  Call me with your credit card number which I will run on the 15th of each month until you cancel. 

(989) 906-6420

Let me do the work while you have the fun!