As communities seek to find more impactful home outdoor activities due to camp cancellations, delay returning to child care, and avoiding public outdoor spaces, PJ Library is here to support you with virtual and outdoor activities for your summer pleasure.

Please like and follow the  St Paul PJ Library Facebook  page! We are working hard to help brighten your days by posting fun and interesting activities for you to pick and choose from to help your family get through these unique times together.

This has been a difficult few months and an especially difficult week for all of us! Please contact me directly at  
 or post on the Facebook page if you have any questions, suggestions, ideas, or chats that you may want to have with other parents or to reach out for any resources you may need. PJ is putting out incredible articles and seminars to help us all heal from the Covid Pandemic circumstances and to the injustice and inhumanity of George Floyd.

Take care and stay safe!
Have a peaceful Shabbat!