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The signs show that fall is coming - back to school sales, football games, and here at St. Giles, a new round of Life Groups.

What are Life Groups? Ask seasoned disciples what helped form their life with Christ, and almost always you'll hear about a small group of some sort. Life Groups are our plan for such small groups. While God moves in big gatherings too, there's something about a small circle of Christian friends that really boosts our growth in Christ.

Jesus thought so. He interacted with great multitudes, but he really "did life" with a dozen. And when we do life with a dozen or so we can count on him adding his life to our group! In fact, that's why we use "Life Groups" as the name for our small groups. There's a group here at St. Giles for you to do life with!

We launch new rounds of these groups every season, and we're forming some now for the weeks of Sept. 16 to Nov. 11. Here's the link to our web page about Life Groups. You can find the list there, and a form to sign up. Or you can sign up at church for the next two weeks.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to give Keith a call. Come join in!

Leaders                                            Day & Time                                                                Where

Matt & Lindsay Sherrard                  Sundays at 5:30 PM                              12728 Lakestone Dr.
     Gilpin & Pam Brown                        Sundays at 7:00 PM                               8829 Elm Rd
     Keith & Sarah Hill                            Sundays at 7:00 PM                               4604 Grove Ave
     Ellen Andrusia                                 Mondays at 6:30 PM                              Prayer room at church
     Heather Agnello                              Thursdays at 10:00 AM                          At the church (with child                                                                                                                                    care)
      James & Dodie Anderson               Thursdays at 7:00 PM                            2911 Fincastle Ct.
     Lynne Chambers                             Thursdays at 7:00 PM                           1211 Santa Anna Rd.
     Dick Parkinson &  Donna Roman    Fridays at 6:30 P,                                   Hathaway Towers, #208

SUNDAY MORNINGS:  September - November 


9:30 AM - At the 9:30 Discipleship hour we will be looking at a video and reading a book by John Ortberg entitled, "Soul Keeping". Your soul is not just a temporary state. It is not the focus of your quiet time or just your spiritual journey. In this video series and book, John Ortberg reminds us that we have a soul and from it everything else emanates. It is our "real life". In this book John Ortberg becomes what he is at his best -- a spiritual guide. Come experience how to "keep" or "tend" your soul.


11 AM - The team will present a video series by Chip Ingram, entitled "True Spirituality - Becoming a Romans 12 Christian," during the 11 AM hour.

WEDNESDAY EVENINGS:  September- mid-November 
  • September through mid-October, Keith Hill and Jo White will teach a class called Bridge Builders, on how Christians can bridge divisions in Richmond. They will use a David Bailey video curriculum. In the last three weeks of the term, Keith will teach on evangelism, using the book "I Once Was Lost."
  • October 24 - An opportunity for the congregation to learn how to access our new software, as well as new ways of giving (e-giving, text-giving, online).
  • October 31 - Trunk or Treat
  • November 7 - Legacy Giving
  • November 14 - How Will the New Tax Laws Affect My 2018 Tax Return

Bridge Builders: How Christians Can Bridge Divisions in RVA
Wednesday Evenings, September 12 - October 17 (Common Grounds) 6:30-7:30 PM

"Oh dear, better not bring that up." What might "that" be? These days "that" which we want to avoid is any talk of politics or the racial and ethnic tensions which come with it.
But if we can't talk about what divides us, how will be united as believers, or useful in our community as it deals with divisive topics? We won't. And that's why we're having "Bridge Builders," a six week course on Wednesday nights, starting September 12. What better season to deal with divisions, and to learn from the Lord how we might be used to build bridges?
Jo White and Keith Hill will lead the study using the Race, Class, and the Kingdom of God video series produced by Richmond's own David Bailey and Arrabon. Our goal is not to resolve all such controversies. We'll leave with plenty of questions. But we'll also gain a facility for talking about divisive topics in ways that help us be the kinds of bridge builders Richmond needs.
Here's how the class will work: we'll meet in Common Grounds from 6:30 to 7:30, from September 12 to October 17. If you can, come for dinner beforehand at 5:45, or just come for the class at 6:30.
Let's learn together and be used by God in this important season in Richmond. And bring a friend!

Wednesday Night Dinners 
We're excited to announce Wednesday Night dinners start back tonight!! 
Chef Donna Roman is preparing the following menu:

Option #1 - Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Peas, Garden Salad, Dinner Roll and Strawberry Cake.
Option 2 - Garden salad with chicken, roll, cake

Servers: Team 1 - Janet & Walter Varvel, Dee Steinacker, Naomi Alessi, Katie Moffett

Be sure and sign up on the Connection Card weekly. 

You may also choose to register a "standing" reservation on the Connection Card. Please allow 24 hours cancellation when possible for Standing reservations.


Meet at the church for a BOX LUNCH ($5), then carpool to the Riverfront (139 Virginia Street) for a cruise down the canal. Tickets are purchased onsite ($6). 

Please sign up on the Connection Card this Sunday, or call Naomi, 327-7171 or Barbara, 285-8392 to register.

Highlights of the Session Meeting

The Session met September 10. Here are some highlights of their actions:
  • They heard from Ross Anderson about the details and big picture thinking of our Adult Education Team.
  • They approved the plan to have a Capital Campaign in early 2019 to refurbish the pipe organ if sufficient funds are pledged, and to replace the pipe organ with a digital organ if sufficient funds are not pledged. The Capital Campaign will also include about $100,000 of building refurbishing needs.
  • They concluded a two year plus conversation on long range pastoral succession plans with the intention to begin the long search process in June of 2019.
  • They approved some extra funds for orchestral support for the Christmas Choir cantata on December 23.

My Name is Fotna

I grew up in a Muslim family. In 1998 I came to America with my two year old twins, Ahmed and Salma. In 2010 I lost my son in a tagic car accident. My whole life changed.  I will leave the details for when I meet you...

Meet Fotna at the Women's Fellowship Fall Kickoff Brunch,
Saturday, September 15, 10 AM.

Starting Tuesday, September 18, the women will be studying the book, Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, as Nabeel Nureshi describes his dramatic journey from Islam to Christianity, complete with friendships, investigations, and supernatural dreams along the way...

Love Drama? Love Music?
Kid's Clubhouse meets after Wednesday Night Dinner, 6:30 PM. Kids & Parents are welcome to dinner at 5:45 (reservations encouraged). We'll be preparing a CHRISTMAS MUSICAL to perform for the congregation.

All kids K-5 are invited to participate

For more information, call, text, or email Lindsay Sherrard, 540-352-8310, Lindsay@sherrard.ws
T.J.  High School Feeding Future Leaders Opportunity
We need volunteers in teams of 2-3 willing to serve TJ Leaders just 1.5 hours  on just 1 Thursday afternoon between Sept 20 - Nov 8, 2018. 
Same as last year, we will be feeding Papa Johns Pizza to 100 or so students participating in Sports and other afternoon programs. St. Giles and a few neighbors are joining with Hope Church, Westwood Baptist and others so serve our local Students Pizza, Fruit, a salty snack and a Drink. Generally the time needed is about 2 PM to pick up the prepared Food, deliver, set up, and serve  at TJ Cafeteria then out by 3:30. Please sign up on Connection Card the next few Sundays or e-mail bob@stgiles.org with a few dates you might be available to get on the rotation for one Thursday (bring a friend or neighbor)
If you cannot volunteer, we also need financial Donations to St Giles: In the Check Memo: for TJ High School. Or you may also drop off Salty Snacks (chips and granola bars ) in the bin located outside the church office. 

An Ordination Invitation
Charles Teixeira, a "son-in-law" of St. Giles Church (married to Elizabeth Andrews), will be ordained as a Pastor on October 6, at 2 PM at Third Church. He and Elizabeth and their boys will soon after move to Midland, Texas, where he will join the pastoral staff of First Presbyterian Church. Charles sent a special letter to St. Giles to welcome us to his ordination, as we have been following his preparation for ministry. Be in prayer for Charles and Elizabeth.

How to Pray For Your Territory:

Intercessory Prayer for All the Places You Put Your Feet

Saturday, September 22  ::  9 AM - 2 PM
River Road United Methodist Church
8800 River Road, RVA  23229

Come join us for this seminar to learn about intercessory prayer and to be encouraged by testimonies from local intercessors:

Kim Marble:  Intercessor for Route 1 / Jefferson Davis Highway Renewal
Jason Glasbrenner:  Intercessor for 330 Richmond churches and 50 USA Capitols
Elizabeth Higgins:  Intercessor for the workplace

We will also take time to hear from God about our prayer territories, to pray together, and to learn and share prayer strategies.
Bring your notebook, a pen, your LUNCH, and a friend!!

Seminar is FREE -- Donations appreciated. Registration requested by Wednesay, September 26. Call Elizabeth, 804-539-6626.

  Guest speaker Rev. Andrea Zaki, Ph.D.

Saturday, September 22 at Third Church  

On Saturday, September 22 at 6:00 p.m. in the Multipurpose Room, the Christian Arabic Church and Third Church will host a dinner featuring a presentation by Rev. Andrea Zaki, Ph.D. He lives and works in Cairo, Egypt and is General Director of the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services as well as president of numerous other organizations.  He is also an author and lecturer at Cairo Seminary.  Please RSVP to  Rebecca Hatton  ( rebeccah@thirdrva.org ) if you would like to come to the dinner.

For information call George Greene at (804) 539-4888.


Katie Souza coming to Richmond
September 14-15
Harvest Renewal Church is hosting Katie on her Dominion Tour through Richmond. The event will be held at St. Giles. Does it seem like your prayers for finances, family, and prosperity just don't seem to manifest? Join Katie and get real keys, dominion and soul prosperity! This conference will change your life!
 Registrations closed - pay at door - $60 (no childcare provided)

8 SUNDAY EVENINGS  ::  5:30-8 PM

First Baptist Church
2709 Monument Avenue, RVA  23220

For anyone experiencing the loss of a love relationship through divorce, separation, or breakup.  Cost $60 (early registration). Register: https://www.fbcrichmond.org/ministries/divorce/



Community Service Opportunity
SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 30 (5th Sunday)

10:00AM gather for prayer and refreshments at
St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church, 2712 2nd Ave.
Projects run from 11:00AM - 2:00PM
This is a different kind of opportunity but one that we hope will launch a movement to bring back the days when the churches were central parts of the communities, not just buildings sitting in the communities, but Christians with relationships to the community members. Members from several churches who use the 5
th Sundays as their service days, will come together in Highland Park to do community projects with the biggest project being relationship building. They will be assisting the churches in the community in starting to build relationships with the people who live around them, in their zone. Highland Park is a large community with 11 churches so we have a lot of field to cover and we could use your help.
Jo White is the central planner for this event. For more information or to sign up to assist with this event, contact her at (804) 937-6836 or joeloisewhite@gmail.com.

Image result for logo richmond christian study centerRedemption Books Now Open! 

Come celebrate our opening!  Redemption Books is the community face of the Richmond Center for Christian Study.  We carry books and DVDs on worldview, apologetics, culture and theology, including Bibles, Children's section and Used section (book donations always accepted).  Tues-Fri 11am-5:30pm, Sat 10am-6pm.  3008 Stony Point Road (next to Gelati Celesti).  330-2812.

Children's Garden Preschool 
Susan Chester, Director
 with questions or to request a tour.