He is too small to understand what happened.
And too little to know that the trauma he had experienced had the potential
to change the course of his life. Forever.
He had cried too many tears already, probably alone, and now his eyes were dry,
Albeit, bloodshot and black from hits to the head.
He had been found in a public washroom, tied by his hands and feet.
Bloody, bruised, and weak.

How thankful I am that the hospital called us to take him.
How grateful I am that he was able to be placed in the arms of a caregiver that understood trauma care and was willing to open her heart for yet another child.
How relieved I am to have staff that are determined to work on prosecution of the abuser.
How thankful I am for people who believe in our program and support us,
in so many ways.

There is heartache in this ministry, this job, this mission, this calling.
Many of us have sleepless nights as we listen to the stories of the children.
Many of us cry in the shadows asking God why?
Many of us question our own motives and life stories in the light of abuse and pain.
But I am convinced that the "Why" doesn't matter.
What matters is how we work together to bring love, healing,
and hope to each precious soul that comes to us.
What matters is that we have a loving God who is as hurt, shocked, and moved as we are.
What matters is that He is ready to bring healing
and make a way for restoration of such abuse.
We simply must be His hands and feet.

Charity Graff
Executive Director
Surgery Update

Alexander Felix continues to strive since his surgery. He has not been
placed on any medication and he runs around playing like a crazy man. 
He is a really happy child and only has to have 6 month checkups with the cardiologist. 
He has started back in our Home School Program where he is working
on the Grade 2 and 3 curriculum. 
JR continues to strive since his surgery. He is on maintenance medication for the first year and has to have 3 monthly checkups with the cardiologist. However, he runs around playing and has a real zest for life. He has started back in our Home School Program where he is working on the learning how to read and write.  
We would like to sincerely thank everyone so much for your payers and support.
Thank you, IDS!

Gentle Hands is pleased to announce the continuation of our corporate partnership with International Diplomatic Supplies Dubai. IDS has generously continued to help support Gentle Hand's Home School Program. 

Gentle Hands looks at serving the holistic needs of orphaned and vulnerable children who have experienced trauma. Education is one of the great mediums through which empowerment and healing enters the life of a child and gives him or her a greater chance of success and purpose. We currently have over 80 children enrolled in our Home School Program. This is the largest number of children we have ever had enrolled. 
As part of IDS’s support, they have sent four teams from Dubai to come and volunteer in all aspects of Gentle Hands. These teams have been a tremendous help showing love and patience with all our children. They have been challenged to move out of their comfort zones and immerse themselves in the Gentle Hands family. 
The most inspirational of places with some of the most selfless and inspirational teachers and children I have met. I am already looking forward to going back next year! Despite the adversity that the children have been through, they are the happiest and most positive group of children I have met! A truly wonderful place!

– Jack Baker