Voice of the Martyrs is not primarily about helping persecuted Christians, but rather about helping the church around the world remember these Christians (Hebrews 13:3)!

In the process of doing this, we encounter the wisdom of God anew and afresh. What is the wisdom of God?

It is the cross. It is not merely one expression – or even the best expression – of that wisdom and power; it simply IS the wisdom and power of God, in totality.

Last year, I had a deeply personal
experience that I want to share with you now. I was literally hanging off a wooden cross that was on our living room wall. Through this experience I was again reminded of the preeminence of the cross. Please click here to read the full story of what I learned about the cross on that day.

Warmly in Christ,
Pastor and Dr. Foley

During Lee Chul-ho's 10-year imprisonment in China, he preached, taught, evangelized and distributed Bibles to fellow prisoners.

Pastor Lee was imprisoned because of his defection from North Korea. VOMK connected with him and began to send letters of encouragement to him that were written by Christians around the world.

A Chinese Christian from the Early Rain Covenant Church is being followed by this undercover government spy. The spy refuses to show his ID and claims the Chinese government sent him to monitor Christians. The video is in Chinese, but it is worth a watch to understand what Chinese Christians deal with on a day to day basis.

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Pray for our upcoming UU Russia training this fall. – A few of the pastors who participated in our June training are currently banned from using their church buildings by the Russian government. One pastor even had his worship service disrupted by shady characters and the police were unable and/or unwilling to help. Many of the pastors are afraid of further retaliation from the government so they stay silent. Pray for our upcoming fall training that will minister to some of these same pastors. 

Continue to pray for sick UU students. – Please continue to pray for the recovery of sick UU students. Many of them who are debilitatingly sick are in their final semesters of UU, but their sicknesses are preventing them from graduating. Please pray that God will heal them, and will continue to teach them how to be a faithful witness through their suffering.