Country Industrial Pendants in Aged Brass by Chapman and Myers for Visual Comfort
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What's Hanging in your Kitchen?

We all hang out in the kitchen. It's become more than just a utilitarian's where we do, well, everything! Gather, cook, bake, work, socialize and more. So it's not surprise we've spent so much time and money on planning, organizing, updating and rearranging the space.

Our question to you is: What is 'hangin' in the kitchen? What Lighting are you using and is it working for you today? Your options are endless and we will make a few suggestions for you to consider in this newsletter.

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"As a general rule, the kitchen is designed with a utilitarian mindset. Every element in the room has a distinct purpose: the countertops need to be durable and easy to clean, the appliances need to be reliable, and the cabinetry has to provide ample storage and be durable as well. Lighting your kitchen is one of the few components you can have fun and creativity with…so why not take advantage of that? As designers, it’s the unexpected choice we just can’t resist."
Adele Chandelier by Suzanne Kasler for Visual Comfort
"Chandeliers like to be the center of attention. And can you blame them? Who doesn’t like a little glitter and sparkle from time to time? Placing a chandelier in your kitchen is a great way to create a strong visual focal point and provide balance and symmetry to the kitchen. Don’t be afraid to choose a chandelier with a wow factor.You can also play with metal finishes, like antique brass and polished nickel. "
Metro Gold Chandelier by Currey & Company

We found a great article on using a chandelier in your kitchen authored by Kathy Kuo. Read it here.
Emerson Chandelier by Troy Lighting
Cynara Chandeliers by Visual Comfort
Above: Prescott Mobile Chandelier by Visual Comfort

Lanterns have a way of warming a space, welcoming us in and providing a bit of nostalgia...even in modern form!
Ren Lanterns by Becki Owens for Hudson Valley

Today you can find Lanterns that take you back in time or keep it current. Mixed metals, open frames and varied shapes rule the day.
Mill Globe Lantern by AERIN for Visual Comfort
Mansfield Lanterns by Hudson Valley
Darlana Lanters by Visual Comfort
Mercury Lantern from Troy Lighting

Regardless of your current kitchen style, the addition of a contemporary or modern chandelier, pendants, flush mount fixtures or sconces can instantly give your kitchen an updated vibe.
Sommerard Triple Arm Pendants by AERIN for Visual Comfort
David Wall Art sconces by Chapman & Myers for Visual Comfort
Hubbardton Forge: Light as Art
Two Tier Linear Suspension from Sonneman
Sasha Pendants by Mitzi

Tried and True, Pendants accomplish functional and decorative objectives and can make or break your kitchen.
Eldridge Pendants by Hudson Valley, Modern Industrial
Above: Olympus Linear Pendants by Hubbardton Forge

Modern American Blacksmiths in Castleton, VT use their own and other local Artisans (like Simon Pearce) to create beautiful Lighting as Art. The lighting is functional, decorative and hand forged at their facility. We have enjoyed their products in our homes for years.

Below: Arc Pendants by Hubbardton Forge, New in 2021
Fahrenheit Pendants from Troy
Altomont Pendants in Polished Chrome
(who said chrome was 'out')
Greene Pendant by Hudson Valley
Complement a coastal look with these Burdett Hanging Shades by Hudson Valley Lighting
Country Industrial Pendants in Bronze by Chapman and Myers for Visual Comfort
We are excited to help you light your space whatever your taste and style. Get in touch today!