Case Design – Aggregate
Your Clients’ Accounts
March 25, 2021
Case Design – Aggregate Your Clients’ Accounts

As financial advisors, we never want to see a client run out of money, especially “on our watch”, which makes it especially challenging to deal with clients who appear to be spending “too much” and may be on an unsustainable spending trajectory… Except, in some cases, it turns out the problem isn’t actually that the client has a spending problem at all… instead, the real problem is simply that the client didn’t fully trust us enough to tell us about all their assets in the first place. (View Article)

So how do you go about building complete trust with your client? Acknowledging that most clients have multiple advisor relationships can help build trust with your client. Likewise, you can also display trust by encouraging your clients to allow you to view these additional accounts so that, even if you do not manage them, you can review them as part of your client’s larger financial picture. It is difficult, after all, to solve a puzzle with only half the pieces.
Here at Hanlon Investment Management, we have an easy, proven way for your clients to give you the access you need to properly oversee their financial future.

Account Aggregation

The Hanlon Managed Accounts Platform (HMAP) is proud to make available our strategic alliance with Morningstar’s ByAllAccounts aggregation software. Clients can easily access their Client Portal, navigate to the Data Aggregation portlet, and begin aggregating their accounts!
Account aggregation will provide your firm holistic visibility into clients’ assets, help you plan comprehensively resulting in more personal investment outcomes.

For more information on how you and your clients can access this outstanding tool, contact our Sales team at (888) 641-7100 or email
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