Going on the Offense
Strategic Asset Allocations
May 20, 2020
Going on the Offense – Strategic Asset Allocations

Last week we discussed the value of leveraging Tactical Asset Allocation with clients who need a good defense and have requested or demanded a less volatile portfolio.

This week, let’s discuss your clients who want to embrace the full movement of the market and low cost, market beta portfolios by leveraging Strategic Asset Allocations

Our Strategic Asset Allocation portfolios are built on the foundation of Growth, Income, and Alternative holdings thus providing a unique solution that harnesses the long-term efficiency of buy-and-hold investing and the diversification of alternative investments.
One, of many, benefits of a Strategic Asset Allocation over a traditional buy-and-hold strategy is our ability to closely monitor the market, rebalancing the model when appropriate. Check out our recent rebalance in our Strategic Asset Allocations .

In other words, the defensive strategy of a Tactical Asset Allocation and the offensive strategy of the Strategic Asset Allocations both play a role in your client’s investment plans.   

However, going the distance requires the right tools to provide personal, customized planning. Next week, we will preview our Investment Solutions Team and platform capabilities that will help you go the distance for your clients.

To discuss this opportunity and how to use it to grow your practice and brand, please call our Sales Team at (888) 641-7100 or email TeamWilliams@Hanlon.com .
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