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Dear Friends and Supporters,

Happy Hanukkah!

From the
Israel Air Force Center Foundation Board
and Staff.
Chief Operating Officer
Israel Air Force Center Foundation Inc.
Manhattan, NY,
Palm Beach & Boca Raton, Florida!

We had a wonderful and successful event on November 24th. Consul General Dayan began the evening with a riveting endorsement of the work the Israel Air Force Center (IAFCF) does in training the next generation of Israeli leaders from all socioeconomic groups. He further discussed how the IAFCF provides for the well-being of the bereaved families of the Israel Air Force. He also acknowledged the great work done through the pre-Army  programs, as well as the college scholarship called "The Sky is the Limit" that we will provide.

General Dan captivated the audience as he spoke about tradition, continuity, and honor. He showed slides of his family surviving the Holocaust, and then serving the Israel Air Force for four generations. 

In addition, he provided a heartfelt description of how each generation served because of their dedication to Israel, their own sacred sense of honor, and the continuation of a family tradition that is representative of how Israel has been kept safe.

"From Powerlessness to Power."
and security briefing

Thank you to board members Stephen Saft, Andrew Tarica, Dr. David Tarica , and Richard Kandel for their participation in the event. Thank you to Marjorie and Phillip Jacobs for co-hosting the event with us.

Liat Yardeni led a panel discussion with Yaki Bitton, head of pre-military academies, and Tom Hareb, a teacher of the Bedouin participants. The evening concluded with Liat giving a comprehensive account of our four educational programs: Jewish Youth at Risk, Christian Arabs, Bedouins, and Ultra-Orthodox programs. 
Brig. General (Ret.) Ronen Dan with IAF Center Foundation
Board Member Dr. David Tarica
Marjorie & Phillip Jacobs
co-hosts with the IAF Center Foundation - Manhattan Event
Two Exciting events in Florida:

Dec 7th in Palm Beach Synagogue With General Relik Shafir

"A Miracle in the Sky"
How the Israel Air Force Destroyed
The Iraqi Nuclear Reactor in 1981
Security Briefing

General Relik Shafir mesmerized the audience during Seuda Shlishit (light dinner on Shabbat) with his combat experience on the attack on the Iraq Nuclear Reactor in 1981 , along with seven other IAF fighter pilots.

Liat Yardeni shared our four IAF Center Educational programs and a Q & A concluded the exciting event.
Sunday Dec 8th Event
Chabad Boca   Raton
With General Relik Shafir

General Relik Shafir gave yet again a breathtaking presentation along with live video clips on the attack on the Iraq Nuclear Reactor, which hypnotized the audience.

Thank you for an outstanding, lavish, and delicious brunch hosted by Joy and Avi Avidan . A total of 45 guests RSVP'd and 73 actually attended our sold out event.

Liat Yardeni explained the Israel Air Force Center's goals, objectives, pre-army educational programs, and our new college scholarship opportunities. In addition, all our guests received our brochure on the June IAFCF Israel 2020 mission, and all were eager to hear about this trip.
Avi & Joy Avidan 
Avi & Joy Avidan with Brig. General (Ret.) Relik Shafir
IAF Hanukkah Show for the IAF Bereaved Families

Our annual Hanukkah event for the Israel Air Force Bereaved Families was another huge success. Over 1500 bereaved family members enjoyed the spectacular show together with Hanukkah treats of doughnuts and gelt.

We extend a hearty and grateful thanks to Professor Andrew Viterbi and to Zvi & Hadas Bar-On for their continuous support of this annual show and for bringing such joy during Hanukkah for our Israel Air Force bereaved families.
Story of the month

On December 25, the 179th graduation of the Israel Air Force Pilots Wing ceremony took place at Hatzerim Air Force Base.

Although all pilot graduations were exciting, emotional and breathtaking, this year there was an added layer of emotion. Savta (grandmother) Ahuva could not contain her tears when her grandson Lieutenant N. became a combat pilot.

It was 1976, 33 years ago, that flight Air France 139 was highjacked and taken to Uganda. Savta Ahuva and her husband were kidnapped and held captive in Entebbe for over a week in what is now known as Operation Entebbe (Mivtza Yonatan) which included over 100 fighters, officers, and air crew. Saba and Savta (grandparents) were forcefully held in Entebbe and were petrified and uncertain whether they would survive this ordeal. All they could pray for was that they survive the passports "selection process," segregating Jews from non-Jews reminding them of what occurred during the Holocaust. They just prayed to be united back with their family in Israel.

When the doors flung open and the Israel Army and Air Force fighters came to rescue all 102 captives, Savta Ahuva did not even dare to dream that one day, 33 years later, her very own grandson will become a combat pilot for the Israel Air Force, able to protect and defend their beloved State of Israel. Savta Ahuva was invited to address all graduating from course 179 and share with them their experience in Entebbe.

"I was beyond proud and overwhelmed to be rescued by the Israel Air Force and Israel Defense Force heroes." said Savta Ahuva. Lieutenant N. was asked if the fact that his grandparents were kidnapped by terrorists influenced his desire to become an air force fighter pilot, he responded, "It surely had an effect on my desire to become a fighter pilot for the Israel Air Force".

We extend a heartfelt Mazel Tov to all the new IAF pilots, and we are honored to be be able to support our beloved air force through our educational programs.

You too can join this one of a kind Israel Air Force Pilot Graduation Ceremony by joining our mission June 23 - July 1, 2020.
Please click here for our summer 2020 itinerary.

We look forward to hosting you this summer in Israel for a trip of a life time.
Israel Air Force Pilot Graduation
Bedouin Group at the Graduation
Bedouin Group at the IAF Pilot Graduation
Wishing you a Happy New Year
filled with health and joy.

Thank you for your support of our programs:

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IAF Center Youth Corps - Program for Minorities
"The Sky is the Limit" - College Scholarship
Social & Recreational Programs for IAF Bereaved Families