HaMakom Continuing Education Presents

My Yiddishe Mama
Jewish Women in Film - the early years

Marcia Torobin, Presenter
Tuesday, June 8 at 7 PM on Zoom

The heyday of Jewish film lasted until the early 1930s. Jewish women such as Vera Gordon and Molly Picon, figured prominently in many of these, and stars like Theda Bara crossed over to main stream cinema. This is their story and that of the generation of Jewish women stars who followed and but whose Jewish identity disappeared.

Marcia Torobin is the Director of the Santa Fe Jewish Film Festival. Originally started under the auspices of HaMakom, the festival will begin its twelfth season this fall. Marcia is active in the Jewish community and serves or has served on the Boards of the New Mexico Jewish Historical Society, Jewish Federation of New Mexico, HaMakom, and has been actively involved in other organizations.

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