Dear Families,

Happy 2020!

In the coming weeks, we will be sending you periodic updates to keep you informed about Beaver and to remind you of upcoming deadlines. The goal of these emails is for you to get to know us even better—so let's get started!
Reminder: The application deadline is January 15.
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Updates from Middle School at Beaver

It's our first week back from winter break and Middle School students are settling into their classes and Afternoon Activities.
  • At our weekly Middle School Meeting, students shared how they're busy preparing for the annual Hiatt Center Social Justice Retreat. This student-run day of workshops is January 24, and this year's theme for the event is using creativity and design to inspire social change. We'll have a recap in the next update!
  • In addition, the 5th Annual Beaver Film Festival is in February. MS students are finalizing and submitting their original films—which can be no longer than three and a half minutes.
In December, 8th grade students visited the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center. Inspired by Islamic art, architecture, and calligraphy, students used point-slope equations and an online graphing calculator in math class to design and code a 6x6 inch tile. These tiles were laser cut out of plywood in the R+D Center. Since returning from break, students have worked to combine all their tiles into one large 2x2 foot cube. Stay tuned to our social media to see the final product later this month.
If you attended one of our Information Days this fall, you may remember hearing about the Paper Instrument Project. For this term-long project, 7th and 8th grade students in the Middle School Glass Ensemble spent six weeks designing paper instrument kits for the 4-and 5-year old students in the Josiah Quincy Orchestra Program (JQOP) in Boston. Hear the impact this had on the community from the executive director of the JQOP, Christopher Schroeder, in a video on our blog.
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