Dear Families,

Happy 2020!

In the coming weeks, we will be sending you periodic updates to keep you informed about Beaver and to remind you of upcoming deadlines. The goal of these emails is for you to get to know us even better—so let's get started!
Reminder: The application deadline is January 15.
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Updates from Upper School at Beaver

It's our first week back from winter break and Upper School students are settling back into their classes, SDPs (student-directed projects), and Afternoon Activities.
  • This month, we're getting excited for our annual Dam Jam on Friday, January 24. Come see both of our varsity basketball teams in action in the Athletics Center starting at 4:30 p.m.
  • And while we're talking about athletics, if you're an athlete interested in BVR Athletics, let us know by filling out our Athletics Inquiry Form. You can also find all of our teams and their schedules on the Athletics section of our website.
Students in the Costume and Design Studio have been sewing joey pouches and bat wraps to donate to the Animal Rescue Craft Guild. The Guild will then distribute the items to animal sanctuaries worldwide. As of today, students have completed 13 pouches—and 36 more are in progress. To expedite the process of creating these products, sophomore Annike Downey worked with the Research + Design Center team to create a template. See photos from the class on our Instagram.
At the end of last term, 9th grade students re-imagined traditional carnival games or invented new ones for the Annual BVR Physics Carnival. In addition to demonstrating their knowledge of Newton's Laws of Motion, students also focused on inclusion. "Our students are the ones who get to design what the world will become. We want them to have experience designing for all," said Physics teacher Drew Zachry. Check out some of their games on our website.
"From an educational standpoint, it’s really awesome to be able to create an experience for students where they feel like their audience is beyond getting a grade or pleasing their parents, or pleasing their teacher. It’s just a cool way to be creative for an audience that extends beyond the classroom."
— Excerpt from WBUR article on a BVR teacher + student collaboration on a music video.
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