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AC Ice Company
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AC Ice
Join the Logan County Chamber in congratulating A C Ice Company as the Business of the Week and tying our community together.

AC Ice Company Inc. was established in 1977 by Ed Churchwell and Mark Achziger. Their first location was in the service bays of a Phillips 66 gas station. Their first ice machines were two Manitowoc 1100 cubers and a Star can block maker. They hand bagged the ice and stored it in a 4 x 8 freezer that sat on a trailer. This trailer was also their first delivery unit. 
Their business soon outgrew their gas station area, so they bought land next door and installed 24 Manitowoc ice machines on the very first Clinebell ice bin. They also installed 6 Clinebell B-56 block makers and automated their plant to include an automatic bagger and heat sealer. They also built a cold storage freezer that held 60 pallets of ice.
Their service area expanded to most of northeastern Colorado. In 1988 they saw the need to expand into markets with a bigger population base. They bought a small ice company in Fort Collins and put in a freezer to store the ice. All of the ice was produced in their Brush facility and transported up to Fort Collins. In 2017 they moved from Fort Collins to Longmont so they would be more centralized location for all of their customers. Their customer base ranges from the Wyoming border to Denver. This new facility gave them the ability to store over 700 pallets of ice. 
1999 saw the need for yet a bigger facility. They moved to their present location at 221 Hospital Road in Brush. This building gave them the room to yet again expand. They installed a cold storage freezer that could hold 200 pallets. They installed 2 Vogt Ice Machines that can produce 30 ton of ice a day. They again automated their bagging system to make it more efficient and sanitary. A 3-truck dock area was built to make it easier to load their route trucks and trailers with palletized ice instead of one bag at a time. 
The new decade brought new challenges. Their sales were growing a such a pace that they did not have enough ice production to keep up. They were buying 20 to 30 semi loads of ice from other ice companies just to be able to satisfy their customer demands. In the spring of 2002, they again expanded by doubling their ice production up to 60 ton of ice a day. Now, instead of having to buy ice they were able to sell extra ice to other ice companies that ran short in the summer. They have helped other ice companies as far east as Wisconsin and as far west as California. 
The winter of 2013 brought another expansion both in production and service. A 50 ton a day Morris Ice Machine was installed next to their 60 ton of Vogt ice production. This allows them to produce and package 220,000 lbs. of ice per day.
They also expanded their service area to cover southern Colorado. They opened a warehouse facility in Colorado Springs with a storage capacity of 1,000 pallets of ice. Their service area extends from the New Mexico border to the south up into Denver on the north. 
As they have grown, they have constantly strived to improve their product and keep their service at the highest level. They are proud to be members of the International Packaged Ice Association (IPIA). Their motto, ICE IS FOOD, is one that they take seriously.

  Join us in congratulating 
AC Ice Company
as the Chamber of Commerce’s Business of the Week.
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Xcel Energy - Sterling
508 S. 8th Ave.      Sterling, CO 80751         (970) 521-1800
Enjoy The C hamber Chal lenge
Join in the new Chamber Challenge. Purchase food or a gift certificate from your favorite restaurant in Logan County and post your photo using  #chamberchallenge  and tag at least 3 of your friends to do the same. Help our businesses at this difficult time and enjoy some great food. #shoplocal

Haxtun Hospital District
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Burger King
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Retailers Can Make A
Triumphant Return

The Coronavirus has amplified many of the problems that already existed in retail selling. And the pandemic has added more problems on top of those. Still people want to shop.

Viaero Wireless
516 W. Main St.     Sterling, CO 80751        (970) 521-9911
New Coronavirus Guides and Resources

Retail Sales Rebound
Retail sales rebounded almost 18% in May. That is a record increase for one month. It beat the consensus estimates by a large margin, which were looking for growth of less than 10%. May Retail
Navigating The PPP Loan Forgiveness Process
U.S. Chamber executive vice president and chief policy officer Neil Bradley walks you through the essential steps of the loan forgiveness process, including calculations and repayment terms.

Study Begins On COVID Antibody Treatment
Reopening the world economy is dependent on discovering safe and effective vaccines and treatments for coronavirus.  
Dream Big Awards
Each year, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce partners with Chase for Business® to recognize and celebrate small businesses around the country who are achieving success, creating opportunity, and inspiring others through the  2020 Dream Big Awards . Dream Big Program

A 'Playbook' To Reopening
A guide to helping businesses of all types and in all regions navigate the complex process of reopening and evolving post-coronavirus pandemic. Ready To Reopen Playbook

 More Programs Include:
The U.S. Chamber continues to create, update, and evolve its various guides and resources to continue bringing you and your members the information you need during this difficult time.


COVID-19 and
Join us for a new webinar from the Alzheimer's Association that provides an update on the support, resources and tips about the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic for people living with dementia and family caregivers.

Adams Bank and Trust
519 W. Main St. Unit B    Sterling, CO 80751    (970) 522-0698
Main Streets
The Revitaliizing Main Streets Program is to support infrastructure projects that provide open spaces for mobility, community activities and economic development in the wake of the COVID-19 emergency

City Planning
Annual July 4
Fireworks Celebration

Barring bad weather and a high fire risk, the City of Sterling is planning to launch its annual fireworks display on Saturday.

Haxtun Hospital District
235 W. Fletcher     Haxtun, CO 80731         (970) 774-6123
CSU Offering FREE Webinars
CSU is offering free webinars to help business professionals and the workforce to deal with the social and economic challenges of COVID-19. For more information call Peggy at 970-571-9582 or Email her at peggy.stoltenberg@colostate.edu

Free Business Listing
Colorado Tourism Office is helping restart local tourism economy, and they are inviting local businesses to  update their FREE Colorado.com listing . Logan County Tourism is beginning some promotions with the state’s efforts as well for businesses including restaurants, shops, recreation, lodging, and more. Contact Marilee Johnson, Logan County Tourist Center Director, for more information or if you need help with your listing.

New Small
Business Loan
C olorado Lending Source, ZOMALAB and the Gates Family Foundation have established an Eastern Colorado Small Business Loan Fund.

COVID-19 Is Not
Like The Flu
On the surface, COVID-19 seems like the seasonal flu and it does have some similarities but COVID-19 is not like the common flu and in many ways it’s much worse.

AirMedCare Network
 ( 720) 595-6463

Impact of COVID-19
On Early Childhood

If you are a licensed child care provider, an early educator, or a parent/guardian of a child 12 or younger, would you please answer a few questions? Your answers will inform policy and funding decisions, as well as efforts to sustain our state’s early childhood sector.

Riverside Fabrication
150 Edward Ave.     Sterling, CO 80751        (970) 522-6669
Emergency Loan Advance

This loan advance will provide up to $10,000 of economic relief to businesses that are currently experiencing temporary difficulties.

Colorado Crisis Services
Colorado Crisis Services is available to all Coloradans and we want to encourage all agencies to refer to this line if anyone needs mental health support or just someone to talk to in this crisis. It's important to make sure you're taking care of your mental health during
this time. If you're feeling overwhelmed, helpless or need someone to talk to, Colorado Crisis Services offers free, confidential and professional 24/7 support.
Call 1-844-493-8255 or text "TALK" to 38255.

Mental health
Eagle Convenience Stores
930 W. Main St.     Sterling, CO 80751        (970) 522-0801

Return To Work Facts

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance

Civil Rights Guidance for Employers

State Income Tax

Cyber Protection For Election

Governor Extends Disaster Relief

Use of Face Mask

Criminal Justice

Deadline Modifications

Risks and Benefits of Social Acti vities

State Health Department Amends Safer at Home/Vast Outdoors

Higher Education


Election Signature Collection

COVID Relief Fund Announces Fifth Round Of Grants

Opening Burning

Expanding Healthcare Workforce

Can Do Community Challenge

Tenant Eviction/Mortage Assistance D

Delinquent Property Tax
Sterling Regional MedCenter
615 Fairhurst St.     Sterling, CO 80751        (970) 522-0122
Youth Activity

With so many summer activities being cancelled the Logan County COVID Task Force would like feedback on how children are spending their time this summer. The results will be used to better meet the needs of Logan County families. 

Can The Social Security
Administration Help?
The Social Security Administration (SSA) wants to let the public know that during the current coronavirus pandemic, SSA continues to provide help to you and others throughout America.

COVID-19 Tips For
Dementia Caregivers
The Alzheimer's Association is continuing to offer live, online education classes as well as a new class – "COVID-19 and Caregiving."

Sterling Living Center
1420 S. 3rd Ave.      Sterling, CO 80751        (970) 522-2933
All donors who successfully donate will have their donation
tested for COVID-19 antibodies as well this summer.
Trinidad Benham Corp.
1500 Right of Way Road   Sterling, CO 80751    (970) 522-3595

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