February 16, 2021
Happenings at St. David's
We are on the threshold between Epiphany and Lent. At Christmas, we witnessed the incarnation with wonder, and pondered the meaning of God among us in human form through the ‘unveiling’ of Epiphany. We’ve heard Jesus preach and teach and watched him heal and feed. We’ve followed Jesus to the mountaintop, transformed by his manifestation of his divinity.

Now we’re walking down the mountain, readying ourselves for the journey to Jerusalem.  

Fresh from the mountaintop glow, tomorrow we will smudge ashes on our foreheads and hear ourselves declared to be dust. We’ll begin walking toward the cross, life and death and life again.

In the midst of glory, sadness. In the midst of pain, joy. Our mixed up jumble of humanness, sanctified by the one who made us and who loves us and who walks with us.  
With all we have and all we are, we enter a holy Lent.  


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Prayer List
Pray for those who suffer in body, mind or spirit: Colgate, Mary, John, Jeanne, Abby, Ken, Annie, Janet, Ginny, and all those being prayed for by our prayer teams.

We pray for those who have died: Daniel, Jon, Richard, Pat, Gene, Jerry and David; and those who have lost a loved one through death: the Bidwell family, the Hill family, the White family, the Heiny family, the Arnold family, the Samson family, the Nathan family, the Obaji family, the Luby family, the Catron family and the Johnson family. 

We pray for our clergy, vestry, ministries, church staff, school staff, parents, and children. 
Loving God, we pray for all those who are affected by the coronavirus pandemic. We pray for those who are ill and those who are anxious. We especially pray for all health care workers and first responders who are putting their lives on the line to care for us: Ed Puccio, Anne Brown, Kondeh Greaves, Kelly Hayes, Sarah, Haley, David, Dave, Ted W., Jackie Hindi, Mark Mangilit, Crystal Garnett, Latonya Daniels, Monica Preval, Michelle Rowe, Robert Gore, Marie Normil, Mashawn Parker, Hantz Joseph, Rhonda Grant, Lupe Guerrero-Nabavi, Janice Chapman Smith, Arlene Blackett-James, Tinea Savage, Annette Crossan, Paula Williams, Nicole Mansfield, Matt Blair, Jason Shelton, Susan Norman. Keep them in your loving embrace. Keep them safe and strong. Be our strong rock, oh Lord, our shelter in the storm, our firm foundation. Draw us closer to one another and to you. Help us to trust your promises and live as people of hope.

We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.
Ash Wednesday Services
Join us for our Ash Wednesday services. 2/17 at 12 pm on Facebook, and at 7:30 pm streamed from the sanctuary. Please note that because of the pandemic, NO ASHES will be distributed from the church, neither in person nor in the Faith at Home kits. Our bishop has instructed that we each make our ashes at home, and administer them at home. Please see the link here for instructions about making ashes.  

During the services, parishioners will be given the opportunity to self-administer the ashes. Our beautiful Episcopal tradition has always held that administration of ashes is not solely a clergy function but can be done by any parishioner. May this year’s altered services, and the changes necessitated by COVID, give us a deeper appreciation of the tradition we share. God willing, we will be able to meet again in person soon!  
Diocesan Delegate Opportunity
Are you interested in volunteering to be a Diocesan Delegate for St. David’s at the Diocese of Virginia Annual Council? Our Diocesan Delegates serve a three-year term, one year as an alternate, non-voting delegate, and two years as a voting delegate at Council. Delegates must be adult Episcopal Confirmed/Received communicants in good standing. The Vestry will nominate potential delegates for the 2021-2023 term at the Vestry Meeting on February 24, 2021, with the appointment vote at the Vestry Meeting on March 17, 2021. If interested in being considered for nomination, please email (Vestry Diocesan Liaison) dwsheatsley@gmail.com by Sunday, February 21, 2021.
Alleluia Ministry News 
Thank you for your continued support of this ministry to feed and support those in need in Loudoun County. Your great response to the request for diapers and wipes was appreciated this week! Due to your ongoing commitment, we have had no difficulty in finding produce packers and receivers on Monday afternoons. We are currently serving 68 families, but the number fluctuates each week due to families no longer needing the services and new families added to the list. Needs for the upcoming week include fresh produce and new or gently used (washed and packed while wearing a mask and gloves) clothing for a 4-month old little boy who wears a size 18m. The little boy does not have any winter clothing.
A reminder, any donation items can be dropped off at the Annex on Mondays from 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. If LCPS is closed, drop off and packing are cancelled for that day. Attached is the sign-up genius to volunteer on Mondays if you are interested, https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0548a9a822a1fa7-alleluia.
Lenten Challenge - Get Connected!
One thing this pandemic has taught us is the power and importance of community and connection. This Lenten season, we are challenging every member of St. David’s to strengthen your connection to God and to one another through participation in a small group. We offer many kinds of small groups at St. David’s. Our shepherd groups meet weekly to study scripture, share their highs and lows, and pray. We have three on-going groups which are currently accepting new members; plus, we are offering three new ‘taste and see’ groups during Lent. Hesitant to commit long-term to a group? Try a group for five weeks and see how God is at work in your life and others as well. Shepherd groups, ongoing and Lenten taste and see groups. Read more here.
Covenant: Purpose and Promise
Join us for a new 30 Good Minutes series exploring sacred covenants. We at St. David’s call ourselves a ‘covenant community’. What is a covenant? How were covenants important in scripture, and how are they important to us today? What binds us together in ‘covenant community’ even through this pandemic which has disrupted our usual ways of ‘doing church’? This five week series will explore Old and New Testament covenants from Noah to Moses and the new covenant Jesus brings, as well as those we make to God and one another at St. David’s. Sundays after worship: 11:00 - 11:30 on Zoom, Feb. 21 through March 21. Questions? Contact Rev. Mary Kay.
VBS Coming Summer 2021
We are looking for leadership and a team to develop and lead VBS this summer, following the pandemic guidelines in place at that time. We look forward to being creative, sharing the love of Jesus and engaging in outreach. Contact mcarey@sdlife.org if you are interested.
The Vestry Corner: The New Leadership Team is in Place
Following up from our January 24th Annual Meeting, parishioners elected Jenifer Bluhm, Jenkins Cooper and Anne Shively to serve on the Vestry for three-year terms. We can’t thank Jenifer, Jenkins and Anne enough for allowing their names to be put forth for consideration to help guide St. David’s Church and School for the next three years. The three new members were sworn in at a special meeting of the Vestry on February 7th. At the same meeting, David Sheatsley was re-elected to serve as Senior Warden for the upcoming year and Anne Shively was elected to serve as Junior Warden. Such decisions usual involve both “congratulations” and “condolences.” Vestry members expressed their appreciation to Mike Martino for his three years of service on the Vestry and to Vestry member, Rohit Dean, for his service as Junior Warden for 2020. In other news from the meeting, John Mellish was reaffirmed as the Treasurer for St. David’s, Katherine Beckett-Goodwin was reaffirmed as the Vestry Register and Carol Bonifant was reaffirmed as Chaplain to the Vestry, a position she has held for too many years to mention.  When you have a chance, please thank these individuals and the other members of the Vestry for providing their time and talent to the benefit of St. David’s.  
Governor Appoints Karl Colder to Panel
The Office of the Governor issued a press release on February 12, 2021 announcing that Governor Ralph Northam has appointed parishioner Karl Colder to serve on the Secure and Resilient Commonwealth Panel. The panel “…focuses on building a Commonwealth that works better for all people, no matter who they are or where they live.”  
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