October 6, 2020
Happenings at St. David's
Everything we have is a gift from God. We've heard this before, and may agree with it in principle, but how many of us live as if it was true? Our homes, our livelihoods, our bodies, our relationships - all are gifts from a lavishly abundant God. So often, we buy into the culture of ownership. We create, we earn, we possess. Ownership means fences and deeds and boundaries. Ownership can easily lead to entitlement, comparison and envy. If a little is good, isn't more better? Soon we are spending all of our time and resources caring for our stuff, worrying about getting more, and convinced we are the rulers of our respective castles.

Jesus reminds us in Sunday's gospel that we are not owners but grateful recipients of God's goodness. No one is self-made. No one creates their life from nothing. God the creator and giver trusts us with so much, and asks only that we share what we have with others.  

Our 2020 stewardship campaign celebrates the gifts God has given St. David's, particularly the ways we have stayed "Together in Christ" in the midst of upheaval and uncertainty. We need your gifts now!  If you have never pledged before, now is the time. If you've pledged in the past, please renew your pledge, and consider an increase if you are able. Go to sdlife.org to find out more and pledge quickly and easily on line!  

Mary Kay+
Prayer List
Pray for those who suffer in body, mind or spirit: Colgate, Mary, John, Chris, Jeanne, Abby, Ken, Lou, Cindy, Bob, Ismael, Myron Ross, Eliza, Lois, Chris, Anne, Carol, Jemre, Tom, Steve, Marlene, Elizabeth, Anita, Rum, Michael and all those being prayed for by our prayer teams.

We pray for those who have died: Bill, Bern, Donald, Carol Jean, Lance, Charlene, Lynn, Orit, Paul, Joel, Wayne and Bonnie; and those who have lost a loved one through death: the Cross family, the McDonald family, the Bonifant family, the Sartelle family, the Bidwell family, the Decker family, the Kellen family, the Mercy family, and the Whiting family, the Murphy family, the Gardner family, the Hill family.
We pray for our clergy, vestry, ministries, church staff, school staff, parents, and children.

Loving God, we pray for all those who are affected by the coronavirus pandemic. We pray for those who are ill and those who are anxious. We especially pray for all health care workers and first responders who are putting their lives on the line to care for us: Ed Puccio, Anne Brown, Kondeh Greaves, Kelly Hayes, Sarah, Haley, David, Dave, Ted W., Jackie Hindi, Mark Mangilit, Crystal Garnett, Latonya Daniels, Monica Preval, Michelle Rowe, Robert Gore, Marie Normil, Mashawn Parker, Hantz Joseph, Rhonda Grant, Lupe Guerrero-Nabavi, Janice Chapman Smith, Arlene Blackett-James, Tinea Savage, Annette Crossan, Paula Williams, Nicole Mansfield, Matt Blair, Jason Shelton, Susan Norman. Keep them in your loving embrace. Keep them safe and strong. Be our strong rock, oh Lord, our shelter in the storm, our firm foundation. Draw us closer to one another and to you. Help us to trust your promises and live as people of hope.

We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.
Annual Stewardship Campaign - Together in Christ
This year we are celebrating the many ways we have remained Together in Christ through this unprecedented time. We will be sharing stories of connection and community, and looking forward to new ways of being church together in Christ.  

Today, tomorrow, together in Christ, we are stronger than ever and grateful for all we share.
Outdoor Worship Service - Saturdays at 5 pm
We will be worshiping on the grounds by the Joy pavilion. We are limiting the number of attendees to 40 people. This will be done on a first sign-up, first attend basis. To attend the service, it is mandatory that you sign up here. Please remember to bring your own chairs!
Becoming Beloved Community Class
The COVID pandemic has helped to expose individual and institutional racism in unprecedented ways. Are you looking for an opportunity to engage in thoughtful conversation about racism in the context of our faith?  

Our next Becoming Beloved Community class begins on Thursday, Oct. 15 at 7pm. The class will continue for six weeks, Thursdays Oct. 22, 29, and Nov. 5, 12, and 19. We will be meeting via Zoom. The class includes readings, reflections and deep conversation that many participants have described as 'transformative'. 

Come join us on this journey. Email Bobbie Johnson at mariuscat@verizon.net to register.
Grace to Go help needed this Sunday!
The second Sunday of the month continues to be St. David's responsibility to prepare and distribute more than 100 meals for Loudoun's hungry. We're looking for folks to volunteer two hours on Sunday, October 11th at 1 pm at Deli South in Leesburg (Catoctin Circle). It's a great family opportunity, too! You can sign up here.
It wasn’t “Beach Blanket Bingo” with Frankie and Annette, but with Bingo Caller Extraordinaire, John Knox, at the helm playing appropriate “lucky” tunes in the background, St. David’s held its first Bingo Night on Friday, September 18th and raised over $1,100 for St. David’s, Backpack Buddies and Mobile Hope. Bingo Committee Co-Chair, Anne Shively, kicked off the night with her best Helga imitation (Viking hat and all) to welcome the 50 game players and families to the Zoom event. Fellow Committee member, Kondeh Greaves, announced the $150.00 in donated gift cards given away as prizes to the winning card holders and Bingo Committee Co-Chair, Nancy Quinn, wrapped up the night, which featured 10 different Bingo games and a “Wheel of Fortune” spin for the grand prize. Appropriately, Rev. Mary Kay called the numbers for the game that required players to fill in their card in the form of a cross. Many thanks also go out to Committee member, Keith Korin, and, working behind the scene as the Zoom guru, Steve Shively.  
Lucky gift card winners:
Starbucks – Buz Price, Deborah Ramsey, Sydney Ivey and Lawrence Panetta
Dairy Queen – Mary McClintock, Jacob Crismon, Deborah Ramsey, and Hugo Brunet
Buffalo Wing Factory – Keith Cook
Sterling Playmakers (two tickets for a 2021 production) – Rev. Mary Kay Brown
Buffalo Wild Wings – Maggie Ivey
A great time was had by all! 
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A huge thank you to everyone for their generosity. During these unprecedented times, we are called into community in unprecedented ways. Your financial gifts to St. David's are of vital importance to support our ongoing ministries and our outreach to the most vulnerable among us. Please continue to offer your faithful gifts by mailing your check to our church office (at the address listed below) or clicking the button below. We also encourage you to sign up for electronic giving.
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Please join us for virtual Worship on Sundays at 10 am. We will follow the service with a virtual coffee hour and children's chat at 10:45 on Zoom. Details are available on our website.
Weekday Morning Prayer

Please join us on for morning prayer on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10 am.
Join us every night at 9 pm for Compline.
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