Happenings @ St. David's

Following Jesus can lead us to challenging places and situations. Jesus often calls us to expand our definitions of who is in and who is out, who is lovable and who is not. He insists that no one is outside the reach of his embrace. His grace is for all.  

His message was not popular then. Now, in our turbulent, divisive times, his message still challenges us. But the message of the gospel is clear: love God, and love one another. At all times and in all places. No exceptions. Until we are all one.  

God grant us the strength and courage to live what we believe.

Rev. Mary Kay
Vestry Elections & Special Vestry Meeting—2/10
Please join us in welcoming all of our new Vestry Members. At our Annual Meeting on 1/27, we voted in Tabatha Bragg, Chris Broadbent, Kondeh Greaves, Colgate Salomon, and David Sheatsley. We would like to thank our outgoing Vestry members: Mike Gibson, Theresa Luby, and Mary Vish. We thank God for all of these faithful servants. On Sunday 2/10, we will hold a special Vestry meeting immediately following the 11 am service in the Adult Ed room. At this meeting, we will swear in all new vestry members, reaffirm our Register, Chaplain and Treasurer and vote in new Wardens. All are welcome to attend!
Happening this week
Wednesday, February 6th
12 pm   Centering prayer
9 pm     Compline (via Facebook)
Thursday, February 7th
6 pm     Handbell choir practice
7 pm     Adult choir practice
Saturday, February 9th
9 am    Brotherhood of St. Andrew
6 pm    Saturdays at Six service
Sunday, February 10th
9 am    Contemporary Service
10 am  Sermon/MS & HS Bible study
11 am  Traditional Service w/Children’s
12 pm  Special Vestry meeting
12 pm  Inquirer’s Class
1 pm    Grace to Go
4 pm    AA meeting
4:30 pm Youth Group meeting
7 pm    NA meeting
Join us for 30 Good Minutes this Spring!
Leadership Opportunity
Inquiring Minds Want to Know
We are looking for a new co-leader for Grace to Go (GTG). GTG is a domestic outreach ministry that prepares 120+ meals each month and distributes them to those in need. This is an incredibly rewarding ministry and is a great opportunity for singles, couples or families. For more information, please email Stephanie & Walter Hearne at gracetogo@sdlife.org
Do you have questions about the Episcopal faith - what we believe, and why we do what we do? If you would like to know more, sign up for our Inquirer's class, beginning on 2/10 and running for 7 weeks on Sundays from 12:15 to 1:45. This class will cover history, theology, worship and so much more. Contact rector@sdlife.org .
30 Good Minutes Teachers Needed
Servers Needed
If you have a passion for sharing time with children please join us this spring beginning March 3rd for 6 weeks to explore and learn together about our amazing God. Contact mcarey@sdlife.org .
If you are called to serve and/or help with set up/clean up at the Saturdays@6 service sign up here . We are also looking for a volunteer to schedule the readers and servers for the 9 am service. Please contact Maureen at mcarey@sdlife.org.
Youth Ministry Updates
MS/HS Bible Study
Middle and High school Bible study meets in Boslaugh every Sunday at 10 am.
Reach Talent Show
Can you sing, dance, read a poem or tell a joke? The 2019 Reach silent auction and talent show is Saturday, 3/16. The silent auction will be 7-8 pm; the talent show will start at 8. If you have an item, talent or service you would like to donate to the silent auction, please see Jae Mitchell or contact him at reach@sdlife.org .
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