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Final weeks of Summer Imagineering

On-Site Classes!

Weeks of July 26 and August 2

There are still classes available for summer fun, STEAM learning, and reconnecting with your peers! Take a look at what the SRVEF Imagineering Program has to offer students the weeks of July 26 and August 2. We are offering classes for incoming 3rd - 6th graders, incoming 7th - 9th graders, and even a hands-on bio lab for incoming 10th - 12th graders who missed out on in-person labs last year. Most classes will run Monday through Friday from 9 am to 12 noon or 1 pm to 4 pm. Supervision and recess activities will be available for students registered for morning and afternoon sessions in the same week. 

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2021 Summer Imagineering Class Descriptions

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All Classes this week are for grades: Incoming 3rd through Incoming 6th

Gale Ranch Middle School

Learn Beginner French through Music and the Arts

9am - 12noon

Instructor: Allison Hussenet, Dougherty Valley Teacher Librarian    

This class is designed to expose elementary students to the French language through activities centered around music and the arts preparing them to start language classes in middle school and high school. Studies show that the earlier students are exposed to new languages, the easier the learning process will be. Moreover, people who speak more than one language have improved memory, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, enhanced concentration, ability to multitask, and better listening skills.


The Physics of Roller Coasters

9am - 12noon

Instructor: Julie Garrahan, Monte Vista High School Teacher Librarian

The purpose of this class is to apply physics concepts such as motion, forces and energy to build the optimal paper roller coaster! This class will allow students to demonstrate their knowledge of motion, forces and energy. Scientific principles covered are brachistochrone, gravitational pull, and inertia.


Stop Motion Animation – Lights, Camera, Action!

1pm - 4pm

Instructor: Erin Lopez, Live Oak Elementary School 5th Grade Teacher

Technology meets art in this introduction to animation class. As a foundation, students will learn about the history of animation by exploring zoetropes, thaumatropes, flipbooks and so many other intriguing early forms of animation. Students will use a variety of mediums, from paper to Legos to Model Magic clay, to practice the art of stop motion animation. Students will learn how to storyboard, write a script, film, and edit their own stop motion animation films. In addition, students can add in sound by recording their own voices or collaborating with others to bring their story to life. This class will spark the imagination and creativity that students can use to continue to tell their own stories beyond the walls of a classroom!


Amazing Drawing

1pm - 4pm

Instructor: Jenna Kang, Windermere Ranch Middle School Art Teacher

Art is not only fun but fundamental in life! This unique class is designed to help you become a stronger visual communicator. You will learn to observe critically to draw accurately and to use your creative mind to draw your own original and innovative ideas. Pens, shoes, and portraits are some of the subject matters we will cover to record, design and invent. Join Ms. Kang this summer to draw some amazing things inside a classroom setting with fellow artists. Let’s be creative together!


Dougherty Valley High School

Note Grade Levels under Descriptions

Phenomenally Engineered

9am - 12noon

Grades: Incoming 7th through Incoming 9th

Instructor: Sarah Laake, IHMS 6th and 7th grade Science Teacher

In this class, students investigate science phenomena and the engineering design process. Students will explore the science and engineering practices such as asking questions and defining problems, planning and carrying out investigations, analyzing and interpreting data as well as constructing explanations and designing solutions to problems. The focus of this class is investigating the interconnectedness of the science and engineering practices while learning important critical thinking skills that will be useful for years to come. 


Advanced Biology Hands-On Lab Experience

9am - 12noon

Grades: Incoming 9th through Incoming 12th

Instructor: Pam Sheppel, DVHS AP Bio/Bio Teacher

An overview of Advanced Biology topics through hands-on labs will help students develop science and critical thinking skills while applying knowledge of Biology topics. Recommended background: completed the equivalent of AP Biology, APES, or other upper-level high school Biology course. Lab skills to include use of micropipette, gel electrophoresis, PCR, digital scales, and more. This is the perfect follow-up experience for students who completed AP Biology during the pandemic and missed out on being able to do hands-on lab work.

Imagineering Theater Production Class

Into the Woods Jr.

into the woods jr logo - use this one.gif

In this five week course, students are responsible for performing in and designing a full-length musical developing and enhancing their skills in performing arts, visual arts, and sound engineering. Students were “double cast” (two actors per role) and will perform in one of our two performances. In addition, students were divided into crews (Stage Managers, Set Design, Costumes, and Lights and Sound) and receive training on how to conceptualize, design, and technically construct a show. While both casts will collaborate on the show design, they will also specialize in a particular design area, and “run crew” for the other cast during “off” performances. 


Please join us for our performances on Thursday, July 29, and Friday, July 30 at 7pm.

Tickets for performances will be $5 for students K-12, and $10 for adults.

Check out for more detailed information


For tickets: 

Registration is OPEN for the 38th Annual

Run for Education

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Special Announcement: Our expanded Health & Wellness Expo will be in person on October 9-10, 2021!

Health & Wellness Expo will be Saturday, October 9 from 9am to 3pm and Sunday, October 10 from 10am to 2pm

We are excited to welcome back local vendors and business owners, as well as our community! We will have entertainment, a Kid Zone, and the opportunity for our Mini runners and Friendship runners to participate in person. Watch for more information coming in the Fall!

Why should I sign up for this Virtual Run?

To earn money for YOUR school! This event will be a fundraiser for the San Ramon Valley Education Foundation and each school; with 30% of your registration net proceeds going directly to the school of your choice. Additionally, the Run for Education is setting up pledge pages for every participant that will allow schools to raise even more money with 70% of those donations going directly to the school. 

When should I sign up for this Virtual Run?

NOW! Registration is open, at low registration price of $25 includes a mask! You can still order a shirt to keep your collection up to date - just order a t-shirt in your registration form.

We are excited about offering this fundraising opportunity to our schools! This is a healthy and fun family activity we can all enjoy while observing local guidelines AND raising funds to support our programs and people! Questions? Contact Karen Robman at

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Our Real Estate Partner Program is an opportunity for Realtors to give back to our students and schools. By investing in SRVEF, you demonstrate your commitment to public education and our community.


As a leader in the real estate industry, you understand that a dynamic and successful school district helps attract families to the San Ramon Valley, and that these families are vital to sustaining a healthy community. We are fortunate to be surrounded by top-ranked schools, great neighborhoods, and thriving businesses.

We have developed a special package specifically for those in the real estate community: Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Title Agents, Accountants, Attorneys, and more.

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SRVEF is grateful to our Realtor friends for supporting us and local schools. A major reason that families choose the San Ramon Valley is our A+ schools – visit to see our top rated ranking!

Partnerships start at $750. Yearly Benefits run through June 2022. To learn more about our Real Estate Partnership levels, please contact us at

Summer Dine Outs with SRVEF

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The San Ramon Valley Education Foundation is pleased to have partnered with local restaurants this summer! These restaurants will donate a portion of their sales to SRVEF! Please eat and shop local this summer. The upcoming restaurants are:

  • July 19-25: Pizza Guys, Danville
  • July 28: Chipotle, San Ramon

Find the flyers and times on our website.

Jennifer Brown

Heather Imagineering.jpg

Heather Raines

Introducing our Theater Production Team...

Let us introduce you to our fantastic Imagineering Theater Production Team, Jennifer Brown and Heather Raines. Mrs. Brown and Ms. Raines are working tirelessly to bring our very first Theater Production to life! From choral arrangements to theatrical performances to driving around town in rented trucks to pick up props and supplies to breaking out the tools, these theatre veterans never stop!

Jennifer Brown earned her degree in Elementary and Music Education from Brigham Young University in 1986. She taught at the elementary level for 6 years in Utah, where she also directed the elementary school choir and musical productions. In 1991, Jennifer returned to her native California and began teaching at Charlotte Wood Middle School. She has served as choral director at Charlotte Wood since 2000 and the musical theatre director since 1996. We are so fortunate to have such a talented songstress leading and teaching our students. In addition, Jennifer also co-conducts Temple Hill Choir (an adult multi-faith community choir) in Oakland and co-directs their annual production of the Broadway production of Scrooge. She adores musical theatre and has been singing and performing since age 4. Highlights are Marion in The Music Man, Julie in Carousel, Fiona in Brigadoon, and the soprano soloist in Handel’s Messiah. She has been blessed to have her husband or her 4 children perform with her too. Her greatest desire is to make sure every child has a song in their heart to get through the ups and downs life brings.

Heather Raines received her B.A. in Theatre Arts from UCLA and has been teaching Drama for 22 years. While an undergraduate, Heather studied abroad at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom during her junior year. In 1998, she started her career as a middle school Drama Teacher at Pleasant Hill Middle School (PHMS). In 2005, Heather joined the faculty at Iron Horse Middle School (IHMS) as the Drama Teacher and has been teaching there ever since. Named PHMS Educator of the Year during her tenure there, and the 2014 Rotary Teacher of the Year for IHMS, we feel very fortunate to have such a dedicated professional working with our students. “Into the Woods” is one of Heather’s favorite shows, and in fact, she has played Little Red Riding Hood 4 times!! Heather grew up in the Bay Area, performing in local community theatre since she was little. She gets great joy in introducing theatre to the next generation, and following the paths her former students take in their own theatrical journeys. In fact, Ms. Raines has recruited a number of former students who have worked on every aspect of this production as mentors. Heather loves creating theatre with the talented Mrs. Brown, as well as with SRVUSD students and families. She is very excited to work with the SRVEF Imagineering Program on our first production.

When did the magic all begin? In 2005, when these talented women met. A year later they started their musical theatre partnership and have collaborated on every show since. Wondering what play they first collaborated on together? "Into the Woods"! We are very excited to see their first production with the Imagineering Program performed in an outdoor theater! 

San Ramon Council of PTAs is on YouTube!

Did you know our SRV PTA has a YouTube channel to access Family Engagement recordings, Advocacy Day speakers, Inclusion and Diversity presentations, and more? Subscribe today!

And Finally, a Note from Gary Alpert,

President of SRVEF Board of Directors

This month I would like to highlight the role that the San Ramon Valley Education Foundation (SRVEF) plays in supporting our School Ed Funds individually and our School District as a whole.  

SRVEF operates under three pillars:

  • Investing in Education
  • Supporting Parent Organizations
  • Creating Community

Our Pillars all work together in supporting our mission: to enhance student learning by supporting and promoting public education in our community in partnership with the San Ramon Valley Unified School District.

SRVEF provides oversight, advice and counsel to the individual school Ed Funds, but tends to leave how the money raised is spent to the individual schools. SRVEF also plays a role in improving communication among the 35 individual school affiliates by hosting periodic meetings and training sessions.   

SRVEF raises funds separately from the individual schools through community wide events and donation drives, such as the Run for Education, Friends of the Foundation Donation program, Endowment Gifts in Honor or Memorial program, and our newest - Real Estate Partner Program. SRVEF also regularly pursues corporate level donations and applies for grants.    

SRVEF funds programs at a district-wide level, consulting with SRVUSD leadership, including the Superintendent on where funding could best be applied. In the past, we have funded programs such as teacher professional development, technology, music programs, science programs, and innovative new programs, such as Generation Citizen. SRVEF has also funded a number of individual teacher grants.  

SRVEF operates several programs which serve our community, while also generating revenue. Our long-term and extremely popular beyond school enrichment program, Imagineering, is designed to spark interest in choosing STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) classes in middle and high school. Coming out of the pandemic, SRVEF expanded our course offerings to include a 5 week theater production class, culinary art classes, poetry and public speaking. SRVEF recently added Science Alliance to our list of programs. Science Alliance partners high school mentors with 5th grade buddies in a year long journey to introduce elementary school students to science concepts under the guidance and with support of district professionals. This program culminates in a district-wide science fair.  

Your Gift is Important!

Would you consider making a donation to support public education in the San Ramon Valley? We welcome you to become a Friend of the Foundation. SRVEF accepts donations via check, through PayPal, or our website. Thank you for your support!

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Our Mission

The San Ramon Valley Education Foundation invests in education, supports parent organizations and engages our community for the benefit of and in partnership with the San Ramon Valley Unified School District.

Thank you to our 2021 Run for Education Sponsors!

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