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October - November 2011
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Living in Singapore, the change of season may not be so obvious. The leaves are not turning golden red and the air is not getting a crisp coolness. Even without these external signs, we do still feel the difference.


September was a busy month, with everyone returning from their summer vacation and readying their kids for back to school. It can be a hectic time. New school. New class. New friends.  Being caught up in the change, we can sometimes lose the focus on our needs. Now that everyone is back to their schedule, it's a good time to re-group, to check where we are as we approach the end of another year.


The fall is perfect for reflection, a time for nourishing ourselves to prepare for the winter.  Being in rhythm with the seasons is important for us to stay healthy and in harmony. Being in the flow allows us to open up to the gifts of life.


We may already be in October but Gallery Helios has a lot of workshops and courses planned.  For ladies only, heads up we have a surprise for you in November.


We look forward to seeing you at Gallery Helios.

Gallery Helios



Editor's Note 
Reflections on Light and Shadow

Sharp Relief by Tamsin Saunders


Where can we run to where the shadow can't follow? Only to total darkness, the shadow's own domain. 


Only when we allow light to illuminate does the shadow get thrown into sharp relief, and we recognize it for what it is, a companion and reflection of our light. ~ Siewfan Wong


Himalayan Singing Bowl Workshop
with Antoinette Biehlmeier
Singing Bowl (close up)

Sound therapy is a powerful way to heal and the vibrations of a singing bowl are a beautiful and gentle way to release energetic blockages. 

Himalayan singing bowls are made with 7 different metals and can produce up to five different individual tones, audible at the same time. Their harmonic tones guide the brain into alpha and theta frequencies, known to induce a clear mind, a deep meditative state and inner peace. Sound therapy can also reduce muscle pains and tension, balance the left and right sides of the brain and harmonize our heart rate, thereby optimizing our well-being. 

Imagine throwing a pebble into the clear still water of a pond. Before it settles, the stone will create ripples on the surface. 

Our body is about 75% water. The vibrations from a singing bowl can easily travel through layers upon layers of disharmony, to deep within our body, to the core of the imbalance and dis-ease. Our body is energetic vibrations and we are wired to respond to sound.

In this weekend workshop we will use singing bowls to restore harmony and discover inner silence.


click here to read more about the singing bowls and Antoinette


Who should join the workshop?

Anyone interested in using sound as a therapeutic tool

Anyone wishing to explore the healing properties of rich overtones of the bowls

All who have been drawn to use sound for reflection and reaching inner stillness


Day 1 
Understanding the history of the singing bowls, different types of bowls, variations on creating sound, relations between the chakras and the bowls, and how to use a set of 4 and 7 bowls for healing.


Day 2 
Using the bowls for muscle relaxation and pain reduction, learning how to play a concert with a set of bowls, and refining the different strokes.

During the workshop, you will explore using these 7-metal bowls for relaxation, freeing energetic blockages and supporting mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Singing bowl sets will be available for use during the workshop and can be purchased afterwards. The workshop is limited to 8 participants so please book early.


Dates: 29th and 30th of October 
Time: 10.00 am to 2.00 pm
Facilitator: Antoinette Biehlmeier
Fees: $350 including a light lunch 


Soul Portraits of Toby Ouvry  
Now exhibiting at Gallery Helios


Toby Ouvry is an artist who graduated from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne with a Fine Art degree in 1995. After leaving art school he then became very intensively involved in the Tibetan Buddhist school of meditation for nine years, five of which were as an ordained monk.


Slideshow of Current Soul Portrait Exhibition at Gallery Helios by Toby Ouvry
Slideshow of Current Soul Portrait Exhibition at Gallery Helios by Toby Ouvry
Read More about Toby

Holistic Belly Dance      
Heads Up For Ladies 


Re-connect with your divine feminine and nurture the goddess in you. Jayne Tang will be conducting special workshops to introduce women to the Wisdom and Art of Holistic Belly Dance.

Jayne will share with you, the great healing, fun, fitness benefits and confidence building that Belly dance offers. In addition to getting you in touch with your body, she teaches belly dance as an effective physical, emotional, mental and soul integration tool. 

Belly dance is a surprisingly excellent exercise that not only provides flexibility, strength and toning to every part of your body but is also an incredibly effective stress release!! 

So be ready for some fun and come join us on THE DANCE JOURNEY



Quote of the Month 


"Seeing is believing. Believing is seeing. One is more powerful in manifesting the life you want and beyond. The choice is yours."                            


What's On in October 

and November




Courses and Events




Meditation Practice



Feldenkrais ATM



Kundalini Yoga


October 5, November 9

NLP Coaching Practice



October 12, November 9 

Essential Oil Workshop



October 18 - November 15

Mindfulness at Work



October 22

How to Tackle Your Mid-Life Crisis Workshop



October 29 - 30

Singing Bowl Workshop



November 5 - 6

Emotional Freedom Technique Workshop



November 12 - 13

Alternatives to Violence Project




Click links to register or call us to learn more. 



Featured Practitioner 

Dr. Mohd Rashidinz

Dr Mohamed Rashidinz, PhD, ND, MNSc, BNSc(Hons) is a Naturopathic Doctor trained and registered in Australia. He also has a background in Traditional Malay Medicine, a modality he has been practicing for 25 years both as a student and a teacher in the region.



Dr Rashidinz treats issues such as
Children's issues
Intestinal dysbiosis
Erectile dysfunction
Chronic pain
Chronic backaches and migraine
Stress / burn out



Besides the above, his current focus is in therapeutic support for cancer recovery, afer-stroke therapy and male health.



 Read More 

Emotional Freedom Technique 
DeepDive EFT with Siewfan Wong



This DeepDive EFT workshop is for new comers as well as those who have some previous experience of EFT, kinesiology or other Energy Psychology techniques. This is also an interesting technique for coaches who want to take the next step in helping clients resolve their emotional issues quickly and painlessly. 


The term DeepDive refers to a deep exploration of the psyche. DeepDive modalities are geared towards taking a client through life transitions and difficulties, towards the realization of the ESSENTIAL self or liberated self (level 1 in the language of the Enneagram). It entails working through shadow issues and integrating into the TRUE self. While EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is an energy psychology technique that can be used for phobias, trauma, addiction, compulsive behaviours etc., it can also be integrated into DeepDive coaching to quickly release any values, beliefs and energy blocks that are no longer helpful to the client. 


In this workshop, we will learn the basics, and then try other interesting variations including:

  • Various Aspects Technique
  • Image Management
  • Creating Positive Mind States
  • Affirmation Tapping
  • Integration
  • Enneagram Personality Types
  • and other tips and techniques from other healing fields.



Date: Saturday & Sunday, 4th & 5th November 
Time: 9.45 am to 6.00 pm

Fees: S$500 (includes 1 free 60 min private session worth $150)  

Capacity: 12 participants, no prior experience required.


Feedback vs Failure 
NLP in Action by Simon Wong


The way you give meaning to an experience will determine the way you respond in the future. 


In the process of moving towards your outcome you will invariably experience results that are not moving you towards what you expect. When you experienced this result and begin to label it as failure then your next response will likely to be negative towards your outcome. It will literally stop you on your tracks! Read more.




Essential Oil Discovery
The Unique Features of Essential Oils

Yellow Flower
Essential oils are unique and because of their complex structure, they have effects on the physical, emotional and mental levels. 

Essential oils can pass through our skin easily and can diffuse through the body in less than one hour. When we breathe in the scent, the olfactory bulb carries the oil molecules into the area of the brain where our emotional memory is stored. This is why essential oils can affect our moods.

Nature's gifts, essential oils are powerful and their uplifting, purifying, energizing and calming properties have been known for thousands of years.

Who is Who at Gallery Helios? 
Practitioners, Coaches, Teachers

Siewfan Wong
Co-Founder of Gallery Helios, DeepDive Coaching, Chios Master Teacher, EFT, Enneagram, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Coach, MBA

Antoinette Biehlmeier 
Co-Founder of Gallery Helios, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Regression Therapy, Nutripuncture, Dorn Method, NAET, InnerDynamics & InnerTune Therapy, NLP Coach

Simon Wong 
Director, Academy@GalleryHelios, Cert. NLP and NLP New Code Trainer (ITANLP). Master Trainer and Facilitator (NLP University), MBA Strategic Marketing

Ho Kah Keh  Director, Academy@GalleryHelios, Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Coach, Leadership development, Performing Arts, Branding

Anthea Lim
Rolfing Structural Integration´┐Ż, NLP Coach

Claudia Hofmaier
Indigo Quantum Biofeedback  & Raindrop Therapy, ITEC, CARE, QCE, Mind Energy Coach 

Mukhtiar Singh 
Homeopathy, LIFE System´┐Ż Biofeedback, Esogetic Colorpuncture, Earth Holographic Crystal Therapy, Dorn Method

Dr. Modh Rashidinz PhD, ND
Naturopathy, Traditional Malay Medicine, Manipulative Therapies

Hega Schultz 
Business and Career Coaching, NLP Master Coach, Systemic Coach, MBA

Suurjiyt Tulsi 

Visiting Practitioners, Instructors and Teachers

Michael Carrol
 - NLP Master Trainer

Adam Fazlur - Kundalini Yoga facilitator

Tee Beng See - Meditation facilitator

For online booking and more detailed information, visit 



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