LPP Happenings

Happy end of 2021! Planners like to plan and we are excited thinking about the workflow for 2022. There are a number of items to catch you up on.

Planning Schedule for 2022

Life Planning Partners serves you as a team. Cross training is very important just in case someone is out of pocket. For 2022, we are going to switch up a bit to deepen our bench.

Camrie passed the CFP® exam in November (YAY!!) and is now working on her experience requirement – she’ll be a full-fledged planner by the end of 2022. We are going to provide a lot of experience.

  • Carolyn will continue to do the majority of the tax planning, with Camrie and Joey learning along the way.
  • Joey will lead up projections and insurance with Camrie doing much of the legwork getting the reviews completed. Our goal is to have Camrie take the lead on insurance by the end of 2022.
  • Joey and Carolyn will work together on estate planning.
  • Tim will continue to do investments. Carolyn is the back up to Tim.
  • Krissy will continue to do all the heavy lifting with implementation and we’ll all pitch in on tasks and special research projects.

We are giving you this heads-up to minimize confusion. No need to worry about “who is doing what” when you have a question – just email any of us and the right person will respond!

Opening to New Clients

We are having a “soft opening” to take on new clients in 2022. We mentioned it to a few people but will not update the website which now states we are closed to new clients.

Why are we not announcing to the world that we are reopening? Our current clients are so wonderful, and as soon as we mentioned the soft opening to a few people, we were quickly booked through June. We’ll keep you updated on our progress, and if you have anyone that would be a good fit for our services, please let us know. We love what we do and we balance taking new clients with making sure we take great care of our current clients. You are priority number one!

Tax Planning

There has been a lot of talk this year about tax and estate law changes in Congress. We diligently kept up with the back and forth and contacted clients who would be potentially affected by the tax changes.

We had two options –

  •  Do nothing until we knew the law was a done deal, knowing you may miss out on an opportunity.
  • Do something in anticipation of likely changes to position you advantageously, as long as it wouldn’t hurt you financially. The worst-case scenario was that nothing passed and all we did was a little extra work.

Of course, we chose the second option and of course Congress did nothing! We’ll continue to follow legislation and appreciate your patience when we put you through extra steps to try to save you money.

Cybersecurity Update

Be careful out there. A couple of clients have been hit by convincing phishing emails. If you aren’t 100% sure where an email is coming from, be sure not to click any links in the email.

If you use a T-Mobile phone, be careful! Remote SIM card theft through a T-Mobile insider job is making it possible for cyberthieves to hack your phone and wipe out your cryptocurrency accounts and log into other accounts. A person we know had this happen – so it isn’t just a story.

Always remember to upload your sensitive information to us securely either using your portal or the Sharefile link we provide to you. This will reduce the chance of information theft through email hacks.

COVID Update

You probably already know that Omicron is taking the world by storm. Carolyn’s public health colleagues think the deluge of illness will happen fast then slow down quickly and people who are vaccinated will most likely get mild symptoms.

We are all vaccinated and boosted or in the process of getting boosters. Vaccinated individuals have a small chance of spreading illness and we want to keep you safe. If you are vaccinated, we are happy to meet in person. If you are not vaccinated, we prefer to meet remotely while COVID numbers are significant.

As always, we appreciate your thoughts and questions. Thank you for a great 2021 (despite COVID!) and we look forward to a fantastic 2022.

Happy New Years from the LPP Team!
Life Planning Partners, Inc.