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Monthly News and Updates - November 2017  

At the Adult Day Center (ADC), loved ones, including those with Alzheimer's disease and dementia, can spend an enjoyable day with our caring family. For caregivers, our program offers a much-needed break from daily caregiving stress and responsibilities.
Event Reminder:
The Adult Day Center will host a special presentation by Alzheimer's NJ, Coping with Caregiver's Stress TOMORROW,  NOVEMBER 15th, from 6:00pm to 7:45pm. Dinner will be served - Reservations are required. Please call 888-280-6055 or 908-766-0180. You can register on line at: This is a free program.  
Volunteer Spotlight 

Hazel Wichman has been breeding Border Terriers for the past 40 years. "Bright and Beautiful" founding member and board member, Hazel is a generous long-time pet therapy volunteer at the ADC and with the VNA of Somerset Hills Hospice Care program. Cherished by all at the ADC, she engages members in delightful conversation and often brings the dogs in costumes to greet each individual. The affection offered from these dogs is comforting and meaningful to those facing trauma, loss or depression, common experiences among our members. Both our staff and members are grateful and receptive to the increased socialization and companionship Hazel and her therapy dogs provide. Her devotion to her work is inspired by her sensitivity to the reality of the aging process, and what lies ahead for all of us.
Thank you, Hazel, for your dedication over the years to the ADC.
Pet Therapy Brings Love and Joy
By Nancy Ryerson, ADC Activities Manager 

How often do we take notice when we see a cute puppy or a dog walking with his or her owner in our neighborhood? How sweet are these creatures known as "man's best friend," and so beneficial to many people, including the elderly? At our ADC, we regularly schedule pet therapy visits from local agencies. These wonderful dogs and their owners are a valuable and important part of our therapeutic programming. Research has shown that visits with pets, especially dogs, improves physical, emotional and mental well-being. Interacting with dogs reduces anxiety and depression, and allows the elderly to forget their loneliness during the visit. Engaging with a dog soothes their bodies, encouraging them to socialize and keep their brains active, while leaving them feeling calm and safe.  
Community Day of Caring News 


The Adult Day Center was fortunate to have employee volunteers from Roche Molecular Systems, Inc. and Sanofi US entertain our members during September and October. Our members enjoyed their participation with the activities and socializing with the volunteers who generously donated their time to brighten our day. Thank You!

Sanofi US
October 26, 2017
Roche Molecular Systems
September 28, 2017
Be Prepared for Seasonal Illness!
By Nancy Ryerson, ADC Activities Manager 
Did you know that 85% of all flu related deaths in 2016-17 were 65 and over?
For many of us, autumn is our favorite time of year.  We enjoy the splendor of the changing colors, the crisp air and the scent of apples in the orchard.  But with the pleasures of autumn comes the beginning of the flu season. We all want to protect ourselves from coughs, colds, and the opportunity for the flu virus to invade our immune systems.
We all want to enjoy family get-together and the holidays over the next months, By reducing the risk of illnesses that our elders are most vulnerable, we can all look forward to enjoying family gatherings and holidays during the next few months.   
For our members at the ADC, we offer a flu clinic so that we can avoid sickness during the months of long winter days. We reinforce a proper hand washing regimen for staff, members and volunteers.   In an effort to protect ourselves and our loved ones we reiterate these precautionary measures of good hygiene practices and encourage a flu shot.  Wishing everyone happy and healthy Thanksgiving
For more information on flu prevention and vaccinations, visit the CDC website or call your physician.
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