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Monthly News and Updates - March 2017
At the Adult Day Center (ADC), loved ones, including those with Alzheimer's disease and dementia, can spend an enjoyable day with our caring family. For caregivers, our program offers a much-needed break from daily caregiving stress and responsibilities.
Horticultural Therapy at the ADC Benefits Adults with Dementia

Welcome to our new Horticultural Therapist, Amanda Rodriguez. Amanda has begun a monthly horticultural program with our members. She is certified through the Plant Biology and Pathology Department of Rutgers University to provide horticulture as therapy for individuals with differing physical, mental, emotional and social abilities. 

Research has shown that structured therapeutic gardening activities have a positive impact on the sense of well-being, cognitive abilities, communication and engagement of individuals with dementia.

Celebrating Ollie's 100th Visit!

ADC members celebrated Creature Comfort Pet Therapy dog, Ollie's, 100th therapy visit. Throughout the year, Ollie visits our Center, schools, colleges, assisted living facilities, hospitals, and other agencies providing pet therapy.  We celebrated Ollie with a gift of doggie treats and ice cream cake for members, provided by her owner, Linda Curtis.
Pet therapy has been a special program at the ADC since we opened 30 years ago. Animals, especially dogs, have been shown to help treat many symptoms of Alzheimer's, including anxiety and depression. Dogs motivate seniors to engage in physical activity, help to lower blood pressure and heart rate. Animals form very special bonds with humans, and that bond can be a very effective tool in treating Alzheimer's and dementia.

Mt. Prospect School Giving Tree

Special thanks goes out to the children, parents and organizers of the Mt. Prospect School Giving Tree for their kindness and generosity to our members.  Each year the families purchase lovely Christmas gifts for our members. Teaching the young children the gift of giving speaks volumes about the parents and educators of the Mt. Prospect School. We thank you for your warm wishes to our members each year.

Spreading Kindness in the Community

This month, our members celebrated "Random Acts of Kindness" week by making and distributing flower lollipops to the VNA of Somerset Hills staff. Our members enjoyed making the craft and a few helped distribute them throughout our building. Each coming month our members will engage in other Random Acts of Kindness throughout our community.

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