APRIL 12-18, 2020
This Week at Christ Covenant
To help keep you established and growing in Christ while we cannot gather in-person, we have listed together all the resources available from Christ Covenant Church's various ministries that you can access online throughout the week. You can read about each one by visiting .
Live-Stream Worship Sunday, April 12
Morning Worship | 10:45 AM
"Seeing and Believing"
John 20:1-18
Kevin DeYoung
Evening Worship | 6:00 PM
"Living as Christ's Church"
Nehemiah 7
Tom Groelsema
Fireside Devotional
Each Wednesday one of our pastors will be doing a Fireside Devotional that is fitting for you and your family during this season. Watch for a new devotional every Wednesday evening on our social media platforms or at

Pastor Derek Wells brought us a great word of encouragement.
Share Easter with Your Friends & Family

Invite your friends to join us for Easter services on our live-stream for morning and evening worship. We have made digital invites you can download and post on social media or email to a friend. What a great way to share the hope of Christ. Go to ChristCovenant. org/Easter2020 to download the digital graphics.

Engage in Serving our Community
Donation Drop Off
Christ Covenant has become part of a coalition to help our community during this time of crisis, especially to provide food for those in need and Personal Protection Equipment (PPEs) for first responders. We are partnering with the Charlotte Responds Coalition, who reports directly to the Char-Meck Emergency Management System. If you are able, would you be willing to bring non-perishable food donations or PPEs over the next few weeks? Donations can be dropped off outside the North Lobby from Monday – Friday between 9:00am – 4:00pm. No one will be there; just drop off your donations on the table you will see designated for the food collection. Each week we will collect and deliver food to a distribution center and the PPEs to a collection center. This is in compliance with the regulations for our Stay at Home Proclamation, which states we can continue to care for others as needed.Food donations must be pre-packaged and not in glass jars. They specifically need proteins, so suggestions include: canned meats, beans, potato flakes, canned vegetables or fruit, oatmeal packets, granola bars, etc. Nothing fresh or frozen may be accepted. Personal Protection items needed are: N95 filter masks, surgical masks, splash suits/coveralls, safety glasses, face shields, goggles, EMS/medical gowns, medical gloves, surface disinfectant, and sanitizing wipes.

If you have any questions contact Karen Chambers at We will keep you posted if there are other ways we can be serving those hurting in our community.
Serving One Another in the Community
Thank you to everyone who has donated & dropped off food! We are continuing food donations this week, and you can read more about that in this courier. We have a new service opportunity! You are invited to join us on Thursday mornings from 9:00a – 12:00p to pack boxes of food for Second Harvest Food Bank that goes directly to CMS schools for their feeding program during the virus. It is safe, fun, and easy! You must be 18 or older to serve. If you are interested, contact Karen Chambers at for more information.
Serving One Another in the Church
We know that there are many in our church family who for various reasons may be struggling to get to the grocery store, pick up medication, etc. Christ Covenant has set up a temporary team of volunteers to meet these needs during this season. Please email Ginni Larkins at, or get in touch with your pastor to request assistance with any needs you may have. We love you and want to serve you any way we can!
Equipping you in Prayer
While we are not able to gather together in person, we can pray together. Each week we will equip you with a new prayer guide with daily prompts for us to lift up to the Lord together. You can find them in the Courier, the eCourier, and at ChristCovenant. org/Prayer. Additional prayer resources and guides can also be found at
Monday - Our families & neighbors - There are members of our extended families and people in our neighborhoods where we live who are suddenly finding themselves unemployed. They are anxious about the future and worried about their bills. Pray that God will care for them as they turn to Him. Pray for employers who cannot keep their businesses going.

Tuesday – Our international ministry partners - Mostafa & Mona Sharkaway in London, England | Their ministry is reaching and discipling Arab Muslim background believers in England and other countries. Pray for Mostafa as he ministers to Arabs and refugees in detention centers in London. Pray for Mona’s ministry in running women’s conferences and editing training ministry books for their home church. Pray for increased prayer and financial supporters.

Wednesday –Healthcare workers - Our church family includes many families who are concerned for relatives and close friends spending long hours in hospitals, testing facilities, on duty as first responders, and as caregivers in nursing homes and residential settings. Some of them are working in hotspots for infection. Pray for their protection from illness and exhaustion, for their families, and for God’s mercy on patients who are now on respirators.

Thursday – Our leaders in local, state and national government positions - The members of the Coronavirus Taskforce led by Vice President Pence have been working without a break for many weeks. Their responsibilities include extended press where they must provide complicated information in a way that ordinary people will understand the information and listen to their recommendations. Pray for their mental clarity, their professional skills, and their spiritual welfare as they remember the individual people represented in the numbers on their charts.

Friday – The persecuted church & unreached people group
Persecuted church | Pray for believers in the Christian village of Ancha in Nigeria where Fulani tribesmen launched the latest of more than a dozen attacks in two years on this community of just 1,000. The April 1 attack lasted for four hours and resulted in more deaths and injuries among the villagers.

Unreached people group - Brahmin Tamil in India have a population of 501,000 with no known believers. Pray for the eyes of Brahman Tamil’s hearts to be open to Jesus Christ and for believers to be sent to the Brahmin Tamil people.

Saturday – Our local ministry partners
Local Presbytery | Norman Presbyterian Church – Pastor Jack Bowling
Local ministry partner | Pray for Changed Choices as they continue to serve women who are incarcerated and unable to have visitors during quarantine. Pray for the leadership and board as they make decisions and plans for all aspects of their ministry during this time of Coronavirus. Pray their clients, whether in prison or released, see their need for Christ and trust in Him for all they need.

Sunday – Our pastors & staff Our pastors and staff continue to work full-time to stay in touch with our church family. Pray for their collaborative efforts to make use of every tool for ministry including devotions, mid-week chats, emails, calls, live-stream meetings, and conversations. Pray that the work of ministry will include encouragement and hope for God’s blessing on future ministry.

Download the printable version of this prayer guide here.
Additional Prayer Resources
Ministry to Men
Guys, where do you find confidence and faith for yourselves and your families in these troubling times? God has an answer and his answer might surprise you!

All men ages 16 and older are invited to join together online for a Breakfast Break Connection! Instead of meeting in-person for breakfast, let's meet online on Saturday, May 2, 8:30am-9:30am. Tom Groelsema will be talking about "Family Faith" with music by Nathan George.

More details forthcoming.
Pastors' Blogs
Watching our Budget
Thank you for your tithes and gifts to all of the ministries of Christ Covenant.
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Please continue to pray for God’s provision throughout 2020.
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