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May 2013
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Simple Thoughts

Mother Nature is sure keeping us on our toes... 95 degrees one day and 68 degrees the next.  Rain, wind, heat.  We keep moving the irrigation line twice per day no matter the weather so that we can try to stay ahead of the upcoming summer months. 

Keith and I even left one of the lines running in one location for 24 hours as it just hadn't soaked in well enough.  The next day it looked like it had finally gotten its fill of water so we moved it along.  I like those days just so I don't have to move the irrigation line, but we end up paying for it later with a dry spot!
We are getting the ranch cleaned up a bit for our Farm Day that we are planning.  Several of you have asked about having a Farm Tour and we just figured we would do it all in one day.  We are focusing on a family day, where you can bring everyone out to see the animals, do some felting and spinning with wool, see the dog herd the sheep.  Members of the Gold Country Sheep Producers will be there as well as the Placer Nevada Cattlewomen.  Both are organizations that I believe strongly in, promoting agriculture and promoting the education of our youth. 

Some of our producers that are involved with the Sierra Foothill Producers will have their products available - honey, produce, vegetables.  Our local FFA and 4-H members will be on site to help as well as have snacks and beverages available to help with their local chapter fund raiser.

If you will be able to join us, please send me an email, phone call or text and let me know about how many will be attending.

We are taking orders for the May deliveries, until 4:00 pm on Friday, May 10.


I hope this finds you all well!


Karin Sinclair
Sinclair Family Farm


Sheep Spin 


We are still awaiting our sheep to get their wool sheared off.  This is a VERY busy time for the shearers in the area, and it doesn't help when the main person falls ill.  Poor guy!  So our sheep are hanging out under the trees in the tall cool grass until they can get the extra weight clipped off. 
Have you ever ran your hands through wool and felt the greasy feeling?  Lanolin's waterproofing property aids sheep in shedding water from their coats. Certain breeds of sheep produce large amounts of lanolin, and the extraction can be performed by squeezing the sheep's harvested wool between rollers. Most or all of the lanolin is removed from wool when it is processed into textiles, such as yarn or felt. Lanolin's role in nature is to protect wool and skin against the ravages of climate and the environment                

ewes grazing hay field


Cattle Country


The cows have been busy with their calves.  We had 13 for our last newsletter and are up to 23 little ones out there running around.  The cow below is one of our first calves born back in 2004, which we named "Hershey".  I am not sure who these two calves are, but only one belongs to her.       


Black cows in the shade of a tree are certainly not the best for photo shoots!


Hershey x2




Chicken Chatter


We brought in a batch of 200 fryer chicks a couple weeks ago and they are getting ready to expand in to a larger area.  They grow so quickly!  We are scheduled for another batch of chicks to come in a couple weeks so we need to start making room for them all.

We have a batch of chickens that we call the household chickens that roam around our front yard and roost in our trees by the house.  The darn ol' rooster is stealing the hens from the back pasture, as we have nearly doubled the amount of chickens in our front pasture in the past couple weeks. 

Several of our hens are starting to set on their eggs that they have hidden, as we have a couple batches of "unplanned" chicks running around.  You would think that I would have more control of the situation!

  2 weeks

Our next batch of feeder pigs should be arriving soon.  I guess it has been an interesting year in the pig business as well as all of the rest of the farming business!  We are expecting to have them available to see at the Farm Day! 




2 pounds lamb riblets                                    1 � cup dry white wine


4 Tbls oil                                                       1 pound whole figs


1 large onion - chopped                                1 Tbls flour


Salt & pepper




Cut riblets in to 2" pieces and brown in oil


Add onion and cook until caramelized


Sprinkle flour over top and blend well


Add wine, slowly and mix to thicken. 


Reduce heat


Place figs in with the meat


Cover and simmer one hour



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