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January 2022
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Please Join Me in Welcoming the Newest Member of Our Team:
Kenny Valenzuela, DDI's Director of Clean & Safe! 
We've added a critical role to the DDI team, and I'm thrilled to welcome Kenny Valenzuela to this important new position.

Kenny has come on board as DDI's Director of Clean & Safe, where he will work in concert with Clean & Safe Operations Manager Erik Nystrom and the Ambassador Team to maintain a downtown that is welcoming, safe and attractive for merchants, residents and visitors. Kenny will also work with the city, county and other public and private partners to build on downtown's unique and vibrant atmosphere, and to address the environmental challenges that come with a growing downtown.

Kenny studied Education at New Mexico State University before beginning a career in tourism and hospitality. Most recently he managed multiple convention centers, where he was responsible for contract negotiations, sales, marketing, event planning and finance. All of these skills will be vital to his new role as Director of Clean & Safe.

Welcome, Kenny!

Nicole J. Thompson
DDI President & CEO
Social Districts: What Are They, and What Could They Mean for Downtown?

In September of last year, the NC House and Senate passed a bill that allows for social districts in North Carolina. Here are some high-level FAQs to help explain what social districts are and how they work.

What is a social district?
A social district is a defined outdoor area in which a person may consume alcoholic beverages sold by an ABC permittee. This area is separate from areas already permitted for outdoor dining. In practical terms, this means a customer could purchase a drink from one merchant and consume it outdoors or in a public space, retail outlet or other venue located within the social district.
Are social districts for beer and wine only? 
No. All alcoholic drinks are permitted.

Who can designate a social district? 
The city would adopt an ordinance designating an area within the municipal limits as a social district. The county would adopt an ordinance designating a social district for an area located outside a municipal boundary.

Are social districts for special events only? 
No. A social district can be created and operated during approved hours on an ongoing basis.

What other requirements must be met to create a social district?
• Social districts must be clearly defined with signage posted in conspicuous locations.
• Social districts are only allowed to operate during hours outlined in G.S. 18B-1004. The city or county would approve days/hours of operation for each individual social district within these limitations.
• Alcohol must be sold in designated containers that meet specific requirements, including: no glass containers; containers include required wording; containers are not larger than 16 oz.; etc.
• ABC permittees must ensure that customers do not enter their businesses with alcohol purchased elsewhere.
• ABC permittees can only sell alcohol on their licensed premises, not elsewhere in the social district.

What is required of customers?
• Customers must consume beverages within the social district during approved days/hours. 
• Customers must use the container provided.
• Customers must dispose of their containers prior to leaving the social district.

Do businesses located within a social district have to participate?
No. Businesses (whether ABC permittees or not) may decide whether to participate or not. 

As mentioned, this is just a high-level explanation of social districts. For more on social districts, you can find the full law here.

We are just beginning to work with our partners at the city as we investigate the implications for creating one or more social districts downtown. We’ll have more information for you, and opportunities for you to share your thoughts, as we get further into the process.

Get the Updated Downtown Merchant Map

Our handy merchant maps help visitors and residents find their way to all the shops, services and restaurants downtown has to offer. We update them quarterly, and they're a great way to build stronger customer relationships!

They feature a complete map and merchant listing on one side, with a directory of merchants by category on the other. And with this newest edition (updated mid-December) Bull City Heart Beats and SpendaBull merchants are highlighted on both sides.

We have bundles of 25 copies available to downtown merchants who want to have them
on hand for their customers. You can also download an always up-to-date, printer-friendly version and browse the web map at downtowndurham.com/map.

To order a bundle or suggest revisions, contact Patrick Holt.

Be Part of the Third Friday Art Walk & Gallery Crawl

Third Friday is right around the corner, and next month's is too! Here's how you can spread the word and bring even more art lovers to our many galleries, shops and restaurants for this monthly event.

Follow Third Friday on Instagram and Facebook.

Promote exhibits and events at neighboring art venues on your social media with the hashtag #thirdfridaydurham.

Display or distribute Third Friday promo cards (pictured) at your business. These cards are perfect to put in a shop window, display at a counter, staple to a to-go bag or include with other public information handouts. Email Patrick Holt to request a bundle.

Planning your own Third Friday arts event? Post it directly to the Third Friday Durham website.

Take Our January One-Minute Survey

It's a new year, so with this month's survey we invite you to share your downtown New Year's resolution.

Please take just a moment to complete the survey, and enter to win a $50 SpendaBull card!

Last month we asked about your preferences for downtown holiday decorations. More than 1,400 of you responded, and here's what you had to say:

• 63% would like a temporary structure like a gazebo or pergola
• 43% would like a lighted sculpture of seasonal item like tree, gift, menorah or snowman
• 41% would like a lighted abstract sculpture
• 21% would like a tree like we had in 2021
• 6% would like an installation without lights

Thanks for your feedback, and we'll keep it in mind when planning the holiday lights this year.

Congratulations to Lisa C. for winning last month's survey prize drawing!

COVID-19 Information

Stay up to date on weekly case counts and averages, as well as state and local restrictions.

The Downtown Durham Event Calendar is the place for downtown venues, retailers, restaurants and residents to promote events. Submit your upcoming events today!
Boxcar Bar + Arcade is stretching its 3rd birthday celebrations over two full days! Break out those boas, frills and flannels and join them for a Letterkenny-inspired birthday weekend. Expect frou-frou Pink Whitney cocktails, unicorns and other festive fun.
Every third Saturday of the month, come to the Durty Bull parking lot for a market featuring work from local artists, artisans, makers and vintage sellers, followed by live music, with a food truck for the duration of both events.
Beer and running, a pairing as old as time! Join the good people of Fleet Feet at Ponysaurus every Thursday for a 3-mile or 5-mile route. Expect a good time and treat yourself to a pint at the end of every run for a job well done!
Third Friday Art Walk & Gallery Crawl
Visit galleries and other art venues downtown and beyond on January 21 and every third Friday of the month! Find a complete list of Third Friday events, and submit your own, at thirdfridaydurham.org.
The Traffic Report lists events and happenings that may affect foot traffic and/or parking. It includes road closures and major events happening downtown.

Subscribe to the calendar or view the report online for the most up-to-date information.

DDI's pedestrian counters were installed to assist businesses in determining appropriate hours and staffing levels. For additional information, like hourly counts or trends, BID constituents may request a custom report. Contact Rebekah Mixon to request a report.

Location 1: 21c Hotel
Visitors per Day

Average Week
Visitors per Hour

Busiest Day
12-1 p.m.
Busiest Hour

Total Visitors
Location 2: Chesterfield Building
Visitors per Day

Average Week
Visitors per Hour

Busiest Day
11-12 p.m.
Busiest Hour

Total Visitors
Location 3: Foster on the Park Apartments
Visitors per Day

Average Week
Visitors per Hour

Busiest Day
12-1 p.m.
Busiest Hour

Total Visitors
Location 4: Marriott City Center
Visitors per Day

Average Week
Visitors per Hour

Busiest Day
5-6 p.m.
Busiest Hour

Total Visitors
Restaurant, Italian and pizza
800 Taylor St.
Contact: Joseph Ozbey

Bar, event space
347 W. Main St.
Contact: Shawn Stokes

Health and fitness
905 W. Main St.
Contact Manisha Patel, MD
Ambassadors Update: Happy New Year From The Clean & Safe Team!
Erik Nystrom, Clean and Safe Operations Manager
Sitting on my back porch on New Year’s Day, I was almost convinced that after two weeks of temperatures in the 70s and no nights below 40 degrees, there would be no winter this year in central North Carolina. Then I woke up on the day of this writing, looked outside and realized that the joke was on me. In less than 36 hours, the temperatures had swung almost 50 degrees, and we went from warm and humid to, well, cold and humid. Growing up in New England, I’m accustomed to experiencing all four seasons of the year in the same 24-hour period. I just wasn’t expecting it here!

And to be perfectly frank, I wasn’t expecting to be in the middle of another tidal wave of cases in the Covid pandemic. So, needless to say, it’s been a somewhat odd start to the new year. However, being the eternal optimist that I am, I actually see light at the end of the tunnel and feel that once we quickly work through this Omicron phase, we will be in much better shape. I really believe that.

Your Clean & Safe Ambassador Team is busy keeping our downtown looking good during the holidays and early winter. We were all a little surprised to find some weeds popped up in places that we usually don’t see until late March. As pedestrian and outdoor activity tends to slow somewhat during the winter, the team will be busy with power- and pressure-washing projects in the plazas and areas with heavy pedestrian traffic, sidewalks and curbing.

We continue to find bags of household trash placed in, on top of or beside many of our streetscape trash cans, especially inside the loop. Dumping bags of household trash in this manner attracts rodents and other pests, contributes to loose litter and debris, and looks unsightly. We appreciate your efforts in helping to solve this problem. If you see trash or litter that has been negligently dumped, please reach out to me directly at 919-682-BULL or erik@downtowndurham.com, and I will address it promptly.

Please be safe and stay healthy out there, especially during the next few weeks. I know it’s both frustrating and frightening that the Covid cases are through the roof again. I know we will come out of this on the other side stronger than before. Please get vaccinated if you haven’t yet, and get boosted if you've already gotten your first two doses. We depend on each other to get this pandemic behind us. We are Durham strong!
Downtown Durham's dedicated Ambassador Team provides much needed clean and safe services. From sweeping and cleaning the streets, to providing directions for visitors, to jumpstarting car batteries, our ambassadors are here to help. Have questions? Just stop one and ask. Need to submit a service request? Call 919-682-BULL (2855) or submit a request online.

Clean and Safe Service
Brickwork Laying (Square Feet)
Trash Bags Collected
Graffiti Removed - Paint
Graffiti Removed - Stickers
Customer Service (Directions, Battery Jumps, Etc.)
Panhandlers/Outreach/Social Service Referral
November 2021
Jan. 18; Feb 7, 21
Jan. 20; Feb. 10
Regular Meetings: 1st & 3rd Mondays at 7 p.m.
Work Sessions: Two Thursdays prior to Council meetings
at 1 p.m.

Meetings may be held virtually.
Jan. 24; Feb. 14, 28
Feb. 7
Regular Meetings: 2nd & 4th Mondays at 7 p.m.
Work Sessions: 1st Monday at 9 a.m.

Meetings may be held virtually.
Downtown Durham, Inc.
115 Market St. • #213
Durham, NC 27701
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