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November 2021
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Downtown Merchants: What Are You Doing for the Holiday Season?

The holiday season is right around the corner, and DDI wants to help make it a successful one for downtown restaurants, retailers, services and entertainment venues. Here’s what we have on tap and how your business can take advantage of the additional promotions. (Use the hashtags in each section to help us find and share your social media posts.)
Shop Small Saturday
Shop Small Saturday (also called Small Business Saturday) is a nationwide event held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving – this year, that's November 27 – to encourage people to shop for the holidays at small, local businesses.

DDI is marketing the event, launching a Spend Your SpendaBull gift card campaign (make sure your business accepts this downtown gift card) and scheduling buskers throughout the day to help bring in customers and drive foot traffic.

We’ve created a Shop Small Saturday Downtown Durham webpage where we’ll list sales, specials and activities. Add your holiday events, sales and specials to the DDI events calendar, and select the “Shop Small Saturday” category to include them on this page.

Holiday Points of Light
We’re not doing a big gathering to light the tree this year due to the pandemic, but we’re lighting up downtown again including Black Wall Street Gardens and Five Points Plaza. We’re also bringing back the Points of Light map and using social media to promote businesses that put up beautiful decorations. Email us pics of your lights, and we’ll add you to the map.

Holiday Events
Last year the Downtown Holiday Events page on our website was one of the most popular, so we’re bringing it back.

Add your holiday events, sales and specials to the DDI events calendar, and select the “holiday” category to include them on this page.

Questions or feedback on our holiday marketing initiatives? Contact Gina Rozier.

Meet Bull City Heart Beat Sarah Hill
Downtown Durham is the heart of the city, and our small business owners are its beats.

Triangle native Sarah Hill, the heartbeat of Hamilton Hill Jewelry, has been a Durham resident and downtown business owner for more than 30 years. Find out why she's so happy to be part of this community.

Every small business owner puts their heart and soul into their business. Bull City Heart Beats videos give you a chance to meet downtown Durham's business owners and hear their stories first hand.

DDI introduces a new video every couple of months. See them all on our website or YouTube channel.

Interested in being featured in a Bull City Heart Beats video? Enter your info here.

Take Our November One-Minute Survey
Enter to Win Carolina Theatre Family Saturday Tickets

With the holiday season fast approaching, this month's survey invites you to share your thoughts on shopping small in downtown Durham.

Please take just a moment to complete the survey. We promise it will take no more than a minute of your time. Plus, if you complete the survey by Nov. 11, you'll be entered to win four tickets to the Carolina Theatre's Family Saturday on November 13, featuring Kamara Thomas.

Congratulations to Lawrence W. for winning last month's survey prize drawing!

DDI's COVID-19 Resources and Information

As we continue to deal with the effects of COVID-19, it is vital for merchants, workers and residents to stay informed about the changing state of Durham's pandemic landscape.

DDI's COVID-19 Resources page hosts a wealth of relevant information and resources, including weekly case counts and averages, links to updates from official local, state and national sources, connections to business assistance programs and more.

The Downtown Durham Event Calendar is the place for downtown venues, retailers, restaurants and residents to promote events. Submit your upcoming events today!
Kamara Thomas will perform original songs and covers for kids and families at The Carolina Theatre, exploring storytelling in song. Thomas' performance will include original songs from the storytelling work “Tularosa,” which explores the mythology of the American West through the eyes of women and people of color.
The Durham Art Walk Holiday Market is a festive arts and crafts event, presented by the Durham Arts Council, that kicks off the holiday season in downtown Durham! Shop local artists, take in some live music, dine at world-class restaurants, and more, all at easily strollable venues in the Durham city center. Free and family friendly!
This monthly event at Arcana is a casual, social affair – just a chance to get together and chat and to learn more about the community. Expect cocktails, conversation, tarot and shenanigans!
Third Friday Art Walk & Gallery Crawl
Visit galleries and other art venues downtown and beyond on November 19 and every third Friday of the month! Find a complete list of Third Friday events, and submit your own, at thirdfridaydurham.org.
The Traffic Report lists events and happenings that may affect foot traffic and/or parking. It includes road closures and major events happening downtown.

Subscribe to the calendar or view the report online for the most up-to-date information.

DDI's pedestrian counters were installed to assist businesses in determining appropriate hours and staffing levels. For additional information, like hourly counts or trends, BID constituents may request a custom report. Contact Rebekah Mixon to request a report.

Location 1: 21c Hotel
Visitors per Day

Average Week
Visitors per Hour

Busiest Day
5-6 p.m.
Busiest Hour

Total Visitors
Location 2: Chesterfield Building
Visitors per Day

Average Week
Visitors per Hour

Busiest Day
5-6 p.m.
Busiest Hour

Total Visitors
Location 3: Foster on the Park Apartments
Visitors per Day

Average Week
Visitors per Hour

Busiest Day
5-6 p.m.
Busiest Hour

Total Visitors
Location 4: Marriott City Center
Visitors per Day

Average Week
Visitors per Hour

Busiest Day
5-6 p.m.
Busiest Hour

Total Visitors
Printed merchant maps help visitors find their way to all the shops, services and restaurants downtown has to offer. They're updated frequently, and are a great customer service.

To order a bundle or suggest revisions, contact Patrick Holt.

New printed maps will be available later this month. You can also download an always up-to-date, printer-friendly version and browse the web map at downtowndurham.com/map.

117 E. Main St.
Contact: Silvia Gallo
Base Pilates
Health & Fitness
616 Foster St.
Moved out of downtown

Restaurants, American
102 W. Morgan St.
Autumn is Officially Here! Ambassador Team Update: November 2021
Erik Nystrom, Clean and Safe Operations Manager
You really can’t beat autumn in Durham. Growing up in New England, “autumn” usually arrived before Labor Day and lasted until Halloween – if you were lucky. Winter was never late to arrive and usually lasted until May. Even after living in North Carolina for nearly 20 years, I’m still surprised that I can comfortably wear shorts and a t-shirt on Halloween, and that I’m cutting my lawn right up to Thanksgiving!

This beautiful autumn weather, along with a tentatively-lifting Covid fog, has been absolutely beautiful for everyone to enjoy our downtown. The crisp, cooler days are literally a breath of fresh air, and they put me in the mood for the winter holidays, a time of the year I particularly cherish.
Mondays are always interesting for the Ambassador Team as we all follow different NFL teams, so there is a lot of Monday morning quarterbacking going on. My fellow Ambassadors seem to really enjoy teasing me now that Tom Brady has left the Patriots, who aren’t winning too many games anymore. Sometimes you just have to take it on the chin. But there’s always next year!

With the arrival of autumn in earnest, you will see your Ambassador Team cleaning up leaves during the next few weeks. Fall leaf cleanups are a process, and Mother Nature ultimately decides when they all come down, but we will continue this annual effort through the holidays until all the leaves are down and cleaned up. We will always prioritize storm drain covers and walkways during and after significant rainfall to reduce ponding of water or slippery conditions. If any of you would like a few bags of leaves for composting or mulching, please let me know and I’ll be happy to accommodate you.
In recent weeks, the Ambassador Team and I have seen not only a marked rise in trash volume in our streetscape cans (which is a good indicator of increased activity), but also some carelessly discarded trash throughout the BID. We ask that you don’t place trash bags containing household trash in or on top of our streetscape cans or on the sidewalks. In addition to being unsightly, carelessly discarded trash attracts rodents and other pests. We thank you for your help with this.

The Ambassador Team is always here to keep our downtown clean and safe for everyone. As we continue to work through this long pandemic, let’s all do our part to keep the cases down so that we can all continue to enjoy living, working and playing downtown!
Downtown Durham's dedicated Ambassador Team provides much needed clean and safe services. From sweeping and cleaning the streets, to providing directions for visitors, to jumpstarting car batteries, our ambassadors are here to help. Have questions? Just stop one and ask. Need to submit a service request? Call 919-682-BULL (2855) or submit a request online.

Clean and Safe Service
Brickwork Laying (Square Feet)
Trash Bags Collected
Graffiti Removed - Paint
Graffiti Removed - Stickers
Customer Service (Directions, Battery Jumps, Etc.)
Panhandlers/Outreach/Social Service Referral
September 2021
Nov. 10
Presented by Discover Durham and So Well Appointed
9:30 a.m. • Online
Nov. 15; Dec. 6
Nov. 18; Dec. 9
Regular Meetings: 1st & 3rd Mondays at 7 p.m.
Work Sessions: Two Thursdays prior to Council meetings
at 1 p.m.

Meetings may be held virtually.
Nov. 8, 22
Dec. 6
Regular Meetings: 2nd & 4th Mondays at 7 p.m.
Work Sessions: 1st Monday at 9 a.m.

Meetings may be held virtually.
Downtown Durham, Inc.
115 Market St. • #213
Durham, NC 27701
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