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Welcome to issue #5 of SDJA's Happenings ! This is a weekly roundup of feel-good stories and visuals about our families, students, academics and community.  We also want to hear from you! If you would like to contribute a story, picture or other media to a future issue of Happenings , please reach out to our marketing team at  Marketing@sdja.com

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This Week In Remote Learning
The 1st  graders are so excited to have finished learning the Alef Bet that they had to celebrate with a very special Kabbalat Shabbat together.  In preparation for that special program, they made sugar cookies and shaped them into their Hebrew names. They shared this fun expression of what they learned with their families at Shabbat dinner. Check out their delicious and educational creations below!

Welcome to our new podcast called SDJA HomeTalks. Every week we will bring you segments created and performed by SDJA students. We will share music, opinions, news and more for your listening pleasure.
The podcast is a brainchild of the theatre classes, Stages and The Coffeehouse Project, as well as all of Mr. Tommy Collins music classes. Each week the classes work separately to produce the project together, each having separate elements that they are responsible for in every episode. They research the process, produce the music, edit the segments, recruit submissions from staff, teachers, and the student body from K-12 for contributions, write copy, and record. The result is the work of about 20 students with the help of all of SDJA's talented community. This proud group of students hopes this project will keep evolving, even as we return to campus.

Check out all episodes  here!
Remote Learning With Our Littlest Lions 
This week in our Early Childhood Center, our students got in the Shavout spirit by enjoying the beauty of the outdoors and creating lovely flower baskets.

Ms. Limora and Ms. Laela show us how to make ice cream in a bag, and Ms. Stephanie shows us how to make a beautiful flower basket.
Ice cream for Shavuot

Shavuot basket of flowers

Videos of the Week
Chef Giselle Wellman & Rabbi David Frank a s they share the meaning of Shavuot and demonstrate how to cook blintzes.
Story Telling & Cooking: Shavuot

Stay Connected!
If you're missing SDJA during this remote learning time, there are a few ways you can connect with us from the comfort (and safety) of your home!
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Some Good News
Our amazing students are not deterred by these challenging times. They are living the SDJA values of tikkun olam and chesed by finding ways to help their community.  This just shows that community extends far beyond the boundaries of our campus. These students are a great example of that! If your student is doing something great, let us know about it at marketing@sdja.com

Sophia (2B) and her younger sister, Hana, decided to create a neighborhood car wash to raise money for the homeless populations in San Diego during this crisis.  Sophia says she is inspired by SDJA to do good every day.  

Not only were she and her sister doing tikkun olam, they were finding creative ways to do it in this time of social distancing. Last weekend, they raised $65 for the Lucky Duck Foundation, and they have plans to host another car wash again soon.
Division Updates
A message from the Admissions Department:

Tomorrow you will be receiving the electronic Back to School Forms for your children. Although these forms look similar to your enrollment agreements, they are separate and very important required forms. The links to these forms will come in an email from admissions@sdja.com. You will receive a separate email/link for each child enrolled at SDJA for the 20-21 school year. Please keep an eye out for this important email.

To ensure that all families have 2020-21 parking passes prior to the first day of school, it is imperative that you complete and submit these forms by Wednesday, June 10th.
Parking Passes will be mailed to you in early August, only if we have received the completed Back to School Forms.

If you have any questions about the Back to School Forms, please contact Marni Weiss at mweiss@sdja.com.

In our professional lives as educators, our day-to-day thoughts and actions are dedicated to the students of the upper school. Their growth and development is our charge, however, a school community like ours is much more than course work and grades. In this era of COVID-19 that is saturated with unknowns, I hope we take the time to pause occasionally to reflect. In a recent article by Dr. Angela Duckworth, PhD, she notes that emotions are contagious, and the spread of positive emotions lead to greater cooperation, less conflict and improved performance. 

Gratitude is a powerful emotion and the act of sharing it benefits both the sender and receiver, beyond what we may think. So, although course work, community, family and friends represent the majority of the waking hours of the upper school community, I recommend taking a moment to write a letter of gratitude to someone who helped you along on your path. Spreading positive emotions at this time is one way that we can prepare for the future. 
Senior Spotlight
Each week we will feature a few of our amazing seniors from the Class of 2020! Mazel Tov to them and their accomplishments. We are so proud of you and can't wait to see all the wonderful things your next journey brings!  
Daniela Sutton
Favorite SDJA memory:  Powder Puff Games
Teacher Shoutout:   Dr. Eisen
What I will miss most about school:  Seeing my friends everyday.
Favorite Covid-19 activity:  Netflix
Plans for next year:   Gap year in Israel (ajshara)
Galia Cohen
Favorite SDJA memory:  Going out to the semi-finals football game with almost the whole school and winning.
Teacher Shoutout:  Mrs. Rosenberg
What I will miss most about school:   Our close-knit community.
Favorite Covid-19 activity:  Jacuzzi
Plans for next year:   Babson College
Ella Diamond
Favorite SDJA memory:  The first day of senior year. We walked the incoming kindergartens through the chuppah. It made me realize how far I had come as a student. It was amazing to understand how much I have grown and how much I have learned from the Jewish Academy. It made me feel confident that I was ready for life outside of high school.
Teacher Shoutout:  Dr. Eisen
What I will miss most about school:  Seeing my friends everyday.
Favorite Covid-19 activity:  Hiking
Plans for next year:   University of Oregon
Hannah Moel
Favorite SDJA memory:  Making my wall art for geometry class.
Teacher Shoutout:  Mrs. Hansen
What I will miss most about school:   Seeing my closest friends everyday.
Favorite Covid-19 activity:   Learning new recipes and starting a garden.
Plans for next year:   Boston University
Jayde Saloner
Favorite SDJA memory:  Field trip to Boston 
Teacher Shoutout:   Ms. Nebo
What I will miss most about school:  I will miss the people and beautiful campus.
Favorite Covid-19 activity:  Painting
Plans for next year:   Chapman University
Gabriel Dorenbaum
Favorite SDJA memory:  Winning the football league title.
Teacher Shoutout:  Mrs. Dolinka and Mrs. F
What I will miss most about school:   The community, the school in general. 
Favorite Covid-19 activity:  Playing Xbox
Plans for next year:  Gap year in Israel
SDJA Alumni In The News
SDJA Alumnus Jeremy Danzig, class of 2013, is a squad commander in Magav (Israeli Border Police). Jeremy and his squad have been working as a part of the Israeli government's effort to enforce the COVID-19 lockdown on Bnei Brak, an ultra-orthodox/Hasidic community in Israel of about 200,000 people.  After hearing about his experience, and seeing one of the beautiful notes he and his squad received from a resident of Bnei Brak, Jeremy's fiancĂ© Naomi wrote a social media post about his take on his experience. The post went viral.  As a result, one of the most popular morning shows in Israel, Keshet Channel 12's Paula and Liron Show, interviewed Jeremy and his fiancĂ© on April 6th.


L'Chaim: An SDJA Virtual Celebration
Save the Date: Step-Up Ceremony  (Zoom link will be sent as we get closer to the event).
Get to know incoming Head of School, Zvi Weiss, during a Zoom fireside chat hosted by SDJA Board Chair, Heidi Gantwerk. RSVP to   aberkstein@sdja.com. 
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