At the top of a mountain, Jesus appears with Moses and Elijah and is revealed as the true Messiah. God's "beloved Son" is glorified on this mountain but also in His willingness to be sacrificed on the cross. Our obedience to the will of God marks us as true followers. Resurrection, the new life God blesses us with, is stronger than suffering and even death. (Liturgy of the Word, pg. 128)
Anointing of the Sick - THIS WEEKEND
Saturday, February 27 following the 5:00pm Mass
Sunday, February 28 following the 8:00am Mass
From the Piano Bench
Serve as Cantor - The Cantor ministry at St. Peter is specialized and select which weekend masses they are available for over the course of the month. Cantors receive vocal training and are expected to come to Mass fully prepared musically, maintaining an attitude of Christian service. They must have a vocal range capable of that found in most Catholic hymnals (Mezzo-Soprano for female, Baritone for male), a clear, pleasant singing voice, and an ability to read music. This is an auditioned ministry.

Serve as Chorister - The Parish Choir (maximum of 8 singers (until further notice), masks required) typically sings three Sundays per month at the 10:30am Mass between Labor Day and Memorial Day weekends. This spring, the choir will sing for the Holy Triduum at the Maundy Thursday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday (10:30 AM) Masses. Mandatory rehearsals for the Parish Choir will take place on a weeknight (to be determined) from 7:00 - 8:45pm, and Sundays at 9:15am. The goal of the Parish Choir is to augment the sung worship and prayer of those in attendance at Mass through hymnody, chant, and anthems. The atmosphere of this ensemble is intensive, educational, and prayerful. All are welcome to join! Stay tuned for information with regards to the Autumn 2021-Spring 2022 choir season!

Contact Stephen Rumler for details.
Diocese of Kalamazoo Lenten Retreat
A virtual journey of encounter through the Sunday Gospels of Lent

Each Sunday during Lent, you will be sent the Gospel for that Sunday with a brief reflection and questions/activities to help you experience Jesus Christ in this holy season.
The nun who beat Covid-19

PARIS (AP) - Question: How does one cram enough candles onto a birthday cake for one of the world's oldest survivors of COVID-19? Answer: With 117 candles, you can't.

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Men, it's time to RISE!

You can change the world. Learn how to be the father that God made you to be. Embrace that role...not in a lofty way, but in simple ways, every single day.

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America's Talk Radio Network for Catholics

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