Powerful 6-Point Vision for Growth!
Global Georgia Peach Tea Launch!
New Videos to Share & T-Shirts to Wear!
Improved MAX Trial Pack Program!
Lower Shipping! (Yes, that’s happening)
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Below is a recap of the Happiness Summit Highlights
Keith Halls
CEO Keith Halls lays out his powerful 6-point Vision for growth. Learn about the New Product Pipeline, Additional Compensation for Foundational Ranks, Global Expansion and more! We have a formula for becoming a Billion Dollar Company. Everything is in place for you and your team to grow, grow, GROW through 2020 and beyond! 

Kevin Thomas
CEO of Alternative Laboratories
Kevin hit the ball out of the park with Elevate MAX Coffee and ElevaciTea Vanilla Chai. On Saturday he launched the world’s first happy iced tea! Product testers have raved about the appetite suppression, the clean energy, the mood elevation and the taste. It’s a real Southern Sweet Tea with natural Georgia Peach flavor – plus NO added sugar or artificial sweeteners. You, your team and your customers will LOVE it!  

Check out the new Happy Iced Tea video you can share from your EleApp:
Clare Holbrook
Clare embraced the new Georgia Peach tagline peach and love , introduced the new “peachy” apparel – now available on www.elepreneurstore.com plus a new line of unisex apparel. Another highlight of Clare’s presentation was “Elevating Elevacity.” We’re bringing in a world-class branding company to “dial up the happy.” This company helped billion-dollar online brands like Kylie Cosmetics and Red Bull. They helped Thrive Causemetics translate their mission into a complete online experience. Can you say “next level?”

David Litt
David Litt 
VP of Digital Strategy
Our Trial Pack Mailer program has gotten simpler, faster, less expensive and more effective since its launch less than three months ago. Leaders are already noticing the improvements! Plus, David shared big news about how Elepreneurs is taking control of the Amazon platform with two new business partners. Prices on Amazon will be substantially increased and 47% of the commissions will be shared back with the field.

Tony Chaplin 
Tony is upping our Operations game and lowering Shipping & Handling prices! Look forward to better communication about the progress of your orders through new tracking software called “AfterShip.” Speaking of progress, the transition of our Canadian operations from “Not for Resale” to launching as a recognized “Canadian Business” is on the fast track! And best of all, while other companies are raising S&H prices to Customers in the USA, we will be lowering ours in August. More details coming soon! 

Judy Willodson
Triple Crown Ambassador
Who is ready for the 21 days of happiness challenge? The hashtag is #21daysofhappiness and the challenge is on. For specific details on how to participate in the challenge, watch Judy’s video found below.

Brittany Beck 
Triple Crown Ambassador
Want people coming to you? Asking you about our products? It’s all about “Attraction Marketing” on social media! Learn a few simple concepts from one of the true “Social Media Marketing Ninjas.”

Ricky & Jessika Durant  
Triple Crown Ambassadors
The most successful people in the world have one thing in common, they are CONSISTENT with their actions! Want to make your Daily Method of Operation more effective?  Watch this:

Lori & West Benson  
Triple Crown Ambassadors
Ready to tell the world about our new Georgia Peach Tea? Of course you are! Check out this informative video about how to LAUNCH this great new product (or any new product).

Peach Tea with Peaches
We launched the best-tasting nootropic drink ever!
This Southern Sweet Peach Tea is PERFECT for hot summer afternoons. Available in tubs, D.O.S.E. Duos and TWO special bundles. Peaches & Cream and Arnold Palmer

So what are you waiting for?  Get yours now!
Number 11
Only 11 days until the end of the month!                                           
Happier & Happiest Packs (with Qualifying Volume) have been         
extended. Rank-Up Cash Bonuses are still in play this month!
4. RUN
You want to be part of our FIRST Diamond Club in October!       
If you aren’t yet a Diamond, link up with someone on your team  who is, then create a plan and make your RUN! If you are a Diamond, how many people on your team can you bring with you? Fill up this event with new Diamonds and you will be on your way to true residual income! Qualification through 9/30.