Happy Summertime and Summer Solsticel! 
Summer is a glorious time for relaxation, joy, adventure, feeling light and being foot loose and fancy-free.  It's also the season of enormous energies that continue to raise our vibration to higher levels of our consciousness, and an ability to live from an expansiveness in our hearts. It's important to be mindful of what we are holding in our hearts, for it is what is in our hearts that is felt and heard by the Universe.  It's our heart consciousness that co-creates with God.  So, as we continue to blossom our Souls, I offer this decree to help keep us grounded in the knowledge that we create our reality most profoundly from the non-physical aspect of our Being. 

I AM Not My Body!!!
 I AM not my body, I AM Soul.  I AM an infinite being of Love and Light, I AM Soul. While an aspect of my infinite essence is integrated into the body for the purpose of living this physical existence, I AM not my body.  I AM Soul!  All illness and dis-ease are imposters and are a reflection of the disharmony expressed in my physical existence either by me towards myself, or towards situations involving others
that I have chosen to respond to in
contradiction to who I truly AM.
I AM God in form.  God expresses itself through me, in me and around me. God is pure Love, therefore I AM pure Love; a conscious being with the power of God to manifest the good in all that I feel, think, say and do. Therefore, as the Golden Light of Love that I AM emanates from within my entire being, all energies of disharmony and imbalances, all low vibrations and dense energies are all released for transmutation.
As the God THAT I AM uses the physical body for the delights and contrasts of the human existence,
I AM exalted in my ability to express a pure heart and a healthy ego that are discerning yet open to the infinite possibilities that I AM manifesting with
the power of my consciousness.    
As I continue to align my I AM presence with the Light of God, I activate the Golden Light of my own Holy Christ self, and I bring that light forth to be fully present in my life.  As I express my Christed self, without effort, I hold the space for every man woman and child on this planet to ascend
into their own I AM presence.
We are the infinite light of OneLOVE!

Energy Forecasts for June

Our Sun is in social Gemini until June 20th, making way for fun and adventure. In numerology, June 2016 is a 6 Universal Month (6 + 2+ 0+1+6 = 15/6)
6 is the number of love, relationships, balance and harmony. Surely, this will help you get your mojo back! Open your heart to receive all the blessings the Universe has for you.
The energies we've had access to these last
few weeks have created a clear path for us,
offering amazing revelations about how
we can experience complete freedom. 
Happy Summer Solstice
June 20th

Happy Father's Day!!

May the Magic and Wonder of Life
be your Constant Companion!!


 Rev. Barbara
Energy/Sound Healing Practitioner 

Services Include:
-Reiki   Healing
- Reiki Classes
  - Christ Light Healing
- Spiritual Consultations
- Angel Messages 
- Channeled Messages  
- Distant Healing 
- Light Language
   - Holistic Events
June Event!! 
Sunday, June 19th
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une 18th
Save the Dates 

July 1st - 3rd
Divine hugs with

July 20th - August 13th
Lincoln Center Out of Doors 
   December 10th - 17th 

Remembering Muhammad Ali!!!

Angel M essages

Joy springs forth from a sense of connection to the Divine and is a quality which illuminates you.  Your Angel guidance is to cultivate this quality by seeing the Divine in every situation.  Look beyond the surface and see the light in the heart of each person.  Then you will become aware of the wonder of creation and joy will ignite your life.

Fun brings lightness of spirit, and the most difficult situation can be eased if you see the funny side.  Your guidance is to take time to enjoy yourself. Relax and find your sense of humor and treat things lightly.  When you have fun the Angels rejoice for there is nothing they love more than joy, play, humor and laughter.