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Will you be my valentine?
Albert Kaufman January 2021

Dear Albert,

This holiday is one of my favorites. It's all about love, about heart - about showing love to others. Receiving love. I'm down with that!

Since I last wrote you I've suddenly gone into event-creation overdrive. I think it's partly the desire to be more connected. Then, there's the fact that I've been organizing online events for years - so, I'm just leaning into my talent in that area. Let me know if you need a hand with your next virtual event!

Here are a couple events I have coming up that you're welcome to join in on if you feel so moved. Please write me back and I'll send you the details. All times are PST

2.11 @ 7pm - A Discussion about Breitenbush

2.13 @ 11am - Jewish Friend Dating

2.14 @ 9:30 am - Beloved Men

2.19 @ 6 pm - Shabbat

2.22 @ 7pm - Let's talk about Portland's Trees

2.23 @ 5pm - QCPDX General Meeting to discuss Leaf Blowers (open to anyone anywhere)

2.27 @ 10am-1pm - Digital Marketing Deep Dive with Albert

3.3 5pm - Burning Man Singles

I've been subletting a friend's house for 3 months. It's been a magical experience and has helped me focus on the next section of my life. I'm about to turn 60 this May and that's got me thinking about who I am, who I want to be. Relationships. My relationship with the world. All the questions :)

For one thing - the weight - must - go! So, at the prompting of Bob Ferguson - a friend I met on Maui years ago - I took the Shaklee Meology assessment and decided to try their week-long cleanse. Wish me luck. Check out the Meology assessment - it's the savviest survey tool I've ever seen. It's also a MLM.

I've been playing a lot of music. And chess - in between throwing events - trying to get outside and walk/bike - and stay off my local Buy Nothing Project group - ha!

OK, that's it for this month - I hope you are doing well - Spring is almost here - vaccines are on the way and soon things will change. Again :)

Take great care of your health - physical and mental - and stay in touch!

Much love,

Your Valentine!


PS - Please tell a friend about my marketing deep dive if you know someone who could use some help with their small business or non profit - thanks!

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