Happy Almost Thanksgiving!
Dr. Rick Armstrong, LMFT
Executive Director
I want to take a moment to share how thankful we are for each of you. The LCS staff is privileged to serve clients from many walks of life, and we are so grateful for those who support this ministry and allow us to do the work we do. We hope your Thanksgiving holiday is memorable and filled with many blessings.
Some tips for enjoying your holiday.
Jennifer Bloom MS, RMFIT
During the holiday season, we are often more aware of giving thanks, but practicing gratitude on a regular basis has shown to improve people's overall well being and mental health.  
 Research shows that practicing gratitude for even just a few minutes a day improves our overall happiness and success in five key areas of our life including emotional, social, professional, personal and physical.   
Like all good habits, practicing gratitude takes time and intentionality. But the small amount of effort it takes to focus on our gratitude pays huge dividends.  Our culture tends to remind us to focus on negatives and what we don't have, but by refocusing our mindset, we can become happier by appreciating all that we do have.  
 Since setting an intention to practice gratitude is a commitment, it's best to start small. Writing in a gratitude journal is a great way to start. Just taking a few moments out of your day to write three to five things for which you're grateful can reap huge rewards. One possible journal prompt is to write about a happy memory.  
As Brother David Steindal-Rast stated, "It is not joy that makes us grateful; it is gratitude that makes us joyful."
Megan Miessler, LCSW
In his book Mindsight, Dr. Dan Siegle uses a river as an analogy for life. We are all in a canoe on this river, paddling, navigating, trying to dodge the rocks. Sometimes, it helps to have someone jump in, ride with us, to help us paddle until we can manage on our own. Every day I step into a canoe, to sit alongside a client. I listen to understand, to help them cope with what's taking place in their canoe. For some, we are together for just a short while - for others we ride together for years. That's how I LOVE BOLDLY. I listen. I don't steer I just help them see the river. I encourage you to get into the canoe with the people in your life. Don't steer...just listen. (To hear Megan's complete message, click on image.) 
Research shows that giving makes us feel happy, that it's contagious. Giving evokes gratitude and actually benefits our physical health. Please remember LCS on Giving Tuesday , so we can continue to serve all in need of support. You can donate online anytime here.
Thanks so much for giving back!
Good Samaritan Village recovers with a little help from LCS.
A number of Good Samaritan Village residents and staff members were displaced by Hurricane Irma in September. To support the Village's recovery, a LCS counselor will be available on site one day a week through January to offer support. Group sessions and individual therapy will be available as those impacted by Irma work through feelings and reactions to situations resulting from the storm. If you are resident or staff member of Good Samaritan Village and would like to know more about this program, please call the LCS office.