Issue #16 | January 2019
Happy January!

And Happy New Year! Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous year ahead. We are excited for 2019 and look forward to seeing what all the amazing youth will accomplish this year.

We enjoyed some time off during the holidays but we sure missed our time in our schools. One new Venture Team launched right before Christmas and another new team spent time on the road the weekend before Christmas to deliver hams and pies to 27 local fire stations. Our youth sure are incredible!

As always, we thank you for your continued support!

~the United Way Youth Venture Team!
Geoetto’s Operation
After hearing all the complaints from fellow students at Sky View Middle School about how the school’s water bubblers aren’t functioning and are not refrigerated, this team decided to do something about it by raising money to purchase new refrigerated bubblers that have bottle fillers. They are installing four new water bubblers. They recognize the positive impact it will make on staff members and students – – finally being able to drink clean, cold water. Congratulations, Geoetto's Operation on a successful panel and launch!
Meals for Shields is a new Venture Team from Monty Tech who realized how much firefighters sacrifice during the holidays by being away from their families when they are scheduled to work. These students raised money and sponsorship funds, and delivered hams and pies on the Saturday before Christmas to every single firehouse in the 27 cities and towns in the Monty Tech district to enjoy during Christmas shifts.

They want to give a special thanks to Price Chopper and the Monty Tech culinary program for providing discounted food!
Just yesterday we hosted our Changemaking Administrator's REV Session . This was an opportunity for all of our Changemaking school administrators to come together in support of creating a culture of agency, innovation, and empathy in their school. At this session they were able to receive important updates on the progress of Changemaking at their schools this year, and were inspired by Vipin, our motivational speaker from Ashoka. All of our Changemaker stakeholders left the session revved up about Changemaking, and more specifically, the mission to promote student, teacher, and administrator well-being. 
We hosted our annual Champion Roundtable this month. We brought together the UWYV school Champions for a full and valuable morning of connecting, inspiration and the sharing of ideas/strategies for success for the last busy half of the school year.

Maria Milagros of "rocked the house" with a powerful, motivational and inspirational talk for the Champions AND UWYV staff!

It was a great morning of activities, sharing resources, providing information and enjoying visiting with each other.

Thank you, Champions! We appreciate your commitment and dedication to your students!
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