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December 2015
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Walk the Walk
Achieve Staff Walks the Walk!
We love that our staff is as active as they are. It helps to show our patients that our staff's understanding comes from a place of actually doing not just hearing. 

Abbey Wills- 
Physical Therapist, Sports Medicine Performing Arts Medicine Specialist, and Triathlete
(Pictured top right)

This spring and summer, Abbey competed in 3 triathlons in  the  Chicagoland area: the  Espirit de She Naperville Women's triathlon, the Transamerica Chicago Triathlon, and closed  the  season with an Open Age Sprint at  the  ITU World Triathlon Grand Finals downtown in September. She worked with an organization called Team in Training, which is a group that raises funding to benefit  The  Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. In addition to Tri's, Abbey also enjoys strength training, yoga, spin classes and more to stay fit and healthy! 

Read more of how our staff Walks the Walk in our upcoming newsletters!
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Staying Healthy while Staying Active in the Winter

Courtney Dynes, DPT
Sports Medicine Physical Therapist

For many, the winter months are a time to relax and enjoy the holidays with family and friends. It is a time to hibernate under the covers and eat some comfort foods. But for endurance and outdoor summer/spring athletes, the winter can be utilized as a time to recover, recharge and train in a more unstructured way in order to be ready to start strong next competitive season. By focusing on strength, flexibility and cross-training, off-season training can really pay off come race season. Here are some fun activities to consider in order to maintain fitness during the winter!
Cross-country skiing : Cross-country skiing is a great outdoor activity that can challenge cardiovascular and muscular endurance while strengthening your core, hips and arms. It is also a low-impact activity, which will help reduce stress onto joints. If you need to take some time off of the pounding and stress to the knees, ankles and hips, this is a great alternative to keep aerobic capacity high and have fun! The lateral muscle strength that it demands from the hips and gluteals also gives new challenge to triathletes and runners who are used to just moving forward in that plane of motion!
Downhill skiing or Snowboarding : Breathe in the fresh air at the top of the mountain or local Midwestern hill and take a moment to reflect and refresh. These sports offer a great opportunity to strengthening the legs and core while cutting through the snow. In order to maximize your performance and remain safe, consider preparing for these sports by performing strengthening, flexibility and balance exercises. The most important prep includes isometric quad and gluteal exercises such as squat holds and Olympic lifts, lateral stability in the hips with Airex pad and Bosu balancing, as well as side stepping with band exercise to engage the glutes and hips. 

Rolling:  Get down on the ground with your TP roller, wood wheel, foam roller, lacrosse ball and so many more options. Make it a challenge to roll your entire body 2-3x week, making a chart, and notice the discomfort decreasing dramatically as the days and weeks go by. Thirty days is a goal for this challenge, as it will also help with your Yoga and stretching routine. As well, notice posture improvements and use rolling as recovery from some of the heavier strength training that you will be doing. Always remember to apologize in advance to your body and it will treat you well!


Courtney is available for scheduling out of our Burr Ridge Clinic:

7055 High Grove Blvd.
Burr Ridge, IL 60527
(630) 371-1623

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Kieran HowarthEvolution Soccer Club

Traditionally, in our newsletter, we like to focus on just one athlete. This month, we wanted to focus on a coach and club that is making such an impact on so many local athletes, and how the power and energy of one can affect hundreds!

Kieran Howarth has been living and breathing soccer since he could barely walk.  Originally from Blackpool, England, Kieran started playing club soccer at the age of eight for Blackpool FC.  At the age of twenty, a young pro at the time, Kieran and some of his friends were in Greece playing in a pick-up game when he broke his leg.  After a year of rehabilitation, he was back to full strength, but he was not the same as a player.  "It was more psychological with me," said Kieran regarding the end of his professional playing days.  This, however, was not going to end Kieran's connection to the game.  

"I had always planned to be a coach and a manager," Kieran continues "That's always what I've wanted to do."  The summer of 2009, Kieran made his first trip to America to coach summer camps in Georgia.  Returning back to England after the summer, he couldn't stop thinking about coming back to the States for a permanent position.  Moving to Chicago in the spring of 2010, Kieran coached and help to build multiple developmental programs through different soccer clubs in the Chicagoland area for the next few years.  

Thinking to himself, "I want to own my own club and do something all by myself," Kieran started planning to form Evolution Soccer Club(ESC).  The club was launched in April of 2014 and the first tryouts were held a month later.  From there, it has been off to the races.  In its first year, Evolution had sixteen teams.  Now in their second year as a growing club, there are twenty-seven.  When asked about the growth from Evolution's first year to its second, Kieran explains,

"The difference from year one to year two was that the youngest team we had was U11, with nothing below that.  So in the winter and spring of that first year, we added a youth academy, and that developed into a both U8 boys and U8 girls teams.  Now, that  bloodline can go through our system."

With teams starting at 2nd grade and going through to varsity high school, Evolution Soccer Club has a full array of teams for both the boys and the girls.  To find out more information about Kieran Howarth and Evolution Soccer Club, please visit their website:

Achieve Website
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