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 "if we can but prevent the government from wasting the labours of the people,
under the pretence of taking care of them, they must become happy." - 
 Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Cooper, November 29, 1802
January 1, 2017
Wishing for you a Happy, Happy and Prosperous 2017!  

Best wishes to you and those you love, and thank you for your loyal commitments as readers of this Newsletter and as stewards of government actions. We look forward to great new things from changes in Lansing and Washington D.C., as well as other states who have elected more conservative governments. Let's make America - and Michigan - Great Again!

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May Michigan Conservative Grass Roots continue to grow in knowledge, effectiveness, coordination and influence as we seek to return government to historic limits and principles. Let's halt reckless run-away government growth, regulations and taxes. Let's "drain the Lansing Swamp", and get more involved in county, school board and local entities that are restricting freedoms and taking more money from our families than necessary.  
 The 12 Days of Christmas start on Christmas Day and last until the evening of the 5th January - also known as Twelfth Night. The 12 Days have been celebrated in Europe since before the middle ages and were a time of celebration. Link
     Christmas or Christmas Day is an annual festival commemorating the birth of
Jesus Christ, who Christians believe is the Son of God, one of three personalities of God: the Father (Creator and I Am), along with the Father and Spirit (or Holy Ghost). It is observed most commonly on December 25 as a religious and cultural celebration among billions of people around the world. Here

For our Jewish friends, Happy Chanukah, the Jewish eight-day, (12/24/16-1/1/17) wintertime "festival of lights," celebrated with a nightly menorah lighting, special
prayers and fried foods. The Hebrew word Chanukah (also spelled Hanukkah)
  means "dedication," and is thus named because it celebrates the rededication of the Holy Temple. More

An invite and Christmas greetings from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:  Link

++ Obama's treasonous conspiracy with the UN -  Obama Told the World and Americans That Their Freedom Is Over And New World Government Is Taking Over!!! Only by submitting to a one-world-style government can the countries of the world effectively fight terror, Barack Obama warned during a speech to the United Nations General Assembly. 
   Not only that, but that only by acquiescing our rights - our "freedom of action," as he puts it - will we truly "enhance our security."
   Obama said "powerful nations" like the United States will have to accept constraints and give up some of their freedoms. The president acknowledged that he has been criticized by his own citizens for this belief but he remains convinced he is right. More

++ Inside the coming war between the United States and the United Nations - Even before Donald Trump's inauguration as president, Congress is planning to escalate the clash over the U.N. Security Council's anti-Israel resolution into a full-on conflict between the United States and the United Nations. If Trump embraces the strategy - and all signals indicate he will - the battle could become the Trump administration's first confrontation with a major international organization, with consequential but largely unpredictable results.
   Immediately after the Obama administration abstained from a vote to condemn Israeli settlements as illegal, which passed the Security Council by a vote of 14 to zero, Republicans and Democrats alike criticized both the United Nations and the U.S. government for allowing what Rep. Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.) called "a one-sided, biased resolution." Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), the chairman of the Senate appropriations subcommittee for the State Department and foreign operations, pledged to lead an effort to withhold the U.S. funding that makes up 22 percent of the U.N.'s annual operating budget.
   "The U.N. has made it impossible for us to continue with business as usual," Graham told me right after the vote. "Almost every Republican will feel like this is a betrayal of Israel and the only response that we have is the power of purse."
   Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, never shy about working with Republicans against the Obama administration, told Graham: "Please stand with us, it's time to take the gloves off," according to Graham.
   In the days since the vote, three Republican senators and their staffs have been working up options behind the scenes for how to convert their threat into action: Graham, Ted Cruz (Tex.) and Tom Cotton (Ark.). They believe they will have support for quick Senate action from both Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and incoming Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), a strong supporter of Israel. Options & More
Get us out of the UN and remove that corrupt farce from our soil. Our biggest concern in UN nominee Nimrata (Nickki}  Randhawa Haley, daughter of Sikh immigrants from India, at 44 the youngest governor, has been unsteady and unpredictable and less than conservative. She first got elected as a tea party conservative.  Will she be strong and experienced enough?
   During the presidential race, Haley had not been a loyal supporter of Trump, initially campaigning for Marco Rubio and then endorsing Ted Cruz. Haley also criticized Trump for not immediately disavowing the Ku Klux Klan's support of him and for his proposed Muslim ban. Trump responded to Haley's criticism with his own critiques of her, including calling her "weak on immigration" and tweeting in March 2016: "The people of South Carolina are embarrassed by Nikki Haley!" 
   On November 22, 2016, president-elect Donald Trump picked Haley to become the United States ambassador to the United Nations. She was the first woman to be named as part of his administration. "Governor Haley has a proven track record of bringing people together regardless of background or party affiliation to move critical policies forward for the betterment of her state and our country," Trump said in a statement. "She will be a great leader representing us on the world stage."  Bio and More

Off FB:
Laura Bancroft - We should have pulled out years ago. All it seems to be is a group of Nations that can't run their own countries telling the US how to spend our money on other countries who can't run their country. 
Obama sanctions Russia over supposed election hacking. It's a publicity stunt to cover up the complete screw up of the Obama administration. It takes the public's eye off from the last 8 years of incompetence. It's all about perception, not reality. It's yet another example of a political game intended to put up road blocks for Trump's presidency. The continual daggers placed into international relations by Obama is quite marcasistic. He's concerned about his legacy, not our security. If he was concerned, he would have stopped Syrian refugees infiltrated by ISIS from entering America. That's a security issue!  Cyber hacking may have occurred, but it didn't make Clinton lose- Obama and his policies did! (The truth got out and that cost her the election, but it was leaked from Clinton's campaign by insiders who understood what she would do).
Paul K Walker - The UN is nothing more than a progressive propaganda machine.. The latest collusion to undermine Israel's peace, the disastrous Iran Deal, do I need to go on?...The U.S. spends $7 billion a year to belong to the U.N. who does nothing for us.
Sandy Bembas-Pruder - Charles Krauthammer is right when he says we take back the building and have it converted to condos with Trump on the outside of the structure!
David Yardley - Mr. Obama has been at war longer than any other American president.
He leaves behind a legacy as the only president in American history to serve two complete terms with the nation at war. For an antiwar candidate Mr. Obama, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 has left us in combat in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. Obama has also approved strikes against terrorist groups in Libya, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen, for a total of seven countries where his administration has taken military action.
Joe Horenkamp - To Whom Does The Land of Israel Belong?  An Israeli Sense of Humor at UN set the record straight. An ingenious example of speech and politics occurred recently in the United Nations Assembly and made the world community smile.
   A representative from Israel began: 'Before beginning my talk I want to tell you something about Moses: When he struck the rock and it brought forth water, he thought, 'What a good opportunity to have a bath!'
   Moses removed his clothes, put them aside on the rock and entered the water. When he got out and wanted to dress, his clothes had vanished. A Palestinian had stolen them!
   The Palestinian representative at the UN jumped up furiously and shouted, 'What are you talking about? The Palestinians weren't there then.'
   The Israeli representative smiled and said, 'And now that we have made that clear, I will begin my speech'.
Mark J Petzold at Michigan Secretary of State's Office    - I'm pissed, frustrated, and embarrassed to have ever called myself a Republican.
  I'm trying to renew my license, tabs, ect to avoid the DEPLORABLE 20% increase after the first of the year. I'm going to fill my gas tanks one more time to avoid the $0.07 per gallon increase. This increase makes Michigan one of the highest taxed states. This initiative was shot down by the voters by 80%. Oh ya. I've heard the budget surplus is about the same as the "revenue" the new tax   is supposed to generate.
   I really enjoyed listening to the radio on the way to the SOS. I got to hear about the new Senate building a major REPUBLICAN contributor built.
   It's disgusting. It's deplorable. Its something I'd expect from the Democrats. I feel like throwing some tea into the Grand River!  I'm mad as hell and I'm still not accepting this behavior as normal, reasonable, government. As a matter of fact it's twisted government.... Twisted like a pretzel type of government...
FUNNY!  Thomas Hughes A friend of mine is in a jam. He is a huge Steeler fan and he bought tickets for the 2017 superbowl in advance he paid $2,500 for both inculdes hotel, I dont know why he would think Steelers would be at the superbowl but thats beside the point. He just realized its the same day as his wedding. He is looking for someone to take his place. If anyone is interested the wedding is at St. Peters Catholic church at 3p.m. her name is lisa she is 5'4" 115lbs and can cook up a storm. She will be the one in the white dress.  (Maybe for the Patriots or Lions? Or Packers for the UPers. Steelers? He needs therapy, lol.)
Larry Corell   The left's problem!  Why does the left hate the United States of America, and Israel - the only free state in the Middle East? What is it about freedom that they hate so much?  I think what the left hates is God. In a nutshell, liberalism is rebellion against God. Liberalism wants to be its own god, and make its own rules. So, God's rules must be done away with. Anyone living by God's rules must be marginalized and hated...BINGO!

++ US response to (alleged) Russia hacking: key points - President Barack Obama on Thursday ordered a series of diplomatic and economic sanctions against Russia over the hacking which (some) US officials say was aimed at disrupting the November election. This LINK is a list of the key points outlined by the US government in a raft of documents from various agencies, including facilities and individuals expelled or otherwise sanctioned. 

++   Russian Federation diplomats will no longer have access to the swanky riverfront compound on Maryland's Eastern Shore where they played tennis, went  sailing  and enjoyed respite from the nation's capital.  The 45-acre retreat was purchased by the former Soviet Union in 1972 and is situated on the banks of the Corsica River. Russians will be denied access to the compound beginning at noon Friday.  More
Notes and Opinions: Wikileaks claims they were handed the alleged "hacked' information by someone in the Clinton camp.  We have no doubt Russia - AND ISRAEL - are and have been attempting to "spy" on the USA in a variety of ways, and we trust the USA is doing the same towards them. As for interfering in the election, there is little doubt the leaked information shed light on the true nature of Clinton and company. The truth trumped the lies and deceit from Clinton and her MSM. We know for a fact the Obama Administration did conspire in the Israeli and possibly other elections around the Globe. In his waning days it appears Obama is doing everything he can to foment problems to bog down the Trump presidency.  
   The expulsions are long overdue. Obama has looked the other way, as one communist might for another. It has weakened the USA and fomented foreign afairs disasters. His bluster now is to create as much chaos as possible to make it hard for Trump at the beginning of a new presidency. 

++ Russia is already retaliating against new US sanctions over cyberattacks - In response to the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats who have been given three days to leave the US, Russia ordered the closure of the Anglo-American School of Moscow, CNN reported on Thursday, citing an unnamed US official with knowledge of the action.  The school serves the children of Western embassy personnel from the US, Canada, and Britain.
   Russia also ordered the closure of a US embassy vacation house, located about 16 kilometers west of Moscow, CNN reported.
   A spokeswoman for Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova, appeared to hint at the type of action Russia would take in an earlier statement, saying US actions against Russian diplomats in the US would receive a similar response that "will immediately backfire at US diplomats in Russia," Zakharova said.  More   

++ Russian Reversal: in a statement posted by the Kremlin said that Russia won't expel any Americans in retaliation to US moves, in a brutal demonstration of just how irrelevant Obama's 11th hour decision is for US-Russian relations. "We Will Not Expel Anyone; We Refuse To Sink To 'Kitchen' Diplomacy", Purin stated, and that Trump can reverse Obama's actions. More

++ WHO'S OCCUPYING WHO? LET'S LOOK AT GOD'S ORIGINAL LAND GRANT OF ISRAEL TO ABRAHAM   "In the same day the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates: The Kenites, and the Kenizzites, and the Kadmonites, And the Hittites, and the Perizzites, and the Rephaims, And the Amorites, and the Canaanites, and the Girgashites, and the Jebusites." Genesis 15:18-21 (KJV). More  (Thanks, Michelle
Don't mess with God!

++ There has never been a Palestinian state, nor an Arab state, nor a Muslim State in the territory now called Israel. It is easy to understand the conflict. One side demands the other state be dead. Nothing short of that would cause them to live in peace. Video  (Thanks, Lana)
++ Are Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria an obstacle to peace? Are the millions of Arabs living inside Israel obstacles to peace? Ethnic cleansing for peace - what the Arab side proposes - is nothing more than blatant hatred of Jews and Israel. Prime Minister Netanyahu makes it clear that ethnic cleansing and judenrein are terms that will no longer be a part of the future of the Land of Israel. 2 min. Video

++ Israel has again and again been punished for conceding territory and control. This is NOT about shared power as numerous attempts have been made. Each time radical Arabs attacked Israel. Only total destruction and "ethnic cleansing" will appease them Short History video (Thanks, Lanny and Kurt)
++ Kerry rips 'settler agenda' in speech defending UN vote, Israeli PM fires back - In an at-times scathing address, Kerry went on to blast the "settler agenda" for allegedly pushing Israel toward seeking one state - which he asserted could not be both Jewish and democratic. He called the current government the "most right-wing" in Israel's history and claimed its agenda is "driven by the most extreme elements." 
   "The status quo is leading toward one state and perpetual occupation," Kerry said. Using pointed language, he said this would entail "separate" but "unequal" treatment for Palestinians.
   On Wednesday, Kerry also outlined what he described as "principles" that could provide the basis for new talks. This included a return to borders negotiated based on the 1967 lines "with mutually agreed equivalent swaps" - a position similar to President Obama's stated position several years ago.  More  

++ Israel fired back at Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blasting Kerry's lengthy televised rebuke of the Middle Eastern democracy.
   Netanyahu, speaking in Jerusalem just over an hour after Kerry's speech had ended, said Kerry's rhetoric was "as unbalanced as the anti-Israel resolution passed [at the United Nations] last week."
   "Secretary Kerry paid lip service to the unrelenting campaign of terror that has been waged by the Palestinians against the Jewish State," he said, later adding: "Israelis do not need to be lectured about the importance of peace by foreign leaders."More

++ Backfire: Obama's Israel slap could prompt U.S. to leave U.N.  - Following Friday's vote, there were immediate calls for the U.S. to defund the organization. By Monday, there was a rising tide of calls to use the vote as a reason for the U.S. to leave the U.N. altogether.
   Former Rep. Michele Bachman, R-Minn., told WND, "The U.S. should expose the O.I.C. (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) agenda at the U.N., which is institutional genocide by consensus against the Jewish state of Israel, and against the Jewish people generally. Then the U.S. should let it be known the U.S. will no longer be part of the O.I.C./U.N. agenda."  She essentially predicted the U.N. must clean up its act or face the ultimate price: "We will refuse to pay any further U.N. costs, may remove ourselves from membership and consider removal of the U.N. building from the current U.S. site in New York City."
   "We need to ditch this organization run by crazies and create one run by free nations," former Rep. Steve Stockman.
   The U.S. contributed $3.04 billion to the U.N. in 2015, according to congressional testimony. That's 22 percent of its budget and more than is paid by 185 other countries combined.
   Roger L. Simon, CEO Emeritus of PJ Media, wrote, "[I]t would be useful to negotiate the entire institution out of existence, or at least impoverish it to the degree it will have to decamp from Manhattan and leave that pricey Turtle Bay real estate for better purposes."  More  (Thanks. William and Alison)
++ Writedown fears send Toshiba shares down 20%, hit daily limit - Shares in chips-to-construction group Toshiba tumbled 20 percent on Wednesday, hitting the Tokyo exchange's daily downward limit after the company said it could face a multi-billion dollar charge on a U.S. nuclear power business bought last year.
   The surprise warning comes as the group recovers from a $1.3 billion accounting scandal, as well as a writedown of more than $2 billion for its nuclear business in the last financial year. - See more Here.

++ Trump's budget director pick: "Do we really need government-funded research at all" - President-elect Donald Trump recently picked Rep. Mick Mulvaney of South Carolina to head the White House's Office of Management and Budget. This typical MSM article is not supportive, but confirms OMB will be in conservative hands!  Article

Comment: That was a significant question in Reagan's first term. We concluded that government research should be limited to very classified necessities (weapons, nuclear and space programs, e.g.) and limited long term research that was a significant need but not in the purview or scope that the private sector would invest in it. Having this policy allowed us to end massive demonstration projects costing billions of dollars that were not extending our knowledge and were not in the public interest to fund.

Hillary Clinton percentages over 50% in the 2016 Presidential general election's popular vote!!!  (Thanks, Randy and Mark)
Michigan News and  Views

++ Did you Save 20% on your vehicle registration? (maybe share a portion of the savings HERE to help us fight for YOU as we seek less government and lower taxes!)

++ The state tax on unleaded gasoline will increases from 19 cents to 26.3 cents per gallon on New Year's Day. Gas tax hike set to put Michigan's rate in U.S. top 5. Total cost of driving in Michigan is the highest in the Nation. 
   Michigan's combined tax rate will total about 37.8 cents per gallon, according to The Tax Foundation, trailing Pennsylvania, Washington state, Hawaii and New York. It doesn't include the federal gas tax of 18.4 cents a gallon (56.2 cents total!!!!!!!!!).
   Fees levied annually to register cars, vans, light trucks and commercial trucks will rise 20 percent. The average fee statewide is $120, so the average increase would be $24 to $144, said Secretary of State spokesman Fred Woodhams. Gas-electric hybrid and electric vehicles also will experience increases - an added $47 and $135. More (Thanks, Joni)
++ You can see how your legislators voted at the MCU Report Card  (rating of the legislature) See our Rating of the Legislature at this link!
We will have an update summary of the 2015/16 session in a few days.   We never want to give any other legislator low scores. I would love to see all at 100%. We decide as best we can what the pivotal votes were and then rate based on solid conservative principles. We do  not look at who it hurts or helps as it is a straight-up philosophical basis. What grows government, raises taxes, add nuisance regulations and/or restricts freedoms can be expected to get a no rating.

++ MIRS RatingMIRS NEWS -- "For the second straight year, now-former Rep. Tom Hooker, R-Byron Center, had the chamber's most conservative voting record, by holding the conservative position 91 percent of the time.
...Reps. Triston Cole, R-Mancelona, Ray Franz, R-Onekama, and Gary Glenn, R-Midland, had 87 percent conservative voting records while Reps. Lee Chatfield, R-Levering, and Ken Goike, R-Ray Twp., had 85 percent conservative voting records."
   MIRS, 2016  House Rating    Senate Rating

++ A legislator asked for input on policy matters for the next session. Here was one great response: Joni Jones 1.) Repeal Common Core in Michigan; 2.) Open up FOIA to legislators and Governor's office; 3.) Transition all remaining defined-benefit pensions to defined-contribution/401K Plans; 4.) Repeal the Land Bank Authority Law; 5.) End the MCCA fee of $160 per car!!; 6.) Repeal SB 437 & 438 (energy package just passed) and deregulate Michigan's electric market for 100% choice; 7.) Repeal HB 4736 (registration fee increase) and HB 4738 (gas tax increase). 8.) Strengthen the Voter ID requirement. 9.) Reduce the state income tax rate, as promised. Loving it!

Your editor has another to suggest. In litigation individuals and partnerships can represent themselves. Corporations cannot. Some courts handle LLC's as if they are corporations, even if they are a one person, two person or family entity. In small collections matters the attorney fees can be greater than the prospects for collections. A one sentence addition to the LLC laws would allow a closely held LLC to represent themselves, if competent. It is a change long overdue. Let's enable small businesses to thrive in Michigan and provide needed jobs. The success of business also guarantees government revenue. It is a win-win possibility.

++ Right to Life has victories in the legislature
Lt. Gov. Calley signed the legislation in the absence of Gov. Snyder. Stated William Wagner, whose Salt & Light Global was the primary support for the bill: I attend the signing of a state law that prohibits the selling body parts of an unborn child. See my testimony here against using taxpayer dollars to fund organizations engaging in this kind of despicable practice. Wagner Video
++ Brandon Hall gets 30 days in jail for election fraud - Article  (Thanks, Mark)
++ Too much regulation controlling our rightsSix months prison for installing a modest wind turbine next to his home, and not being able to structural remove all of it's foundation - behind his home not visible from any neighboring property.   Link   
    Michigan Conservative Union has advocated for eliminating the state income tax several times over several years. Promised cuts were not given. Property taxes are also terrible. Governments are trigger happy on grabbing peoples' land. As a county planning commission chair your editor went to a statewide planners conference where a primary presenter said the property all belongs to the government, and it is on loan to people and businesses who "rent" property through property taxes. Such is the sick mentality of those who ignore property rights - real. personal and intellectual. Our work continues - with your help. Please join in 2017 so we can build our support and resources. You can get a membership discount New Years Day! 
   MCU is praying today for President Lt. Col (ret.) Tony Sharkey, hospitalized with severe back pains. Please consider asking for God's help in dealing with the this issue.
++ The 2015-2016 legislative session is OVER! It was one of the most liberal and highest taxing sessions is memory. The energy bills passed 12/15 are slightly improved but still terrible for free enterprise and consumers. Link
The votes of Lauwers and Leutheuser,
Franz, Graves, 
 Sheppard and others is very disappointing. They claim and campaign as conservatives, but support more regulations and higher taxes. They just do not believe enough in personal freedoms and free enterprise. (Thanks, Randy)
We are hoping the next session will finally be conservative

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