Oh Happy Days!!!
  Rebirth, renewal, blossoming our Souls, and bringing more Joy into our lives!!!

This is a glorious season for blossoming our Souls as we continue to evolve into the true Divine Beings that we are. The frequencies of the Spring Equinox, and other Divine activities continue to infuse us with more energy, light and information.  But, as a result we've been challenged in many ways.  I've heard stories, and have assisted clients who are experiencing mental, emotional and physical discomfort. Perhaps we might consider that what we're experiencing is the result of so much light coming into us that it's organically discharging old thought forms and emotional blocks that the personality cannot release. Also, we're  moving in and out of dimensions and making all sorts of adjustments as our being is merging with the higher realms. 
Instead of allowing it to move through and out of us, we may be engaging in the struggle between doubt and faith. I do this sometimes, and it's coupled with any number of burning questions about my place in the world. This always comes with an uncomfortable gut feeling that I can't get rid of or put words to.  Eventually, I've come to realize that it's a gestational period. And, when I emerge I'm an expanded version of myself.  I believe this is the same for so many of us.
And, so perhaps the journey of now is to float on the wings of a butterfly, or as I would say, "ride the wave" and allow what needs to move out of us to do so, rather than resist (consciously or unconsciously).  "...if we still ourselves long enough within the web of all there is, we will eventually come to know the lightness of transformation."  

There is something great for all of us that we may not see with our eyes. But, if we are aligned with the vibrational beings that we are, and we stay grounded in God's Love, Wisdom and Power, we will 'see' with our Hearts the truth of our existence.   The key is to stay lighthearted. Ponder the seductions that come into our lives with a sense of awe, wonder and humor no matter how uncomfortable it may seem.  Then, we g ently shift into a different state of being that supports our aliveness.  Like....

Be ready for the unexpected and make the most of all opportunities.  Explore the new with excitement and courage.
I face the adventure of life eagerly!

It's time for you to look for the joy, the delight and the wonder of every day and rejoice in it.
My life is a celebration.

Creativity is an energy for adventure and change. It may herald a new idea, inspiration for a book, an artistic vision or a new project.
I enjoy my creative powers and use them for the 
highest good.

Take time to enjoy yourself. Relax and find your sense of humor. Treat things lightly.
I master my emotions.

Count your blessings. When you say thank you to the Universe for its gifts, it responds generously to you.
I am grateful for everything in my life.

Joy springs from a sense of connection to the Divine and is a quality which illuminates you.
I find joy in everything.

This is a wonderful healer. It shakes out fear and leaves you feeling happier, clear and more relaxed.
I see the humor in everything.

Take care of all of who you are, for you are Divine, and dearly loved.  This physical form that you are in, it is all that you have at this time. Care for it like a precious gem.  For every aspect of your existence, feed it all that is high vibration. What you eat, what you think, what you feel, what you do, what you speak, and even your environment should be the very best energies that will resonate with your Soul.  You have already begun the process of a new way of being.  So, it is important to be aware of the magic you create through your vibration. You are magic, you are magicians. And as magicians, you can create magic all around you just by your high thoughts, just by the love that is in your heart.   Creating from love produces marvelous wonders.
      When you see the magic unfold before your eyes embrace it, and know that every step you take in your life you can create more magic. You all experience it every day of your lives. But, you may not be aware and not able to understand that this is what YOU are doing, because in your daily lives you are distracted from your Being; from your aliveness.  
      So, w e suggest to be mindful, be more aware of the things that occur in your life. You think a thought for something and it shows up, pay attention to that. You created that. You can create another if you are aware, mindful, conscious and being the creator that you are.    We say to you when you "see" the magic YOU create in your life, acknowledge it, embrace it, celebrate it and know that YOU can create the same again and again and again. With deepest gratitude, continue to create more because you are master beings with the capacity to know that you are the God who creates.   This is the time to do so.   We honor you, we celebrate you and we know that you are going to continue to create magic in a way that will eventually manifest a magical world on earth for all of humanity.   
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 We are the infinite Light of 

 Rev. Barbara


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Angel Message
ArchAngel Raphael
Take several deep breaths, and exhale slowly to awaken your energy and to release old patterns.
Often during times of stress, you may unconsciously hold your breath. Yet, as you know, breath is essential to oxygenating your mind, body, spirit, and very life. Write a note to yourself to breathe, as a reminder of the importance of invigorating yourself with deep and steady breaths. Make trips to places where fresh air is plentiful. You'll also notice an increase in air quality when you're near water, such as the beach or a lake. Even taking a shower or bath puts you in touch with the positive ions associated with water and air.

All is in Divine order, therefore I surrender to the flow of life.