Happy, Joyous and Abundant
NEW YEAR Everyone!!

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Note that January 1, 2018 opens an 11:11 Gateway (1st day, 1st Month, 11 Universal Year), and then we have a FULL MOON SuperMoon on January 2, 2018. The Moon's position is at 110 38 (11:11) Cancer and the SUN's position is at 110 38 (11:11) Capricorn.  The Master Number 11 is a powerful influence for 2018.  And, what a wonderful time to celebrate our existence as we embrace this "11" New Year full of infinite possibilities. We exist!! And that reality is quite profound if we stop to ponder this reality. And, now a universal 11 New Year of more cooperation, more peace, more love, more abundance, more acceptance, more heightened awareness, more YOU!!!  If we stay grounded, centered and anchored in our hearts, and in our "knowing", whatever  challenges come our way, we can handle them--  we've ascended into this state of Being.  As our ascension continues to expand us into more Love, our ability to manifest is also expanded exponentially.  There are wondrous miracles that await us!   

Below is a short visualization that I shared in a past newsletter.  It's a lovely catalyst to help us embrace our divine essence and help to open us to receive the abundance we are so worthy of.    
         Imagine yourself standing in the center of a massive cathedral with high ceilings, stained glass windows and huge columns.  Just stand there and be in your beingness...  experience the enormity of this physical space.  Now turn in any direction so you can savor the breathtaking beauty of this pristine structure. See a rainbow light suddenly begin to stream through the windows, through the many doors and passageways.   The cathedral is now filled with this radiant light.  
       With your eyes affixed on this light you watch as it begins to swirl around you and envelope you with its warm radiance. It feels like an energetic embrace. You're so deeply touched you close your eyes so you can go even deeper into this experience.  Now you feel a warm gentle breeze kissing your face and whispering through your hair.  You feel a sense of peace, wonder and bliss filling you completely. Your heart is expanding and something feels so familiar; it is Love swelling within your heart!.  
       The sound of a distant voice is coming into your awareness now-- it's calling your name, and very clearly you hear, "I love you."  You've heard this voice before. The voice repeats, "I love you, I love all that you are , and all that you have ever been. I love you."  Stunned, you open your eyes to behold a magnificent reflection of yourself in the rainbow light.  There are gold and white sparkles in the light now, and to your amazement you realize this radiant light is emanating from within you. It's everywhere. 
       As you gaze in wonder, you can hear the sound of an angelic chorus, and, your heart expands even further; you're overcome with an emotion you've never experienced before.  In an instant you feel your entire being expand as you realize the sound of this beautiful angelic chorus is coming from your very own heart.  You're overcome with JOY to know that you are the Light, the love, the color, the sound, the peace, the energy...  and so much more!     
On the physical plane we are reflections of each other.  Be love, so love will reflect back to you.  Shine your light and illuminate the way for yourself and for others. Seek a direct way of living that supports a path of thriving rather than surviving. With each challenge, the heart grows stronger until eventually we can fully participate in the rhythms of life with ease and grace.  

I'd also like to share with you a beautiful and provocative movie entitled "SAMADHI".  If you haven't seen it, when you have some leisure time it's 59 minutes.  "SAMADHI" Part 1, The Illusion of Self is explored in ways that may hit home for many. The movie itself is like an awakening.  And, I have to wonder if in our desire to be 'awake', have we traded in one matrix for another.  As humans we've been awakening for some many years.  From the very few like Buddha, Yeshua, Quan Yin, Yogananda, et al, to the now multitudes of people like you and I.  Awakening is a natural process, and the experience is unique to each one of us. Life for many of us is no longer a journey where we're "trying to get out of Plato's cave" (indoctrinations of the mind) , but rather it's an existence in which, if we choose, we can live fully present (mindful) in each moment of a life that is graced by free will and guided by the wisdom of the Soul.

May your New Year be filled 
with abundant blessings
to fill your heart to overflowing!
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Be clear about what you desire, and focus upon it with unwavering faith. After praying for guidance, be bold enough to admit what you truly desire. Know that you deserve the best of everything, in all ways. Prosperity and abundance are God's wishes for everyone. You stake your claim on your share of the inheritance by forming a clear mental picture of your desires. Allow yourself to imagine that this desire has already manifested, and experience the emotional and physical feelings of your manifested desire. Don't worry how the desire will manifest--the infinite creativity of the Creator will bring it to you in very clever ways. Simply follow any inner guidance to take steps to co-create this Divine desire, and allow yourself to receive good as it comes your way.


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