Join us April 6, 2022


National AT

Awareness Day

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April 6, 2022 is National AT Awareness Day. Every day is AT Awareness day at ATP. We deliver information, technology demonstrations, assessments, and training to Nebraskans across the state. ATP has a lot to celebrate as we look toward our thirty-third anniversary November first.

All 50 states, four US territories, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico receive formula grant funding under the Assistive Technology (A.T.) Act of 2004. These 56 grantees are required to carry out a continuum of specified state level and state leadership activities that promote the ability of people with disabilities to know about, have access to, and ultimately be better able to obtain A.T. These activities also deliver a large return on investment for the small federal appropriation for this program.

The Nebraska Assistive Technology Project (later named Partnership) was one of the first nine states funded in 1989. The grant was submitted by Nebraska VR, whose partnership continues today.

ATP would not be successful increasing the independence of Nebraskans at home, school, and work without the dedication and support of our partners.

How can you celebrate with us?

Thank you to our partners whose referrals and program funding help consumers celebrate independence!

Tobias Orr, Director

Assistive technology is any piece of equipment, device, or system used to improve or maintain the ability level of the individual with a disability in the educational setting, in employment, in transportation, and in all aspects of daily living. Assistive technology can be handmade, store brought, a modified item, or a specially designed device.

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