WHAT WOULD BE YOUR FIRST MEAL?: Washington Homeowner Remodels Kitchen through IVHFH's Helping Hands Program
Written by Scott Hawes, Helping Hands Manager
Here is a new twist on an old hypothetical question: What would be your first meal? Specifically, if it was not safe for you to have a refrigerator or stove in your home, what is the first meal you would prepare once your home became safe? For Washington homeowner, Jackie, the answer was her grandson’s favorite: tatertot casserole with chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

As many followers of IVHFH are aware, Jackie’s house was unsafe; the kitchen flooring was damaged so badly that she feared the subfloor would collapse; the cabinet doors did not stay shut; the electrical wiring was outdated and a fire hazard, and the framing for one of the walls was severely rotted. The damage was so significant that Jackie gave away her heavy appliances out of fear that her floor would collapse. Read on to hear how the state of her house affected her day-to-day routine and how IVHFH stepped in, with the help of our community, to make a big impact for Jackie and her grandson.
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our major funding sources have been drastically reduced. With the closure of our ReStore, cancellation of fundraising events, and social distancing efforts, our Helping Hands and Homeownership programs have been suspended. Homeowners like Jackie, now more than ever, still need our help. Make a donation today to ensure we have the funds to start these projects once this crisis lifts.
Do you help on our build sites or in our ReStore, prepare food for volunteers or work at our events, serve on a committee or our board? Whatever your volunteer role, you ensure we can continue serving our neighbors in need of safe and affordable housing. Things just have not been the same these past few weeks without you, but we think of you each and every day and look forward to the time when it is safe for us to be together again!

In 2019, more than 2,400 volunteers put in over 13,000 hours of volunteer service at our organization! Thank you for your gift of time, talent, and energy.
Christine Grant 5K
​For the health and safety of all, the Christine Grant 5K for Women Build, originally scheduled for May 9, has been postponed indefinitely. IVHFH staff will work with the Women Build committee to determine alternative plans for this fundraising event.

The Jane Hagedorn Women Build committee is continuing to raise funds to support construction of a Habitat for Humanity home as well as a Helping Hands critical home repair. Learn more about the Jane Hagedorn Women Build and make a donation today to e nsure we have the funds to start these projects once this crisis lifts.

Other Events
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our builds and events have been postponed or cancelled, this includes all Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity volunteer activities. For a list of our current closures and status of our programs, visit our website .
As we await the time we can come together again to help more of our neighbors in need of affordable housing solutions, we are taking steps like reopening our  ReStore   donations. This will allow us to be better positioned to get back to building homes with future families once this crisis lifts. It will help prepare us to make critical home repairs and accessibility modifications for homeowners again.

 Donations will be limited and can only be made by contacting ReStore staff to arrange appointments. We have implemented an entirely new donation process which will allow us to receive donations without any contact with our donors. If you have a donation, it is important to the health and safety of everyone that you review our updated procedures . Donations MUST NOT be dropped off at our ReStore or in any area of the East Side Recycling Center without prior arrangement with ReStore staff.
The Community Foundation of Johnson County established an Emergency Response Fund to help aid Johnson County nonprofits and organizations during this crisis. We are proud to have received a grant award through this fund! This support will help us continue supporting our homeowners through this economic crisis. As they try to figure out how to pay for healthy food, childcare, reliable transportation, healthcare, all while trying to save for the emergencies that will undoubtedly arise, we will work tirelessly to ensure their housing needs are met.