1031 Awareness Day
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The Benefits of a 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchanges 
Since 1921, investors and business owners have had the opportunity to defer gain when exchanging business use or investment property.  While Section 1031 provides opens an endless number of opportunities, following are just some of the benefits of exchanging:
  • Immediate tax deferral
  • Time value of tax-deferral
  • Potentially stay out of higher income tax bracket and avoid 3.8% unearned Medicare contribution tax, AMT, Pease limitations and phase out of personal exemptions
  • Greater buying power
  • Increased income potential/ cash flow
  • Less management responsibility
  • Diversification of asset types or location of assets
  • Consolidation of properties
  • Business relocation or expansion
  • Opportunity to depreciate higher priced basis replacement property
  • Acquire future vacation home
  • Acquire future retirement home or primary residence
  • Business exit strategy
  • Build real estate portfolio with pre-tax dollars
  • Defer depreciation recapture
  • Possible tax avoidance at time of death

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Section 1031 is Being Targeted 
Repeal of 1031 is Proposed by House and Senate 
Congress is debating tax reform, and they are seriously considering a repeal to �1031 exchanges. Like-kind exchanges benefit millions of American investors and businesses every year. �1031 exchanges encourage businesses to expand and help keep dollars moving in the U.S. economy. Tell Congress �1031 exchanges have powerful value to the U.S. Economy. Bring your voice to the discussion in Washington, D.C.!

We need your help!  Tell Congress NOT to Repeal Section 1031!

About 1031 CORP. 
Serving as a nationwide qualified intermediary for 1031 tax-deferred exchanges since 1991, 1031 CORP. strives to provide a superior exchange experience for our customers and their advisors.  We provide our customers with enhanced security of funds, knowledgeable exchange professionals and a commitment to keep the exchange process simple for our customers and their advisors.  Every member of the exchange team is a Certified Exchange Specialist� and has the experience and expertise to facilitate even the most complex exchange transaction, including reverse, improvement and personal property exchanges.  Additional information can be found at www.1031CORP.com.

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