I would like to wish you a Happy New Year,  hoping that it brings you to greater heights of  success and prosperity. 2015 was an incredible  year for ECOTRUST, from the launch of our  Endowment fund, to scaling out in our different  programmes, we achieved more than expected.
 This would not have been possible without your  support, so thank you. There's a lot to look  forward to this year including the ECOTRUST Stakeholders Conference and the IUCN Congress in Hawaii and we are quite excited to be sharing with you our continued progress as the year  unfolds.
 In this edition, we have put together a simple picture collage highlighting a few of  our achievements in 2015. As always your feedback is very much appreciated.

 Executive Director,
 Pauline Nantongo Kalunda.
Minister for Water and Environment - Hon Ephraim Kamuntu hands over PES cheques to beneficiaries at the 2015 ESPA Conference that marked the launch of the ECOTRUST Endowment fund together with it's two quasi funds i.e Payment for Environment Services and the Carbon Bank.
Golf Course Hotel Kampala - March 2015. 
ECOTRUST in partnership with IUCN facilitated a visioning exercise in which community groups in five sub-counties in the Mt. Elgon region of Eastern Uganda developed Pro-Poor REDD Action Plans. This was under the DANIDA funded project titled  "Towards Pro-poor REDD Phase II - Promoting pro-poor REDD principles and rights-based approaches to strengthen the conservation,governance and sustainable management of landscapes in Uganda."
Bukibokolo subcounty - Bududa District - November 2015
The state minister of fisheries - Professor Zerubabel Nyiira  bought a solvatten unit at the Masindi Farmers Expo. The theme of the day was  'Increasing food security and farm incomes through innovations, finance and technology. 
Masindi Agriculture Demonstration Centre - July 2015

Farmer training in Eastern Uganda June - July 2015
  Farmer training in the Mt. Elgon region.        ECOTRUST organises t raining and      induction meetings as a way to create  awareness as well as enhance knowledge of  potential & participating  farmers on the  Trees for Global Benefits programme principles,objectives & the plan vivo cycle.      Recruitment of project farmers is done at least twice a year.
 Bududa district - July 2015

The Mt Elgon Stakeholders Forum field visit to a TGB site.The forum provided an opportunity for discussing Mt Elgon issues at a landscape level where various stakeholders got a common understanding of the issues within their landscape inorder to guide strategic interventions.
Nyondo subcounty, Mbale district - July 2015
ECOTRUST purchased and distributed 
18 bicycles and 16 motorcycles for the TGB project farmer coordinators and their Assistants inorder to facilitate the work of recruiting, monitoring and reporting of project participants.
Masindi district -  October 2015

The ECOTRUST Board of Trustees officially opened up the new Rwenzori Gateway hiking trails in October 2015. The new trails offer a wide array of attractions to visitors at the Equator Lodge such as hot springs, endemic plant, animal, reptile and bird species.
The Rwenzori Gateway, Kasese - October 2015.
ECOTRUST and UNDP handover a dummy cheque to a beneficiary farmer group at the EbA payment ceremony. 
The incentive scheme uses carbon finance to support tree planting and soil and water conservation activities through small-scale farmer led, forestry / agro-forestry activities while reducing pressure on natural resources especially in Mt. Elgon National Park.
Sironko District Headquarters - Sironko District. November 2015

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