Wishing you good times, good cheer, and a memorable new year filled with fun, fur, and fetch!
Happy Yappy New Year to our furry friends and their family members!

As we raise our glasses and pet food bowls while ringing in the New Year, we want to reflect on how grateful our small business is to have the support of our loyal customers like you. In return we will continue to strive for exemplary customer service and provide community outreach for animal organizations that need food.
Bottoms up to another wonderful year! May you all find New Year’s resolutions that stick. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Take your dog out for a daily walk, rain or shine.
  • Wake up before your pet so that YOU can purr loudly and nudge THEM out of bed.
  • Share your bed with your pets without getting in their way, even if it means you have to curl up and stick half of your body off the bed to fit them in comfortably.
  • Or go to bed earlier, so that you can claim your real estate before everyone else piles in.
  • Provide healthy treats to your pets without overindulging them. We know puppy dog eyes are irresistible, but sometimes you have to hold your ground and just say "no."
  • Play fetch with your dog even if you've worked a 12-hr day everyday for the last month, have laundry piled up, hungry people in your home, or house chores that haven't been addressed.
  • Skunk-proof your surroundings to prevent the laborious exercise of destinking your pets. (Oh, and let us know your secret because we're still trying to figure that out ourselves!)
  • Indulge your dog with ample toys they can gut, so you can either continuously replace them as needed or do surgery on them until the end of time.
Meet Colleen, our newest Kibble Specialist. She’s a self-described “huge animal nutrition nerd” and she’s not kidding! Along with her dog, Xander, she has four cats named Buffy, Willow, Chandler, and Penny. These rescued pets are quite spoiled, although they would tell you she starves them, but only because they’re food-motivated and know good food when they see it and smell it! Her personal experience with many different issues and ailments adds to her wealth of knowledge for our team as she has five years of working in the pet industry as a dog walker and at a local specialty pet store. She’s also fostered dogs and kittens for local rescue groups. She loves talking about everything and anything pet-related and can’t wait to chat with you! 

January Sale Items
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Liver -flavored chewable tablets provide high levels of ingredients that help maintain healthy joint function in dogs.
Sale price: $19.99
Save 20%
Regular price: $24.99


This easy-to-use, salmon-based mini pellet supplement includes five active joint support ingredients: glucosamine sulphate, chondroitin sulphate, MSM, krill oil, and hyaluronic acid.

Sale price: $35.99
Save 20%
Regular price: $44.99


Includes three 1-lb bags
(one of each flavor): Beef, Chicken, and Peanut Butter & Oats.

Sale price: $41.99
Save 33% based on single bag purchase
Regular price: $62.97
Ways to help you with your New Year's resolutions to save some money...
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Multi-Bag Discount!
If you're buying several large bags of the same "Original Recipes" formulas, choose our 60-lb option and save $12 OR even better, choose our 120-lb dry food options and save at least $24. The multi-bag discount of $6/bag is already factored into the 60-lb and
120-lb pricing.
Spread the Woof!
Refer a friend! Share the coupon code " WOOF " so they'll save 10% on their first order and tell them to let us know it was YOU who referred them. We'll credit your account with $20 after they receive their second delivery.
For this year's holiday giveaway, with every order from now through January 31, 2019, we're giving away a reusable shopping bag made of 100% recycled plastic material designed by a local artist. Want a few more for your shopping trips? Additional bags are available for purchase at only $1.99 each. Chat with a Kibble Specialist today!
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