Snowbird Concert Series II - TONIGHT!
Snowbird Concert Series welcomes...
Al Barlow & Mike Trigg
on January 2nd, 2020!

Laugh! Laugh! Laugh! Songs that'll make you laugh, think, and bring in the new year with a smile!

This is a FREE family friendly, all ages, and alcohol free event.  St. Mark's Episcopal Church is also 100% accessible for those with mobility issues. It's a donation based series! There is no cover charge. 
We open the doors at 6:00 We serve complimentary munchies and have yummy queso, chips, snacks, and more! The show starts promptly at 7:00. There's a Q & A between the artist and the audience at 8:00 and the entire event usually wraps up at 8:15.
St. Mark's Inquirer's / Confirmation Class Starts
Have you ever had questions about this fascinating tradition of Christianity called The Episcopal Church? Have you ever wanted to know more about the history of Christianity and how the church is the church of today? Have you ever wondered why priests wear those white robes and colorful stoles? Then join us for the St. Mark's Inquirers Class. We will meet in the Library from 6:30 - 8pm. If you are interested in the class or have questions, please reach out to the church office. It is not too late to join!
Ordination for Peter Thaddeus
By the Grace of God
and with the consent of the people,
The Right Reverend David M. Reed
Bishop of West Texas
will ordain
the Rev. Aloysius Peter Thaddeus
to the Sacred Order of Priests
in Christ's One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church
Monday, the sixth day of January
Two Thousand Twenty
at six thirty in the evening.
St. Paul's Episcopal Church
1018 E. Grayson St.
San Antonio, TX 78208

Clergy are invited to vest with  white  stoles.   Reception to follow.
Masculine Spirituality Offering
Are you interested in exploring masculine spirituality in a supportive, accepting, and radically inclusive group? Illuman is an international community of men that grew out of Fr. Richard Rohr’s “men’s work”. Hunter Close regularly attends Illuman local group gatherings in Austin on the 2 nd  Friday evening of each month. Contact Hunter at  or 206.719.1120 with questions, or to catch a ride with him to one of the Austin meetings!