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From 1800 - 1850, "a transcendentalist philosophy took hold in America and is popularized by the likes of Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau. They held the idealistic view that insight and enlightenment can be gained through solitude and simplicity, such as illustrated in the book Walden.

While not expressly stated as minimalism at this time, this new approach to simplicity is something that we would continue to see evolve for years to come..." More

Local Business Spotlight: Diolun Designs | Jupiter Dream Life


"Mini" Pendants of various forms and shapes to adorn any minimalist neck...



in the heart of Palm Beach, Florida.


On the "mini" trail... #instagrambusiness suggests that people want to see how a piece of #jewelry is made...I learned the old fashioned way, carving wax with tools; files and a little motor. I know there are incredible CAD programs that reproduce a design to the millimeter... but I love the "hobby" of working with my hands and letting my imagination wander... And how did I start on this journey? Well, someone told me long ago that it would take three months to reproduce a design for a pair of earrings, so I bought myself a motor, tools and book and began to train myself... Now, that was a mere... 33 years ago - with an 8 year hiatus - As in everything in life, "practice makes (almost) perfect..."

Along "my journey" I have encountered many, many people who have encouraged, supported and gave me the confidence to "carry on..."

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