January 7, 2022
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Happy New Year! We hope you are staying warm and are prepared for a great spring semester. Get inspired with all of the STEM news featured below, as well as upcoming events, internships, and LOTS of links to scholarships. ⚛️
Exelon Foundation STEM Leadership Academy Applications are OPEN!
We are excited to announce that applications for the 5th annual summer Exelon Foundation STEM Leadership Academy are now open! 🙌

The 2022 Exelon STEM Leadership Academy is a free, week-long, residential* program for 10th and 11th grade girls interested in STEM to learn from women working in STEM and other leaders; 👩‍🔬 explore sustainability, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and climate change; 🌎 and connect with like-minded peers. 💡 The Academy concludes with an energy challenge and a chance to win great prizes! Each participant will also receive an iPad to use for Academy activities and to take home at the end of the week. 

Past Academy attendees, please share with your friends and teachers! Although you’re not eligible to attend as students, you’re welcome to apply to be student staff – keep an eye out in your email this month for that application and contact Rebecca Lamb, rlamb@need.org with any questions.

Any interested students, educators, or parents are welcome to join us for a STEM Leadership Academy Information Session! These webinars will take place via Zoom on Wednesday, February 9th and Thursday, March 3rd from 4:30-5:15 p.m. CT/5:30-6:15 p.m. ET. Participants will be able to ask questions, hear from STEM Leadership Academy alumnae, and learn more about the summer Academy. You can register for the February 9th session here and the March 3rd session here

*The 2022 Academy is being planned as a fully in-person experience. If public health recommendations dictate, the Academy may be held virtually. Applicants will be informed of any change to the program prior to accepting their position.
Don't miss our upcoming STEM Leadership Academy events!
January 19th- Museum of Science and Industry: Career Chat and Demos!
Join the STEM Leadership Academy and the Museum of Science and Industry for a virtual tour of their Science Storms exhibit, a live science demo, and a career chat and Q&A with Dr. Olivia Castellini, Senior Exhibit Developer at MSI! 🌩️ 
January 29th- Professional Skills: Resume Workshop
Do you need a resume for college applications or a summer internship you're applying for? Need to create one from scratch, or edit one you already have?
Join Exelon STEM Leadership Academy for a virtual resume workshop! Whether you have a completed resume or are starting from scratch, we will help you create, edit, and polish your resume with tons of helpful hints and guidance. 📝
February 16th- Career Chat with Dr. Rita Baranwal

Join the STEM Leadership Academy for a Career Chat with Dr. Rita Baranwal, a top woman in nuclear who has transformed the state of US nuclear energy policy! ⚛️

Dr. Baranwal the Chief Nuclear Officer and VP of Nuclear at Electric Power Research Institute. She is the former Assistant Secretary for the Office of Nuclear Energy. Students will get to ask questions about Dr. Baranwal's education, career, being a woman in STEM, and more!
February 26th- Exploring Nuclear Energy with Hands-On Activities

Ever wonder what happens inside a nuclear reaction? Join us for a fun, hands-on, interactive session where we’ll delve into the chemistry of nuclear energy, learn about how a nuclear power plant operates, and how nuclear technology is used outside the energy field. ⚡ All attendees will receive hands-on materials for the session in advance. Register by February 7th!
Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm visited an Exelon Nuclear Plant!
📸 Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm touring Braidwood Generating Station
Exelon hosted U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm on a tour of Exelon’s Braidwood Generating Station in Will County, Illinois to highlight the economic and environmental benefits of investing in clean energy to address the climate crisis, support and grow good-paying jobs and secure America’s leadership in a clean energy future. The visit comes as federal lawmakers are considering sweeping climate legislation as part of President Biden’s Build Back Better plan, which will significantly expand on climate provisions in the recently passed bipartisan infrastructure law! ⚡

Secretary Granholm also visited a Community Solar initiative and Fermi National Laboratory!
Scholarships, scholarships, and more scholarships!
If you're a current high school or college student, it's time to take advantage of scholarships to pay for college! We've compiled a list of scholarships to share with our students. These include scholarships specifically for STEM students, scholarships from Exelon operating companies and partners, and other external scholarships. ⬇️ The Exelon STEM Leadership Academy Scholarship application isn’t open yet but will be available on January 18th! If you're eligible to apply you will receive an email with more information then.

Register for Cubes In Space, a program that provides students access to space to design and test experiments on NASA missions!
Cubes In Space is the only global STEM program for students 11-18 years of age providing two suborbital flight opportunities on NASA missions! Cubes in Space brings young explorers opportunities to discover answers to their own questions. And what better way to give young imaginations and their boundless curiosity a place to soar than the chance to launch a design of their own into space? 🌌 Check out the link below learn more and register!
NASA has selected a new class of astronaut candidates! 🚀
📸 NASA announced its 2021 Astronaut Candidate Class on Dec. 6, 2021. The 10 candidates, pictured here at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston are: U.S. Air Force Maj. Nichole Ayers, Christopher Williams, U.S. Marine Corps Maj. (retired.) Luke Delaney, U.S. Navy Lt. Cmdr. Jessica Wittner, U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Anil Menon, U.S. Air Force Maj. Marcos Berríos, U.S. Navy Cmdr. Jack Hathaway, Christina Birch, U.S. Navy Lt. Deniz Burnham, and Andre Douglas. Credit: NASA
NASA has chosen 10 new astronaut candidates from a field of more than 12,000 applicants to represent the United States and work for humanity’s benefit in space! 👩‍🚀 NASA Administrator Bill Nelson introduced the members of the 2021 astronaut class, the first new class in four years, during a Monday, Dec. 6 event at Ellington Field near NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston.

The astronaut candidates will report for duty at Johnson in January 2022 to begin two years of training. Astronaut candidate training falls into five major categories: operating and maintaining the International Space Station's complex systems, training for spacewalks, developing complex robotics skills, safely operating a T-38 training jet, and Russian language skills.
Upon completion, they could be assigned to missions that involve performing research aboard the space station, launching from American soil on spacecraft built by commercial companies, as well as deep space missions to destinations including the Moon on NASA’s Orion spacecraft and Space Launch System rocket. 🌑🚀
Meet Janese Swanson, an American innovator and software developer advocating for girls’ education in STEM!
Janese Swanson is an American innovator and software developer who has advocated for girls’ education in STEM throughout her decades-long career. She codeveloped the first of the Carmen Sandiego educational games and is the founder of Girl Tech, a first-of-its-kind company that created products to spark young girls’ interest in technology. 💻

What's Janese's advice for women wanting to pursue a career in design or STEM?

"You have to make some choices along the way. Everything changes, and there are always new jobs. It’s a good idea to strategize about the direction you want to take and follow that path with an open mind, so you’re ready to make changes along the way. Learn as much as you can because that’s your ammunition to success. For women entering STEM fields, expect to have roadblocks, but know that with determination you’ll overcome them." 👏
Apply for the 2022 NEED Youth Energy Leadership Award!
Speaking of scholarships for STEM students... apply for the NEED Youth Energy Leadership Award! The NEED Project recognizes student leadership by awarding the Youth Energy Leadership Award each year. Up to two $1,500 awards will be granted for use for college, university or technical school tuition and expenses to deserving students who have demonstrated outstanding energy leadership, knowledge, and an interest in continuing their energy studies for the purpose of seeking a career in energy, STEM, or education. ⚛️ Each year, at least one award will be given to a student who plans to enter the energy field or public service related to energy. Graduating high school seniors or current first or second year college, university or technical school students are eligible to apply. Apply by April 30th!
College Students: Apply for the Mickey Leland Energy Fellowship (MLEF) Program!
Want to tackle climate change? 🌍 The U.S. Department of Energy's Mickey Leland Energy Fellowship (MLEF) Program is a 10-week summer research program for undergraduate and graduate students in STEM majors. Be a part of the solution by contributing to the mission of minimizing the environmental impacts of fossil fuels while working towards net-zero emissions. Travel and housing assistance are provided to eligible participants. Apply by January 10, 2022.
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