Hello JMO Supporters!

Today, October 13th, the Jordan Morris Foundation (JMO) is celebrating it's 2nd Anniversary! We have been working very hard to grow the foundation and expand our impact in the T1D community. Jordan continues to be inspired by the T1D kids he is able to meet.

This is our first ever newsletter and we look forward to routinely sharing the happenings of JMO!

Some of the highlights since the launch of JMO:

  • Jordan, along with the Seattle Sounders, has hosted over 50 T1D Playmakers following Sounders games. In 2019, this program has expanded to include both home and away games. These T1D Playmakers get the opportunity to meet Jordan on the field, ask him questions, take a few pictures and receive Jordan's game-worn jersey.

  • Jordan, along with Eastside FC (Jordan's childhood club team who proudly wears the foundation's logo on their club kits), has hosted two T1D soccer camps with over 225 kids attending from 10 different states!

  • JMO has handed out over 400 bags to newly diagnosed T1D's at Seattle Children's Hospital. These bags include a letter from Jordan, a signed player card and two tickets to a Sounders game, along with goodies from some of our sponsors! We have been touched by families sharing the positive impact of Jordan's letter and the hope it has given them as they are going through this difficult time. When available, Jordan loves to deliver the bags personally.

  • JMO has opened a fund at Seattle Children's in the hopes of supporting unmet needs of T1D youth.

  • JMO has provided a total of 5 scholarships to Camp Leo and Camp Stix (summer camps for kids with T1D).

  • Jordan and the Sounders have hosted quarterly talks at The Ninety. These talks take place in a more intimate setting which allows parents and kids to sit with Jordan and ask questions. We've found these to be a powerful community outreach for these families.

  • Jordan has visited over a dozen schools to not only speak about T1D, but also to encourage kids to be kind to one another and recognize that everyone has a struggle.

  • Jordan continues to have his own JDRF Beat the Bridge team and to share information regarding the foundation at the event.

  • The JMO website (which we will be updating soon) and social media accounts continues to provide helpful, inspiring information. Website: www.jordanmorrisfoundation.com. Instagram: @jordanmorrisfoundation Facebook: Jordan Morris Foundation

What JMO has been able to do in the past 2 years is just the beginning of fulfilling Jordan's dream. His goal is to meet and inspire as many T1D youth as he possibly can. He always wishes he had someone to talk to when he was younger and hopes to fill that void for other children.

We are so proud of the growth of the Jordan Morris Foundation and we appreciate everyone who has contributed to the success. We are excited about the future of JMO!

These events are made possible by your generous donations. If you would like to contribute, Please Click Here.


Jordan and the JMO Team