As we begin the New Year, the staff at Western Maryland Area Health Education Center is happy to announce that 2016 marks the 40th year AHEC has been active and making a difference in our Western Maryland community. In 1976, a group of community healthcare leaders decided to create an area health education center. Over the next three years, the group formed a partnership with the University of Maryland School of Medicine and asked the Maryland General Assembly to adopt legislation and appropriate resources. The first Area Health Education Center in Maryland was founded in Cumberland.
Since that time, Western Maryland AHEC has worked to improve access to and promote quality in healthcare through educational and other partnerships. AHEC has worked for 40 years to reduce disparities in the region through increasing access to health professional training programs, coalition building, participating in networks addressing defined regional health concerns, and strengthening health professions education pipeline and clinical education programs.
And there's more in store. Watch for Happenings throughout 2016 to stay abreast of the exciting year ahead!

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