The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that is now rapidly moving through the United States requires hunkering down—quite literally—hopefully with a good streaming package and shelf-stable food at the ready. But it will also bring harm to many people’s economic lives (not to mention actual lives) as establishments close, markets are unsteady, and doing business becomes harder.

During such a turbulent period, it’s not just prudent but critical to think about your financial health, especially if you don’t have a cushy amount of wealth to fall back on. By acting strategically, you may be able to make this hard time a lot less so where your bank accounts and investments are concerned.

Here are some sensible approaches to your money that could help guide you through the coronavirus outbreak:

1.Savings, savings, savings

Investing in stocks, as any financial planner will tell you, is a long game. In a national emergency while markets are volatile, it’s generally ill-advised to make any rash moves in that arena (though you should always aim to have a diversified portfolio).

You do need to focus on, well, emergency funds that you can draw from at a moment’s notice. The current coronavirus is more than enough reason to reassess this portion of your finances.

2.Prepare for the worst—in detail

Most people who are infected with the coronavirus get over it, but the elderly and those with underlying health conditions are most at risk. Hard as it may be, when faced with the very real possibility of death, it’s more important than ever to understand what the financial implications would be in that situation.

“Apply for life insurance,” Allison Kade, the editorial director at  Fabric , advises. “You will probably be fine, but just in case. Consider it a good excuse to finally get this done.” Life insurance of any kind promises that if you should pass, your loved ones (and designated beneficiaries) will have an easier transition.
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Paycheck Protection Program Stories
When COVID hit, the oil and gas industry was hit hard. Our customer, Terry Qualls and Qualls Oilfield Services, was able to withstand the blow with help from the Paycheck Protection Program.

Terry also mentioned, "I appreciate FNB working with me to get the PPP loan processed so quick."

Thank you for putting your trust in us during unprecedented times, Terry!
Trey Clure with Impact Design said he applied for the PPP loan with FNB because he "would rather do business with [his] locally owned and operated bank."

We are so thankful the Paycheck Protection Program was able to help Trey and his business through this unprecedented time.

Thank you for banking local, Trey!
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Product Spotlight: CardValet
CardValet is easy to use and one of the most powerful tools you can have to protect against fraudulent use of a lost, stolen or compromised debit card. It can also be useful for controlling the way dependents can use a debit card you give them.

In addition to the ability to turn your cards "on" or "off" for all transactions, you can also:
  • Limit the card to a geographic area
  • Limit the type of merchant where the card can be used
  • Limit the dollar amount for any transaction
  • Receive alerts when anyone attempts to use the card outside your limits
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