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July 2020 | Issue 2020.3

Welcome to Brammer Broadcast. Brammer Engineering, Inc. is a full service contract operating, property management and consulting firm founded in 1968 in Shreveport, Louisiana. Thanks for taking a moment to let us share some news and information about our industry and our company...a longtime outsourcing resource for the oil and gas industry.
Time has really flown for our company and we have been blessed with many great employees, clients, relationships, etc. through the years. We certainly have developed a strong culture here at Brammer Engineering and recently we decided to define that culture so that people who don't know us as well as those we work with routinely will understand the values and governance that drives our business product and relationships. Since we are celebrating our country's 244th birthday in the next few days, we thought now would be a good time to introduce Our Constitution. We think this document captures our values, our work habits, our behaviors and our goals. We are proud of our 52 years in business and we look forward to many more.

The U. S Environmental Protection Agency has issued a Risk Management Plan (RMP) Rule that requires any facility that uses extremely hazardous substances in quantities above a threshold amount must develop and submit an RMP for that facility.  If the material is considered to be toxic, that threshold amount is specific for the substance.  If the material in question is considered to be flammable, that threshold amount is 10,000 pounds.  The primary intention of the RMP is to develop a chemical accident prevention program that identifies the potential effects of a chemical accident, what steps are being taken to prevent an accident, and what emergency response procedures will be taken in the event of an accident.
Our Brammer HSE Services division can help you develop your RMP, maintain an existing RMP, perform required Compliance Audits of your RMP and identify any gaps in your current program, and assist in the closure of those gaps. Read More
Please contact Larry Cooper at (318) 429-2358 or for additional information.
With six months remaining of 2020, now is the time to start thinking about your P&A action plan to avoid unnecessary fees and ad valorem taxes. For wells that have been inactive four or more years, the Louisiana Administrative Code title 43, part XIX, section 137 states:

If an operator chooses not to plug an inactive well in accordance with this Section for reasons of future utility, an annual assessment of $250 per well per year shall be assessed until the well is plugged. 
Recently we have had two long time employees retire. These are fine men who served our company and our clients well.

Stan Kunkel retired at the end of May. Stan was our Construction Superintendent. He joined Brammer Engineering in 2003 after over 32 years in the industry with Mobil, TXO and Marathon. Stan was an outstanding employee and managed his business as well as any who have passed through these doors. No facility or pipeline project was too big for his abilities and none was too small for his expert attention.

Mike Prather retired at the end of June. Mike was a Production Supervisor who maintained our pipelines and assisted in managing our One Calls. He joined Brammer Engineering in 2000 after over 20 years in the industry working in oilfield construction. Mike was an excellent employee who just received his 20-year award shortly before his retirement. Mike's dedication to his job was his trademark and like Stan, he always took care of his business in a professional manner.

Stan and Mike will be missed and their contributions to our company's success are greatly appreciated. We wish both of them the best in their retirements and hope to continue our friendships long into the future.
Our Fast Facts is a compilation of biographical and statistical data that gives the reader a quick snapshot of Brammer Engineering.  We generally update this data annually and will continue to publish it on our website and within this newsletter on a regular basis.  Click here to see our Fast Facts.


Training.  It's something all employers do.  We want to continue to improve the skills of our employees and keep them knowledgeable in the latest technology and best practices for their talents and skills.  We want our workforce to stay compliant with current regulations.  We want to know how and ensure that we optimize the way we run our business.  We want to gain an advantage on our competitors.  And developing and administering an employee training program can play a significant role in achieving all of those goals.
One of the services our HSE Services Division offers to our clients is in the area of training for their organizations.  Our Brammer HSE Services Division can assist you in developing a plan to identify those training needs and delivering that information to help enhance the knowledge and abilities of your employees to help give your organization that edge to compete in the marketplace.
We offer a whole host of training topics to our clients.  We will come to the location of your choosing, and at a time convenient for you, and conduct those classes.  Some of the more frequently requested topics that our clients have and continue to request include the following:
  • PEC SafeLand Basic Safety Orientation
  • PEC H2S Clear Safety Awareness
  • First Aid/CPR/AED/Bloodborne Pathogens
  • HAZWOPER - All levels
In addition, at Brammer Engineering we administer monthly training to our employees.  We develop a list of monthly training topics at the beginning of each calendar year.  Some of those topics selected are intended to be presented to all employees, and some of them are only delivered to our field personnel.  We customize the content of those presentations for the audience to whom they are delivered.  From time to time, we enhance the materials with outside speakers and other measures to help illustrate or emphasize the information for that particular month.  And we can do the same for your organization.  We can help you develop a list of monthly topics, to address any regulatory requirements as well as company-specific information for your employees.  Then set up periodic sessions with your employees, on whatever frequency you would like, and conduct that training.
Larry Cooper is our Training Coordinator at Brammer.  He has a degree in Chemistry from Louisiana Tech University, has been a Certified Industrial Hygienist since 1991, and has over 40 years of experience in the chemical manufacturing and oil and gas industries.  Contact Larry at (318) 429-2358 or at to discuss any of your training needs or schedule training for your employees.  

Please click here to access a brochure that further explains our training services and includes a more comprehensive list of the courses we offer our clients.
What is your position at Brammer?
Health and Safety Training Coordinator

What responsibilities does that include?
Develop and conduct safety training for Brammer employees as well as for clients, develop and assist in the implementation of safety programs for clients, and conduct PSM/RMP Audits and Gap Analyses and manage Risk Management Plans for clients' processing facilities.
How many years have you been at Brammer?
This August, I will have been with Brammer for 15 years.

How many years in the energy industry?
My career in the energy industry started when I began my employment with Brammer 15 years ago.

What do you enjoy most about working at Brammer?
When I come to work every day, I get to come spend the day with some of my closest friends.  That's been my biggest disappointment with this recent virus isolation we've been experiencing.  I've missed seeing my friends, and am glad we are starting to begin coming back to the office and seeing each again other on a daily basis.  I've missed that interaction.

What do you think sets Brammer apart?
I think it's a combination of the work ethic that Keith and our Leadership Team possesses and instills in our employees and the desire to put our client's first and do whatever it takes to satisfy their needs.

Click here to read the full interview with Larry.

Old Glory
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"These are the times that try men's souls."

- Thomas Paine
  December 1776

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